Shingeki No Kyojin: the Main Character of Season 3 Will Not Be Eren

Even if The Attack of the Titans communicates little, the deadline for the arrival of season 3 is approaching. The clues are thin as to the revelations that will be made during the next episodes (if you don’t read the manga, of course). However, the main character will not be Eren, but another one, already adored by the fans.

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Captain Livai reporting

In mid-January, L’Attaque des Titans gave us a first glimpse of season 3 via a poster. There we discovered Livai, captain of the Exploration Battalion, at the hands of her uncle, Kenny. Even if this poster could have been a simple publicity stunt featuring one of the new characters of this new season, that nenni. And for good reason, WIT Studio, the animation studio behind the series, revealed that this season 3 would focus on Livaï and her rivalry with her uncle.


In the Animation magazine scheduled for March, Nakatake Tetsuya, producer of the animation on the series, revealed several information. First of all, as you now know, in season 3 will focus on Livai.This season’s clashes will be more human VS human than Titans VS Titans, but will still revolve around the plot led by Christa aka Historia. Even if Eren will be put aside, the main character of the last two seasons will still be in the game. The mysteries encompassing the origins of the Titans are still present and they are slow to tell us about them. 


As a reminder, season 3 of The Attack of the Titans is scheduled to start next July. However, its broadcast on the Japanese channel NHK had suggested that there was a risk of censorship. Let’s just hope that the show chooses to listen to its fans on that level. Ready to meet our friends the Titans for more beheadings and dismemberments? 

Eren will remain forever in our hearts

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