Facebook has become one of the most effective platforms for businesses to market their goods and services to consumers.

Many leading betting companies use social media to engage with punters, using gambling content, offers and promotions to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

However, using Facebook effectively for marketing purposes is challenging and not every firm has found the winning formula just yet.

Read on as we look at whether betting operators should use Facebook as a traffic engine.

It’s all about the reach

Most of the top bookmakers boast a strong social media presence. Some of the leading operators have over one million likes on their Facebook page, highlighting the potential to push their messages to a massive audience.

Facebook is still the world’s biggest social media platform, with 1.47 billion people worldwide logging in on a daily basis. Around half of these check in multiple times per day, meaning that consistently posting content can work wonders for betting companies.

Clever use of marketing items, both written and visual, allows bookmakers to promote their services in ways that were previously not possible and gives them access to a huge number of people throughout the year.

Content matters

Many leading betting operators understand the need to provide punters with a wide mix of content on social media platforms like Facebook.

Research has shown that written articles, images and videos are the three most engaging types of social content, gaining three times more leads than paid search advertising. This means that gambling companies need to take a more thoughtful approach to what they are publishing on Facebook.

Simply firing out offers and promotions may attract some punters to a particular website, but people are far more likely to engage with a brand if it gives them additional content they find useful. This can include interviews, analysis or funny content that makes the bookmaker stand out from the crowd.

Breaking down barriers

Betting operators face numerous challenges when it comes to perfecting their social media strategy for Facebook, particularly in respect of social acceptance of gambling.

For instance, studies have highlighted that some gamblers are reluctant to interact with betting content online as they don’t want their friends or family to know that they like to place bets.

However, the use of trusted personalities by operators to promote their services and providing engaging content is slowly breaking down these barriers and allowing betting brands to flourish on social media.


With access to a vast worldwide audience it makes perfect sense for betting operators to create an effective strategy to market their services on Facebook.

As technology drives more people towards accessing social media via mobile devices, this approach is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

Over 90 percent of Facebook visits are made on smartphones or tablets, meaning betting operators would be foolish not to use the platform as one its main traffic engines.

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