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There are a number of elements of precision we can take a look at. I’ll cover outright precision of power in the conditions/environments that I usually ride in as well as I’ll discuss power equilibrium as well as tempo also. Tempo is the simplest; you maybe could not be as well curious about tempo alone yet it is an input right into power estimations as well as in some cases you could discover refined variants of precision at various tempo degrees … or otherwise.

For those people with power crookedness after that power equilibrium has some significance yet when I’m riding I’m primarily curious about the complete power degree being workable.


On this outside, rough Surrey outside team ride the tempo was +1 rpm with the Shimano or -1 rpm with the Assioma, depending upon exactly how you see it, which does not seem like much yet it mores than 1%. Sorry concerning the sound on this graph

I have actually located that exact same 1 rpm disparity on some, yet not all, outside flights over both the last 2 firmware variations. I do not why as well as I do not understand which tool is the reason. Nonetheless, I would certainly hypothesize that it appears to be on stop-start or rough kind flights where the disparity takes place– as a counter-example, right here is a 90 min outside solo trip with extremely couple of cars and trucks or joints (smoother roadways) as well as this moment the tempos were near-identical … or a minimum of they got on the 90- minute consistent initiative section, reaching as well as FROM that section had remarkable tempo variants.

On one more day in the level of smoothness of my discomfort cavern, the typical tempos equal with all 3 at exactly 96.5 rpm

Kickr17 consists of Wahoo tempo sensing unit information

Below is one more interior trip as well as the typical tempos were Wahoo Tempo (Kickr17) 92.6 rpm, Assioma 92.9 rpm, R9100 P (924 rpm or 92.5 rpm if you eliminate the additional couple of secs of taping at the end)

Kickr17 consists of Wahoo tempo sensing unit information

Examination 1– Gplama Examination (1) OLD FIRMWARE

Examination Procedure– Click

I complied with gplama’s examination procedure yet included my very own warmup procedure prior to his prepared, 2nd calibration.

This very first examination got on the older v4.0.7 Shimano firmware which has actually been extensively utilized for various other examinations in testimonials.

  • Do It Yourself Information Analyzer Web Link Below
  • source information Record Below in the Shimano R9100 P Folder

In overall, the post-calibration power worths (after 20: 00) are R9100 P 205 w, Assioma 201.6 w, Kickr 202 w. If you think a 2-4w drivetrain loss then that would certainly make the R9100 P as well as Kickr ostensibly concur.

After that considering either of the 10- minute initiative durations that exact same pattern (kickr+ drivetrain loss equates to R9100 p) is duplicated, as well as you can see that on your own if you explore the information at the information analyzer (over)

Resorting To the 4 under-over initiatives in the direction of completion after that, once again, what I see at the accumulated degree might still be represented by drivetrain loss of 1-2%. Having stated that, particular split seconds can be selected where there is a wonderful variant of as much as 70 w yet rapid variants might be because of lots of elements such as just establishing a wrong balanced out in the discussion of the chart. Below we are with 10 s smoothing of those 4 initiative durations as well as all looks pleasant.

After that, unsurprisingly, the mean-max information looks alright as well with the contours just beginning to deviate a little over 265 w.

Exploration down better right into the information of the LR equilibrium where I have actually checked out the variant from delegated right for every of the initiative durations in the examination

  • Duration 1 the 10 minutes @200 w– Shimano is 104.29( L)-9727( R) =7.02 w, as well as Assioma is 101.6( L)-966( R) =5w
  • Duration 2 the 10 mins @250 w– Shimano is 126.05( L)-12576( R) =0.29 w, as well as Assioma is 122.98( L)-12516( R) =-2.18 w
  • Duration 3 the 4x under/over initiatives at the end @c300 w– Shimano is 149.03( L)-14993( R) =-0.9 w, as well as Assioma is 145.43( L)-15123( R) =-5.8 w

So my crookedness appears to disappear at the greater initiative degrees according to Shimano as well as transforms from left prejudice to appropriate prejudice according to Favero. Both tools reveal what might be probable information concerning my inequalities yet, certainly, they are not both right. The PMs might also transform their power outcome practices at greater cadence/power degrees as well.

This graph is likewise intriguing when the power equilibrium on the 200 w, 10- minute area is blown up out. OK, it reveals my failure to keep a consistent 93 rpm tempo yet look exactly how the LR equilibrium of both the Assioma as well as R9100 P deviate as my tempo originally goes down.

Examination 2– Gplama Examination (2)– NEWEST FIRMWARE

OK right here coincides examination duplicated in extensively the exact same problems. This time around I needed to duplicate the 2nd Kickr spindown/calibration at 20: 00 as it fell short a number of times. I likewise utilized the current firmware on the R9100 P (v4.1.7) as well as I have actually seen remarks reported from Shimano as stating that v4.1.7 boosts precision in spite of the main firmware not stating that any kind of precision modifications were consisted of.

  • Do It Yourself Information Analyzer Web Link Below
  • Resource Information Record Below in the Shimano R9100 P Folder

When considering the complete typical electrical power this moment about, as opposed to the ASSIOMA as well as the Wahoo matching, it’s the R9100 P as well as Kickr that match. Hmmm. Odd

Allow’s look some even more

Below we have the very first 2 10- min durations, once again do not neglect this is the current firmware. This information collection does NOT sustain the assertion that the R9100 P especially boosts or lowers the appropriate side equilibrium. Plainly, there is a discrepancy on the 250 w area yet the Assioma as well as R9100 P extensively track each various other on each side as well as, if anything, it is the Assiomas that create a larger aesthetic variant in LR equilibrium. A minimum of that’s my analysis.

