Showdown Update 1.20 – Patch Notes


A new update for Hunt Showdown has been released. We’ll have all the information on this 1.20 update on the 24th. March. Hunt Showdown 1.20 24. March Caws Out update for the How the Raven Flies event. This update fixes a bug and brings optimizations. Below are all the details about the patch for Playstation and Xbox.

Toon Hunt Patch 1.20 /

General updates: We have updated the email with the official patch notes

Full Metal Jacket :

  • FMJ ammunition no longer has a reduced base compared to conventional cartridges. You will always have a slower initial speed.
  • FMJ bullets now retain most of their damage after the first few penetrations of a wall.
  • All FMJ patterns now pierce two layers of thin sheet metal.

Pencil sharpener

  • Spitzer ammo deals a little more damage after the first few penetrations of the wall. It will always have less base damage than normal ammo.
  • All Spitzer bullets now pass through two layers of thin sheet metal.

Developer’s note:

We wanted to make sure that ammunition types that are heavily focused on wall penetration actually have a significant effect in these scenarios, but we found that FMJ n’t work as well as we expected, so we made some minor changes to the amount of damage lost when penetrating multiple surfaces.


  • I updated some ammo stats on the store page.


  • Fixed an issue where Spider and Assassin could get stuck or die in places inaccessible to them.


  • Fixed an issue where the loading animation of Winfield Centennial was faster than it should be. The animation is now adapted to the speed of the fire.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapon properties were displaying incorrect values.


  • Fixed an issue where the wrong amount of XP was awarded for kills. The XP will now be calculated correctly.


  • Fixed a server performance issue that could occur when multiple oil pools were activated simultaneously.


  • A possible accident caused by crossbow bolts getting stuck in barricaded doors has been fixed.
  • Several minor localization issues have been resolved.


  • Fixed an issue where additional information on the star screen could overlap other UI elements.
  • Fixed bug where ELO arrows were not hidden correctly.

Corrects console error

  • Fixed bug where the Survivor Soul and Legendary Recruit screens displayed the wrong label for random selection.
  • Fixed bug that caused cross-game ranking to show players from other platforms even when cross-game ranking was disabled.
  • Fixed bug that caused NP-41940-8 when running Hunt on Playstation.
  • Fixed a dummy test that appeared with special ammo boxes in the tutorial while the rest of the hunting setup was transferred.
  • The threshold at which a packet loss message is displayed has been increased.

Known issues

  • Some FMJ statistics are not displayed correctly on the save/weapon page.

While Crytek has yet to release an official list of changes, here are the confirmed new items for As the Crow Flies and their corresponding event points

  • Bomber – Shrike (Unlock Act 2 – 1200 event points)
  • Chain Gun – Dark Miasma (Bonus Access)
  • Konzertina – Garbage Trap (Unlock Act 2 – 200 event points)
  • First Aid Kit – bone marrow (Unlock Act 2 – 400 Event Points)
  • Exclusive transmission – (Act 2)
  • Sticky Bomb – Sweet Briar (Unlock Act 2 – 800 event points)
  • Relics – iron, silver, ivory…
  • Legendary Hunter – Plague Doctor (unlock deed 2 – 2000 event points)
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