Shasta Area Manager Les Baugh, Media Doubter–

Recently established media doubter Les Baugh. From Facebook.

The adhering to is an open letter in reaction to Shasta Area Area 5 Manager Les Baugh’s Dec. 23 Facebook article tainting my reporter coworkers Annelise Pierce as well as An Information COFFEE SHOP author Doni Chamberlain in a purposeful effort to hurt Pierce’s credibility as well as Chamberlain’s organisation. The habits of this chosen public authorities is so rude, I really felt obliged to react.

Precious Les,

Merry Xmas as well as Delighted Brand-new Year! I was questioning what I was mosting likely to cover today when 2 days after Xmas I stumbled upon your Dec. 23 Facebook article assaulting the journalistic honesty of my coworkers Annelise Pierce as well as An Information COFFEE SHOP author Doni Chamberlain.

It might be the best present I have actually ever before been provided by a chosen public authorities, as well as I wished to share my gratefulness. It’s rarely I’m provided the chance to provide somebody an education and learning in journalism, specifically somebody with your stature. Thanks!

First Off, you published your review of Annelise’s current essay, “Redding Cops Kill Again” at 9: 52 p.m., so if you occurred to be consuming at the time, I forgive you. Individuals state silly points on Facebook when they’re intoxicated, specifically throughout the vacations. Think me, I have actually existed. Say sorry as well as take the article down, as well as you’ll be great.

Yet I believe it’s much more most likely you are just one of those strait-laced sober people, provided you’re the priest of Anderson Area Church, as well as likewise provided your persistent initiatives over the previous years to guarantee Shasta Area accumulates as little tax obligation income as feasible from the clinical as well as entertainment cannabis sectors.

If you were sober, Les, that’s bothersome, due to the fact that your article is one of the most unenlightened, mean as well as deceitful strike on a reporter as well as an information electrical outlet by a chosen public authorities I have actually seen throughout my 30 years in journalism, consisting of Head of state Donald J. Trump’s mocking of a handicapped press reporter. I risk state your words are not just un-American, they’re un-Christian. Punching down is never ever an excellent appearance.

Shasta Area Manager Les Baugh, Media Doubter–

Considering that you really did not obtain the essence of Pierce’s essay, maybe intentionally, it worries the euphemisms utilized by police Public Relations authorities when policeman in the line of responsibility shoot as well as eliminate private citizens, as well as just how they can form media insurance coverage of such deadly experiences. This is not a brand-new subject; it has actually been covered by reporters as well as scholars across the country for a minimum of the previous years, below as well as below, for instance.

The common “officer-involved shooting,” which headlined the RPD news release reporting the most recent noncombatant eliminated by a policeman in Shasta Area 2 Sundays back, as well as motivated Pierce’s post, is simply such a euphemism. If you have not been counting Les, that’s 5 private citizens eliminated by Shasta Area police policemans this year, as well as 38 because 2000.

Last April I composed a short article recording deadly experiences with Shasta Area police because2000 At the time, Shasta Area rated No. 2 in the state for the variety of private citizens eliminated by cops per head. Undoubtedly, this concern is of excellent issue to police as well as the area at huge, as well as a deserving subject for Pierce’s journalistic abilities, which are bountiful.

Regretfully, you do not have such abilities, as well as your tried media review fails from the very start, with the heading, “Yellow journalism at it lowest.”

First Off, “yellow journalism” is a single subject calling for the single pronoun “its,” not “it.” Second of all, I’ll bet you understand absolutely nothing regarding the beginnings of the term “yellow journalism,” neither do you recognize that today it uses even more to the media I’m thinking you eat– Fox Information, conservative talk radio, Drudge, do not refute it– than it does An Information COFFEE SHOP. Like the majority of people in Hannityville, you possibly think “yellow journalism” is associated with “fake news,” which is associated with “news I don’t like.”

In Conclusion, not an advantageous start. Thirty years back, my journalism 101 teacher would certainly have failed you ideal out of eviction.

Regrettably, it worsens. Your very first sentence mislabels Pierce’s essay as “sensationalism” as well as makes a fact-free case that An Information COFFEE SHOP’s audience is decreasing. Remarkably, taking into consideration the across the country aggressive atmosphere regional journalism presently exists in, An Information COFFEE SHOP had an excellent 2019, in no little component many thanks to the enhancement of Pierce as one of its key authors. Upon what did you base that remark, Les? Hopeful reasoning?

In your 2nd sentence, you call my coworker Pierce’s job “cowardly,” which is instead strong talk for somebody that, according to his very own biography, never ever offered in the armed forces or in police. I have actually created an expression for political leaders such as on your own that have actually never ever offered yet that cover themselves in the flag as well as promise their genuine fealty to the armed forces as well as police, despite the amount of private citizens they eliminate: obtained valiance. You’re blowing on your own up like a banty fowl, yet it’s all program.

Your 3rd sentence, in which you state, “the author admits she doesn’t know a darn thing,” is classic conservative evangelical forecast. To put it simply, you’re discussing on your own. Keep in mind, when you aim your finger at somebody else, you’re directing 3 fingers back at you!

Shasta Area Manager Les Baugh, Media Doubter–

From Les’s Facebook web page.

After that we reach your actual trouble, that Pierce utilized words “kill,” which suggests intent, in the heading of a short article regarding making use of euphemisms by police public relationships authorities in supposed officer-involved capturings.

