Sfr Prlve Brutally Hundreds of Euros Without Explanation!

An unjustified levy of € 345.63

At the beginning of September, I discovered on my bank statement a totally unjustified SFR withdrawal of a large amount: 345.63 € :

Sfr Prlve Brutally Hundreds of Euros Without Explanation!

At SFR I have 5 mobile lines for the whole family as well as an ADSL box and a fibre box, but each subscription is subject to a separate charge, so I can’t explain why this amount is being charged. Because nothing in the wording of this levy allows the customer to make the link with a mobile or Internet box number. Moreover, SFR did not warn me at all, even though it is a legal obligation.

I will then report it to my SFR shop in Lyon Monplaisir. The staff, who are very helpful, cannot explain to me this levy that has nothing to do with my invoices, due to a lack of sufficient access to the information system, particularly for the link between invoices and levies. The shop explains to me that there have been erroneous withdrawals from SFR all summer and sends the information back by e-mail.

I’m waiting, because it’s impossible for me to contact SFR myself by e-mail: on their website there is a contact form that doesn’t allow me to send a document (the proof of the withdrawal on my bank statement, which you can see at the top of this article) and customer service is unreachable by phone, because they’re always busy during the hours I’m available…

No response from LICO in 2 weeks .

Two weeks later, I didn’t hear from SFR. So I go back to the shop on Saturday morning, September 24th: the staff, always very kind and willing to help me, had no feedback following their request and seemed half surprised that I had no direct answer . It sends a reminder by e-mail to report the sampling error.

How is such an error possible?

How can SFR withdraw such an amount, , which is 6 times the highest amount usually withdrawn from myaccount, without detecting an anomaly?

How can SFR trigger such a withdrawal without first notifying the customer, when it is required to do so by regulation?

What does SFR’s customer service department do about the sampling errors reported by the shops?

Or is this a deliberate strategy to inflate SFR’s cash flow?

As we know, SFR is part of the Altice group, which is indebted to the tune of EUR 5 billion.

Sfr Prlve Brutally Hundreds of Euros Without Explanation!

Some nasty people have put forward to me the hypothesis that Patrick Drahi could have decided that SFR would henceforth draw its cash from its customers, in order to reduce the colossal debt of his group. And SFR would have knowingly taken its clients, without any basis. 

It would be too huge, and I can’t believe it… I simply think that the way this company is now managed by its shareholder, who puts enormous pressure on employees and suppliers, has led to total disorganization at SFR, and is causing the mistakes that customers are suffering. Direct consequence: customers are fleeing in droves.

Where it is confirmed that SFR mixes its customers’ bills Where it is confirmed that SFR mixes its customers’ bills

Having shared my misadventure on the social networks on Saturday evening September 24th, I am contacted by many subscribers of the operator with the red square, and I have confirmation that the customer service of SFR admits publicly on Twitter that this operator mixes up the bills of its customers : sometimes SFR sends one customer’s bill to the other! In so doing, the operator is blatantly violating the privacy of its subscribers .

Sfr Prlve Brutally Hundreds of Euros Without Explanation!

I made a screenshot of a tweet you see above that seems to have been deleted since… we wonder why?

It’s just amazing.

Finally a reaction, Saturday 24 September at 22:25

On Saturday evening, following my social network shindig, SFR customer service reacted on Twitter with 3 successive messages:

Sfr Prlve Brutally Hundreds of Euros Without Explanation!

These 3 tweets give me hope that the problem will finally be dealt with?

Now I hope this ridiculous story will end quickly…

To be continued from Monday, September 26th?

Useful information: a SEPA levy can be cancelled very simply!

I also discovered this weekend that a SEPA Direct Debit can be cancelled very easily by the customer, on simple request to his bank, and this within 8 weeks, as long as “ the mandate did not indicate the amount, an amount which exceeds the amount you could reasonably expect with regard to the service subscribed to .”.

More information on consumer protection for SEPA mandates at Que Choisir :

Sfr Prlve Brutally Hundreds of Euros Without Explanation!

I hope that this information on SEPA direct debits will be useful to you, if you have a problem with a telecom operator or a water, gas or electricity supplier.

And I will not fail to keep you informed of the consequences of this story where opacity and non-compliance with regulations do not improve the brand image of SFR

Epilogue on 29/9: SFR acknowledges its error

SFR customer service called me on the evening of September 29: the operator waived the 300 euros that had been wrongly billed to me out of the 345.63 charged to.

The person I spoke to on the phone acknowledged that by warning the line user (in this case one of my children) and not the payer of the bill (i.e., me) of the charge, SFR was not complying with the regulations.

Notice to all those who have had billing errors on their children’s or spouse’s mobiles!