Sfr Red is Going to Charge a Priority Customer Service 3 Euros Per Month

Three euros per month This is the amount that SFR RED will invoice its subscribers who wish to benefit from “Priority Customer Service”, i.e. a telephone link with an advisor if necessary, when ordinary subscribers have to make do with a virtual chat.

Standard” SFR subscribers are the only ones entitled to customer service in shops and by telephone when RED customers, as is the case with online offers, use a chat room that is a little less convenient for neophytes. A concession, however, expected, since RED remains the low-cost offer of the operator in the red square.

That’s ancient history, at least for those who are willing to pay 3 euros per month for a Priority customer service option, presented in a FAQ last weekend (cached here), on the RED website. It therefore talks about an option – optional, therefore – to dodge the online chat queue, in the manner of a queue cutter ticket. In addition, this option offers users the possibility to contact a telephone adviser by going to the mobile ADR application and clicking on the appropriate button within it. The hotline will be open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday. All of this should happen shortly in the customer service department of SFR RED, which will have to be closely monitored this week.

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