Sims 4 Alien Collections Guide

A career as an astronaut holds many secrets, and with more adventures come more surprises. One of those surprises are the alien collections your Sim can get.

If you don’t want a career as an astronaut, don’t worry because you can still get the Alien collection.

Basically, you explore space and collect various items once you have a rocket at your disposal.

How do I obtain foreign collections?

Alien collections, also known as alien specimens or collectibles from other players, can be found by exploring with a rocket.

This usually happens when Sim pursues a career as an astronaut, as he will often have to work in space.

Most of the explorations you do with Rocket Ship involve a text-based story where you can make a series of choices that determine your Sim’s fate in space.

It’s largely random, but the higher your skill in rocket science, the more likely you are to get a good collectible.

To get the alien collections, your sim will either have to start a career as an astronaut or just explore space once the rocket is bought and built.

Alien Living Collections

Live blue snail (rare)

Description: A parasite that lives in the brains of large organisms and acts as a puppeteer, so to speak.

This creature resembles a larger snail with a blue body and turquoise details. He has three eyes and you can tell he’s trying to reach them.

It can be sold for §240.

A live pink whale (unusual)

Description: This space whale, which bears some resemblance to our whales, manipulates the structure of time and space as it navigates through the environment.

Although this creature is considered a whale, it has six legs, six eyes and a pink body. It looks more like a creature than a sea creature.

It can be sold for §168.

Bright coral red (unusual)

Description: Unlike their terrestrial counterparts, over ninety percent of this coral structure is involved in metabolic processes.

It’s a strange coral-colored piece with a red and pink pattern on it. From each stem come about four eyes, which often blink curiously.

Can be sold for §172.

Porcupine, live (general)

Description: This porcupine has a shy and coquettish behavior. It spreads its feathers to calm possible predators, then hastily retreats.

This alien, which looks more like a sea urchin than a porcupine, is black and has one eye that looks forward.

Can be sold for §84.

Squid habitat (rare)

Description: A gelatinous, docile organism that communicates via structured impulses in its bioluminescent skin.

This pink alien, looking like a simple pink squid with two eyes, stands there staring strangely ahead with its mouth open.

Can be sold for §280.

Dead Alien Collections

Dead blue ball (normal)

Description: Taken from the body of a previous host, the specimen continues to move even though other signs of life have long since disappeared.

Can be sold for §64.

Dead pink whale (general)

Description: The vital fluids of this organism contain traces of phosphorus, which glow briefly in contact with oxygen. The next fossil fuel?

Can be sold for §64.

Dead red coral (common)

Description: Preliminary measurements suggest that this skeleton is broadcasting a steady stream of shortwave transmissions – often with what appears to be a digital countdown.

Can be sold for §64.

Porcupine, dead space (general)

Description: Anatomical analysis shows that this specimen exhibits both reptilian and mammalian characteristics, which is ideal for irregular weather conditions.

Can be sold for §72.

Dead space squid (unusual)

Description: With six appendages, partial transparency, and an exceptionally reflective outer membrane, this specimen likely evolved on a water planet before it was discovered.

Can be sold for § 160.

Collect all alien collectibles Reward

When you have collected all the alien items, you will be rewarded with a memento of the Xenolphe Friend on the wall.

This item serves as a reminder that you have preserved the various alien species you have encountered during your space adventures and that you have done your best.

You can hang it on the wall by taking it out of the Sim’s inventory and putting it wherever you want.


There’s always something for your Sim to explore, and when it comes to space, Alien Patterns is one of them.

There are currently five collections of living and dead aliens that your Sim can get his hands on, and it is said that larger alien organisms can resurrect the dead if they are present.

For an astronaut, owning a collection of alien species can be a great accomplishment and a nice display in your home.

You can get multiple copies of these collections, which will appear more often as the Rocketry skill increases.

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