Sifu: All Shrine locations in The Squats

You, the player, have just one goal: to find and destroy all of your enemies’ shrines. To do so, you’ll need to navigate The Squats in search for hidden locations where enemies can hide their sacred places. But be warned – unlike other games that let players roam around with a free spirit, when someone else has found out about a shrine location it’s open season on that stinking place!

The “blood-stained shrine ghost of tsushima” is a location found in the game The Squats. It is an area that players can visit to find information about the game’s lore and backstory.

Sifu is a demanding game, but the Shrines scattered throughout the stages may assist to alleviate the challenge a bit. You may apply one of nine boosts to your character from each Shrine, ranging from boosting the size of your Structure gauge to resetting your death number to zero.

The Squats, Sifu’s first level, is unusual in that it features four Shrines. Here’s where each Shrine in The Squats may be found.

After the rooftop brawl, Shrine #1 is built.

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Because it’s on the main road, the first Shrine should be pretty straightforward to discover. You’ll finally arrive on a rooftop, where you’ll face a big bunch of foes, after the side-scrolling hallway encounter. Once they’ve been dispatched, continue on the main road until you reach a structure with a climbable wall within. The Shrine should be on the right side of the room as soon as you enter the building.

Shrine No. 2 is guarded by two foes.

You’ll face a miniboss shortly after collecting the first Shrine before battling through a huge number of opponents. After you’ve triumphed, you’ll find yourself in this corridor.

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The Shrine may be found inside the left-hand door. It’ll be guarded by two foes, so you’ll have to defeat them first. It’s near the window at the rear of the room.


Before the boss battle, visit Shrine #3.

You’ll arrive at a hangar later in the level, where you’ll face many opponents at simultaneously. Continue on the main road after this encounter, and you’ll be attacked with three foes in a corridor at the same time.

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Fortunately, this trio is gentler than they seem. Remove them from the room and pass through the doorway behind them. You’ll emerge in an alley, and as you go forward, you’ll see the third Shrine on your right.

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Bonus Shrine: Accessible only via a shortcut

There is a fourth Shrine in The Squats, but you won’t be able to find it on your first playing; you’ll have to use the Avenue Door shortcut on replays to find it. You may unlock a previously-locked door encountered early in The Squats after obtaining the Bunch of Keys item as part of the main quest. This door is on the first floor of the apartment you enter after beating the first two opponents in the level.

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If you go through the door, you should run across some more terrible guys. There will be an overhang on the left side of the space as you continue ahead. The Shrine will be located under this area.

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Is it possible to obtain all four Shrines in one run?

On a single run of this level, getting all four Shrines is impossible. You’ll be able to collect three of the Shrines if you proceed through The Squats without using the shortcut, but you won’t be able to reach to the location where the fourth Shrine is situated. Using the shortcut to go to the fourth Shrine, on the other hand, stops you from visiting the first two Shrines. After taking the shortcut, you may still arrive to the Shrine before the boss battle.

In brief, the standard way enables you to get a maximum of three Shrines, whilst the shortcut allows you to obtain just two. We advise against taking the shortcut; Shrines are very helpful, and you’ll want to collect as many as possible.

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