Why is that? Well, I’m not contrasting like-with-like on various degrees. Undoubtedly the firmware has actually altered as well as there are 2 even more Kickr spindowns on the 2nd effort. On the 2nd effort, I likewise missed out on the beginning of the very first 10 mins by a number of secs as well as I likewise quit the examination promptly after the 4x under/over sprints so leaving out some reduced electrical power information. I originally believed it was this last element that made the distinction as the only time I observed a distinction in what head devices presented was when I was biking at reduced degrees (150 w ish), whereas in the 200 s of watts it was normally tough to see any kind of product distinction on the head devices. Yet if I focused on the duration from the beginning of the 10 mins throughout of the last under over initiative, the typical power in between examinations was comparable as well as possibly it was a 2rpm distinction that was even more of a prospective perpetrator?

Examination 1-Cad Examination 1-L Examination 1-R Examination 1 Examination 2-Cad Test2 -L Test2 -R Examination 2
Kickr 9455 21518 9237 21611
R9100 P 9441 10954 1075 21797 9227 1069 11166 21948
Assioma 9494 10686 10689 21465 9263 1055 11111 2175

Examination 3– Gplama Examination recognitions– NEWEST FIRMWARE

I had not been pleased with those outcomes. So I duplicated both 10- min durations in Gplama’s examination yet this moment with the greater initiative initially (come before by a more calibration)

  • Do It Yourself Information Analyzer Web Link Below
  • Resource Information Record Below in the Shimano R9100 P Folder

Below is the summary of the examination as well as it ‘looks’ a little bit loud.

Taking a look at the mean/max contour you can see why due to the fact that this moment around the contours plainly deviate. Absolutely nothing has actually altered right here with the equipment or basic procedure. Neither the pedals neither the crankset has actually been adjusted/removed whatsoever.

Possibly the temperature level of the area was various? It possibly was yet, nonetheless, the tools had 30 mins simply standing there prior to I began. Regardless, I might see the variant in the very first 20- minute duration therefore done a number of re-calibrations of the Assioma as well as R9100 P prior to the 2nd 20- minute duration.

Unsurprisingly the LR equilibrium is a mess.

That last examination was possibly a total wild-goose chase … I simply do not understand why. I wish to recognize what was so various from previous celebrations?

Considering all 3 examinations, I’m unsure I can end anything from their information. Typically (in addition to that last examination!) Assioma’s total case of +/ -1% precision as well as Shimano’s total case of +/- 2% precision appear affordable.

Various Other Trips

I do not intend to harp on various other flights. Nonetheless, right here is a recap sign of exactly how the Assioma as well as R9100 P varied on various other flights.

4 Trips [ASSIOMA] Ordinary Power (R9100 P > Assioma by …) Max Power (R9100 P > Assioma by …) Right Power Equilibrium % (R9100 P > Assioma by …) ** Tempo (R9100 P > Assioma by …)
50 k 1.15% 0.28% -1.68% -0.61%
40 k -1.08% 0.35% 2.24% -0.10%
80 k 0.46% 1.18% -2.67% 0.57%
20 k (Interior) 0.73% 1.22% -1.72% 1.21%

* At the time of creating, there’s an added 400 kilometres of trip information disappointed right here

** Right Power Equilibrium (% R9100 P) much less the exact same %age number from Assioma

  • The R9100 P normally yet not constantly reveals a somewhat greater power
  • The R9100 P constantly comes to a head at a greater degree
  • For me, the R9100 P normally yet not constantly Downplays appropriate power greater than the Assioma
  • R9100 P as well as Assioma concur much less on tempo than I anticipated (I will certainly explore additional outdoors with an added tempo sensing unit)

Especially talking about LR equilibrium concerns, I would certainly accept this from dcrainmaker that stated, “Regardless, I can not particularly claim that I’m seeing wide equilibrium concerns throughout the board, in spite of considering all my data. Partly due to the fact that it’s likewise truly hard to, with 100% assurance, claim that either Garmin [ASSIOMA] or Shimano is completely proper.”


  • Mean/Max Power contours appear extremely comparable listed below 300 w, maybe much less so listed below 200 w.
  • Greater tempos appear to raise arrangement in between the PMs

Additional Examination

I have actually invested even more time on this than I prepared. I’m chatting some much more with Favero concerning the information from the Assioma as there are some concerns vomitted that either weren’t there prior to or I had not observed them.

I’m mosting likely to remain to obtain even more R9100 P information as it will certainly remain on my Cervelo R5 for a minimum of one more month approximately.

I will certainly be considering the Phases G3 Ultegra together with this on my S3, so maybe some patterns will certainly arise there as well revealing efficiency on Shimano cranks as well as versus the Wahoo Kickr 17.


Over these examinations as well as various other use, I have actually no factor to conflict specified supplier precision resistances.

Apart From that, I concerned a number of tentative verdicts concerning particular elements of the information in my mind just to reasonably conveniently discover a number of reasons such verdicts might be incorrect.

I have actually offered ‘standard’ examination results that can be downloaded and install as well as which may be beneficial for somebody else as component of a bigger information collection.

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