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Hello, following my request for cancellation of my mobile phone plan due to unemployment SFR asks me for the employer’s certificate for Pôle Emploi after information Pôle emploi confirms that this document is EXCLUSIVELY RESERVED to pôle emploi and in any case I have already sent this document to pôle emploi I have not kept a copy!!!!!

What to do ????????????????????

I contacted my legal protection who advised me to go back to the repression of frauds, for them to accept that this document to cancel without charge is not legal other documents certified by pole employment done once, SFR seeks to block me no matter what happens no wonder because I have a second anecdote!!!!!

My sister is seeking to cancel her package at no cost following the conventional termination of her permanent contract, SFR refuses the conventional termination as a legal reason but why????? if we refer to the terms and conditions of sale there is no exclusion to note:

12.2.2- The Subscriber may also, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

sent to SFR customer service and subject to being able to justify in

, terminate the contract for legitimate reasons, i.e. in the event that

occurs during the contract period of an unforeseeable event preventing

from continuing to perform the contract. In particular, the following cases may be considered


– unemployment (following the termination of an open-ended contract), excluding

request to open a line or request to re-commit a

subscription during the period of notice, personal bankruptcy, receivership or judicial liquidation ;- financial difficulties of the Subscriber

– financial difficulties of the Subscriber having followed up on notification of

admissibility in the Personal Debt Over-indebtedness Committee,

– death of the Subscriber,

– hospitalisation and/or sick leave of more than three (3) months affecting

the Subscriber,

– incarceration of the Subscriber,

– removal for a long period of time, outside French metropolitan

territory or in an area where the Main Service is totally inaccessible

from the Subscriber’s home or workplace,

– case of force majeure within the meaning of the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation

affecting the Subscriber.

It is understood between the parties that the theft or loss of the mobile phone cannot be considered as a legitimate reason, sincemobile renewal offers are proposed by SFR.

I only have 2 exclusions if the package is taken out during the notice period and if you lose your mobile phone.



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