Sex Almost Screwed Boxing Field Out of Olympic Dream


Olympic boxing in the hope that Jeannie Fuchs almost escaped her Olympic dream of 2021 after a 32-year-old girl was spotted by the U.S. anti-doping agency for two possible doping violations.

Fuchs moved painfully close to the teams of 2012 and 2016, only to see other fighters eliminated with a slight lead in the final moments of qualifying. The Houston fighter was so upset by her absence from the 2016 team that she almost became pro after attending the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Games four years ago.

I couldn’t watch, Fuchs told NBC Sports. It was hard for me to watch. I went back to my room, cried and went to bed.

Imagine how devastated Fuchs was after discovering earlier this year that she had tested positive for traces of two illegal substances and didn’t know how or why this could happen.

David Barron’s premiere for the Houston Chronicle:

At the beginning of March, Mr Fuchs learned that traces of two banned substances had been found during an out-of-competition urine test in mid-February. Later she discovered that her boyfriend had bought products, including two illegal substances, and she took them without her knowledge while having unprotected sex, she told USA Boxing Thursday.

Fuchs’ dream of representing his country at the 2021 Olympics almost caught fire because of unprotected sex, but luckily science finally made it.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced on Thursday that Fuchs was not responsible for traces of illegal substances in her system, that the quantities found in her urine sample were consistent with sexual transmission, and that Fuchs was still eligible to participate in the 2021 Olympics.

Favourite Fox in the Semi-Centre Women’s Division

Fuchs has long been a favorite of the team. She is now only one step away from her long journey to the Olympics.

Fox and other American boxers resumed their training this week at the American Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. Soldiers will be selected for individual qualifiers to be held later this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Paris, France.

Mrs. Fuchs was able to express her relief at the fact that she could still announce her team in a statement to the American boxing press.

I’m really glad that USADA acknowledged the uniqueness of my case when I was given an (executive assignment) that allowed me to resume my career immediately, Fuchs said.

I had no idea I could get infected through intimate contact with another person. I want to thank USA Boxing for believing in me and supporting me during these last difficult months.

The WADA manager is of the opinion that the World Anti-Doping Code should be amended.

According to Travis Taigart, CEO of the USADA, Fuchs’ story should serve as an example of why changes to the world’s anti-doping code are needed.

Although the World Anti-Doping Code requires this not to be considered a violation and not to be publicly disclosed, we strongly believe that this and other similar cases, including meat contamination and contamination of prescription drugs, should not be considered a violation, according to Taigart.

The World Anti-Doping Code is the most important document harmonising anti-doping policies, rules and regulations worldwide.

We will continue to work to amend the World Anti-Doping Code so that when there is no intention to cheat and the athlete does not benefit from his or her performance, he or she is not subject to any violation or unnecessary publicity.

In fact, it seems strange that Fuchs, apparently for no reason at all, puts so much emphasis on a subject that the public doesn’t need.

But perhaps this unique story is just something that one day will become a strange footnote for Fuchs, who has finally achieved his Olympic goals.

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