Seven Different Hand Emojis You Might Want To Use

Our way of communication has been changing over the past years. As technology keeps on improving and evolving, the same goes for our lifestyles. People are now more focused on their mobile devices from the moment they open their eyes in the morning until they close their eyes at night.

Communication is now based on mobile apps, iMessages, and text messages. Because of this, English as a global language might end. Icons, smileys, hearts, and other emojis might replace it. Half the earth’s population is now using the internet and their smartphones, and most of them have already installed different emojis.

Why Use Hand Emojis

There are different emojis available in your smartphones to use in expressing yourself to your friends. The Hand Emoji is one of the essential emojis you can use in expressing your thoughts or feelings. There are twenty types of hand emojis that you can use in your daily conversations. Below are seven kinds of emojis used in our daily lives.

Victory Hand

This emoji is most commonly known as the peace sign emoji. It is a hand with two fingers held by forming a V sign. This emoji is also known as peace, air quotes, V sign, and a peace sign. If you turn this emoji upside down, it becomes an offensive gesture in the British culture, similar to the middle finger.

Raised Hand

A raised hand emoji is the hand that is held high, showing its palm. They can be used in different courses of action, but it is more commonly known as high-five or stop. The raised hand is in different ways like if you want to end a conversation with someone or if you want to greet your friend, you can just send them this emoji.

Ok Hand

An ok hand emoji is a gesture showing the index finger and thumb touching to make an open circle. This emoji represents an emotion of yours saying, “It’s Ok”, “Yes, that’s correct,” An approval or by saying good. This type of gesture represents the number nine in American sign language .

Did you know that this emoji is an offensive gesture in different cultures like in Europe, South America and the Middle East? In which people discourage them from using it in their countries.

Call Me Hand

This emoji is a hand with a thumb, and a little pinky finger extended, which makes it look like a traditional phone-like shape. You can send this emoji to your friend, letting them know to call you, or you need their call. This emoji is also familiar with the shaka sign, a gesture of greeting in Hawaii and New Zealand.

Folded Hands

This is an emoji with two hands placed together, which means in Japanese culture as “thank you’ or “please.” This emoji is commonly used worldwide as a prayer emoji, which looks very similar to a prayer hand. It is known to be a prayer, Namaste, please, and thank you button. You can send it best to friends, relatives, or family that need your comfort and support.

Waving Hand Sign

Waving Hand sign is commonly known as a greeting, like saying hello to someone you want to be friends with on Facebook or your friends. It is the first pace of starting a conversation with somebody through messages or Messenger. Instead of saying goodbye to someone, you can also send them this emoji.

The popular app in China, namely We Chat, uses this symbol to convey to their followers or friends that they are not friends anymore. You can use this emoji by expressing them at the thought of Hello, Hand wave, goodbye, and even waving at someone.

Clapping Emoji

This emoji is the ones you see in your smartphones with two hands clapping. If you want to congratulate someone for their achievements in life or if you are proud of them, you can send this emoji many times, which will reflect as a round of applause. This emoji is known as clapping, golf clap, applause, or a round of applause depending on how you use it.


As you can see, emojis are the newest trends not just for millennials but also for people of all ages. You can use different emojis that can keep a conversation fun and interesting. Some of us use emojis on creating fun like conversations, flirty ones, or just adding life to it.

Using hand emoji and others depends on your mood and what kind of message you want to convey to your friends, crush, or even relatives. It is a simple way of conveying your emotions; instead of typing long and boring messages, you can send them the emoji you want.

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