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Shefali Shah went to Instagram to clarify that her family had not been diagnosed with Covid-19 and that her Facebook account had been compromised.


BollywoodUpdate : 08. April 2020 10:05 IST

Shepheali Shah says her family is healthy.

Actress Shefali Shah said Tuesday that her Facebook account had been compromised and that the information her family receives the coronavirus published by the hacker is false. I mean, I’m perfectly fine. And deal with this whole situation like everyone else. You figure it out. I’m fine, and I would never think of anything so negative. We’re all safe at home… we’re not the positive crown as it was written in my contribution. God knows who. Shefali has written.

She also thanked the people who came to see her. My FB account was hacked last night, and I woke up with an avalanche of care messages that told me wonderful things and told me to call if I needed to talk. Some even gave their phone numbers. These are the people I’ve probably never met briefly and sometimes somewhere.

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In fact, many of them have also said that it was not like you, and we hope that your account is (not well), but rather hacked, rather than saying that you have said something similar before. Because you’re valuable and… Thank you all very much. Thank you for contacting us and joining us… … It means a lot to me, Shefali adds.

Earlier Shefali Shah had placed a plastic bag over his face to show the effect of the coronavirus on his lungs. She tweeted to show a video of her carrying a plastic bag over her face. She posted a warning video.

Security alert: TREE THIS NOT TREE THIS! #CoronaVirus #CoronaDiaries #OneDayAtatatime #LivingWithCOVID19#LifeInTheTimesOfCorona #LoveinTheTimesOfCorona#LockDown, she writes in her post. The video shows how the virus infects the body and leaves the lungs stuck.


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