Shade Lord is the lowest pickrate talent in the game. Let’s fix it

Shadow Lord is no good. After some research on HeroesProfile, I believe it’s

The weakest selection in the entire game (remember how you filter). Maybe that’s why this talent needs change the most. I put the finishing touches on Unspeakable Horror, now let’s try Shadowlord.

First, some insight into why this talent is so uninspiring. It’s not the worst level 20 in the game, there are many weaker ones. But he competes with Mimic, Consumed by Hate, and now Unspeakable Horror, all extremely scary storm talents. These three talents provide raw, direct energy. Mimic the missile carriers of your damage output, Unspeakable Horror does a long silence over the course of the game for an already good CC ending, and Consumed by Hate is somewhat inconsistent, but can win the entire game with the push of a button. And then there’s the Dark Lord, who… What exactly does it do?

Acquiring the other 2 talents of 7th level is nice, but they don’t give you any extra damage or CDR (unlike, you know, the crazy mimic), just a bit of survivability and mobility. You might be better off hunting people with your new lightning bolt and being a little more aggressive if you don’t already have the fantastic armor, but that’s about it. Then there’s the active shadow swap, which… Is a really boring and conditional teleporter that is not particularly useful. If the place you are in is dangerous and you want to leave it quickly, shadowing and then switching places literally puts you back in danger for 2.5 seconds. Also, the Shadow Lord does not allow you to travel further than before. And note that extending the duration of shadows does not extend the duration of the nova flash, which is still the main reason for using shadows. It’s not useless, but it’s a lot of work for little benefit, and the alternatives are exactly the opposite.

So this is my proposal for a better version of Lord of Shadows, which I think would solve all these problems and make the talent spectacularly more powerful and appealing:

Lord of the Shadows: Active, 30 seconds; Activate this to reset the cooldown of Nova of Lightning and Shadow of Mephisto. You can reload Mephisto’s shadow while it’s still active. Allows you to erase the previous shadow without returning to it. Liabilities : Mephisto’s Shadow benefits from all of Mephisto’s 7th level talents.

I hope this description is clear. First of all, everything you can do with the current Shadow Lord, you can do with this one too, including the fact that he’s usable until 7th level (which is worth keeping because it’s cool, and this talent should be really strong). But now there are new opportunities in the world. This version allows you to perform two-way antics similar to Nerazim’s power for Zeratul, meaning you can cover great distances that were not possible before. In fact, in this version, you can escape by simply teleporting forward twice and then going to a second point; no need to go back to try to escape danger. You can also do some lightning reaction combos with it: Q, teleport to the side and W, get some lightning reaction shots, Q again (with a new Q quest), reset, teleport again, get more lightning reaction shots, and still have Lightning Nova available at the end. After all, you don’t have to spend to get a good deal. At the very least, it’s a powerful effect if you can use it to reset E and W in case you pass out or just to do more damage faster.

I think this version of Shadow Lord would be a legitimate choice to build Q, which is currently faltering W creation in strength. It won’t replace Mimic for W builds, but Mimic is significantly less useful for Q builds. Your lightning nova doesn’t do much damage if you don’t have the talent for it, and the main thing I vote for in Q’s theory is the nonsense of the lightning reaction, which would defeat this version of Lord of Shadows. I’d love to pick this talent for the Q build Mephisto, which seems like a good place to land it reasonably. Trying to develop a talent that is instantly better than Mimic will never work. But it could be, and the talent deserves it!

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