I obtain it, Les. You’re possibly discouraged by the concept that a police police officer could deliberately take the life of one more human being she or he regarded as a dangerous hazard. Eliminate them, to put it simply. Probably you ought to adhere to pastoring.

Anyhow, neither you neither the squad of conservative giants you sicced on An Information COFFEE SHOP whined regarding the “Redding Record Searchlight” post worrying the exact same officer-involved capturing, which appeared the day prior to Pierce’s tale, labelled, “Redding Police Officer Shoots and Kills Man.”

Extremely, you babble on with your intimidation tirade. You duplicate Pierce’s real case that there’s no proof due to the fact that the murder simply occurred, after that you implicate her of “hating cops” due to the fact that there’s no proof. This fraudulent assertion is round in its thinking, unconditionally false as well as possibly endangers Pierce’s health ought to she need to contact police in the future. As we’ll see below, the constable currently understands her name.

Confirming my borrowed-valor theory might be close to the mark in your instance, you after that placed on your own in the footwear of the police on the beat. It’s humiliating, originating from a public authorities that’s never ever offered. Pay attention to on your own:

“This lower-than-low, biased ‘editorial’ used enough disgusting words for people like me, who both admire and appreciate law enforcement and the tough job they face day-in, day-out, to speak up and declare this kind of tilted, rock-bottom reporting as beyond unacceptable.”

You have actually reached be joking me, Les. Revolting words for individuals like you? All-time low? That’s not Pierce’s division. It’s mine. I really feel slighted! What are you advocating, fascist goober of the week? We have a champion!

Shasta Area Manager Les Baugh, Media Doubter–

Probably this is that Les obtains his ornate suggestions from? White Home image.

You finish your Facebook diatribe with a web link to Pierce’s post as well as advise your fans to review it, for which I compliment you. Some 328 individuals talked about your article; last time I examined, my remarks were the last 2. The article was shared 58 times! No question we acquired greater than a couple of brand-new visitors, many thanks to your initiatives. Yet for Christian charity, you might have mentioned it a little bit much more well.

“Yes, I want you to read it as the LAST thing you ever read from @anewscafe. Shame on you Doni Chamberlain!” you composed.

As long as I appreciate consuming the splits of crybaby traditional snows, I’m not allowing your effort to torpedo An Information COFFEE SHOP do without remark, Les. You’re making use of the power of your chosen workplace as well as your Facebook systems to strike an industrious regional author as well as businesswoman, Doni Chamberlain, that with large perseverance has actually maintained An Information COFFEE SHOP up-and-running for greater than a loads years, in your initiative to silence any type of as well as all objection of Shasta Area’s recurring epidemic of officer-involved capturings.

This habits is not just un-American, it’s fascistic, a word I never ever utilize gently. It’s ideal out of the Nazi playbook. Look it up, under Goebbels.

Moreover, your repellent personality murder of Pierce is not just phony information composed by a ham-fisted amateur, as I have actually revealed over, it’s greatly un-Christian in its deceit as well as tone. You’re not looking for the reality, Les, you’re looking for power, like some type of tinpot despot. Jesus would certainly not be entertained.

Approved, Les, there’s a high possibility you do not understand what the hell you’re doing, as well as if that holds true, once again, you are forgiven. It’s likewise feasible something much deeper is taking place below. I discovered that lately retired Shasta Area Constable Tom Bosenko commented straight regarding Pierce on your pesky article.

Shasta Area Manager Les Baugh, Media Doubter–

“She was on the grand jury a couple of years ago,” composed the guy that resides in regional notoriety for not resolving the Sherri Papini instance prior to he left workplace. “You could tell she had an ax to grind with LE even then.”

This makes me believe you as well as your ilk aren’t bent on smear simply reporters, yet any type of resident that volunteers for the Shasta Area Grand Court as well as joins a record you differ with. We’re stepping deep in fascist waters currently, Les.

Bosenko is right in just one regard. Pierce did offer on the exact same Shasta Area Grand Court that in 2018 reported Shasta Area authorities might be messing up numerous bucks in state jail adjustment financing to stabilize the area budget plan. You as well as the various other board participants might have neglected that record the 2nd you with one voice rejected it, yet ProPublica lately stated it in a short article labelled, “California Gave Billions in Taxpayer Dollars to Improve Jails. But That’s Not How These Sheriffs Are Spending It.”

Below’s their take on the record:

“In Shasta County, for example, the civil grand jury — a group of volunteers that inspects parts of local government — said the sheriff’s office broke the rules when it tapped realignment cash instead of county funds to pay for its entire jail work-release program.”

Is that what this is everything about, Les? I’m guessing, yet it looks like you hesitate somebody could take a tough take a look at Shasta Area’s publications to see just how you as well as your accomplices have actually been investing state police funds, right as the Board of Supervisors is presenting a recommended one-cent public safety and security sales tax obligation effort in infamously tax-averse Shasta Area.

All the best keeping that!

In conclusion, Les, I once again thanks for this unforeseen present throughout the holiday. I would love to interest your Christian nature, which most likely you have, being a priest, as well as welcome you to compose in reaction to this open letter, which An Information COFFEE SHOP will certainly release happily.

Do not neglect you owe Annelise Pierce as well as Doni Chamberlain a public apology. Believe me, you’ll really feel much better.

Delighted New Year!


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