Sfr Replaces the Hard Disk of Its Tv Boxes With a Cloud Recording

SFR has made a major change in all its TV decoders (4K box, mini TV decoder and Decoder Plus). Since April 11, they no longer come with a hard drive However, the programme recording function has not disappeared, it is now done in the cloud.

First consequence, it is no longer a question of GB of storage, but of hours. The SFR RED Box and SFR Starter offers include 8 hours of recording time. Power and Premium subscriptions include 100 hours of recording time.

The recording of TV programs in the cloud is not yet highlighted in SFR’s offers (it should not be confused with “cloud storage”, which is online storage for personal files).

NextINpact notes that the 8-hour limit is not insignificant; it is linked to the scale for private copying in the cloud (a scale to which Molotov, now owned by Altice, the parent company of SFR, is also subject).

Up to 8 hours of storage in the cloud, SFR pays €0.105 per month per subscriber. If the operator had offered 10 GB, for example, the fee would have been €0.15. For the 100 GB of the most expensive offers, he has to pay €0.417 per month per subscriber. The operator makes a good deal in the short term, because with an equivalent Hard Disk integrated into the TV set-top box, he would have had to pay €6.30 (8 GB) or €16 (100 GB).

Another direct consequence for the subscriber is that it becomes impossible to record Canal+, prohibited programs for persons at least 18 years of age and programs that are not included in the SFR TV Guide. You can’t fake it by plugging in an external hard drive it will only be seen as a support for the mediacenter (reading the files it already contains, but no recording on it). What about the SD card that’s inserted in the decoder? It is only used to control the live feed.

Registering in the cloud does not only have disadvantages. It gives the possibility to watch his recordings on any device and from anywhere (that’s what Molotov does)… except that SFR has not yet set up this service.

The FAQs specify other points, such as the fact that recordings are kept indefinitely (until termination) and that they start from the moment the button is pressed (if you start recording after the start of the program, you will miss the beginning).

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