Sfr Red Box Fibre 22 Return Per Month Life

Red by SFR offers its Fiber Internet subscription + 1Gb/s speed option at €22 per month. Without commitment, the fare does not increase over the years because it is valid “for life”. A good deal for people wishing to have an internet connection at a good price for a long time

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This good plan allows you to get the Red by SFR fiber or very high speed broadband subscription at 22 € per month. It includes: the debit plus option allowing you to enjoy download speeds of up to 1 Gb/s and upload speeds of up to 400 Mb/s, Unlimited Calls to mobiles in mainland France and French overseas departments and territories (excluding Mayotte) and unlimited calls to landline numbers in France and more than 100 destinations, number presentation, email and voicemail.

This offer is valid for new customers until Monday 16 September 2019 subject to technical, geographical eligibility and effective connection of the customer’s home. If you are not eligible for fiber or very high speed broadband, RED by SFR also offers ADSL subscription at a good price: 15 € / month with no price that moves by one year, with no commitment. You can cancel at any time if you find a better offer elsewhere.

After your subscription, you will receive an internet box with 2 USB ports and 4 Ethernet ports to connect your Compatible devices (PC, TV…). If you want more TV options (à la carte options), you have to add 2 € per month for 35 channels or 4 € per month for 100 channels.

Namely: one month is offered as part of this offer which is valid until 16 September 2019.




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