Sergio Rossi, famous luxury shoe designer of Italy, passes away at 84. Was it due to coronavirus? Check it out.

Shoe legend Sergio Rossi – creator of one of Italy’s most famous extravagant shoe brands and one of the most ambitious designers in terms of age, including his child Gianvito – died in Cesena, Italy, at the age of 84. The cause of death was the coronavirus; he was hospitalized for a few days.

Sergio Rossi was designed in 1935 in San Mauro Pascoli, one of the most important shoe production plants in Italy. He accepted an exchange from his father, started making shoes in the mid-fifties and promoted his eponymous image in 1968. After developing his own name, the architect has joined forces with design houses such as Versace, Dolce, Gabbana and Azzedin Alaya.

Rossi has several styles of earth cracks, such as the Opanca shoes with curved soles.

Gianvito Rossi and other designers pay tribute to Sergio Rossi, who died of a coronavirus at the age of 84.

Cancellation of the coronavirus outdoor fair in June.

He was an ace, it was an extraordinary pleasure to meet him, he was our guide in the other world, and today more than ever, said Riccardo Suzto, CEO of the brand since April 2016.

Sciutto has been honoring the organizers for many years, at least with a document containing more than 6000 models of the best fabric factory in its category, San Mauro Pascoli. Jutto saw how moved Rossi was when he visited the file last Christmas. He was really surprised that so many of his plans for the fifties were in the chronicle, Schutto said. He hasn’t thought about it since he’s been through these protocols, but the document is our motivation.

The director-general said that the architect loved the ladies and that he had had the opportunity to capture a female element in an extraordinary way. It was never absurd, always good. Shoes were always worn, and he was always dissatisfied until they grew up. They weren’t a decoration for him. One day he told me that he had to do a perfect leg-lengthening for a lady.

For Rossis, the shoe company has always been a family business.

For adults, it was hard to see the contrast between a house and a production facility – it was no different, Gianvito Rossi said at the FN summit a year ago. It was a big playground. I had many companions who worked for my father. So that was unbelievable.

Gianvito, who launched his own image in 2007, said at the 2017 meeting that he began to gain experience just by looking at my father and observing the craftsmen who make the most amazing shoes. Without knowing it, I created a real memory, said the planner, who worked with his father until Sergio Rossi was offered a job by the Gucci group (now Kering) in 1999.

In 2015, Kering presented this activity to the European Venture House of Investment Industry – and it was acquired a year later. From now on, the name will use his files season after season – an indisputable proof of the author’s lasting influence.

The most important task was to restore the right DNA, the right objects and the soul of Lady Sergio Rossi. The legacy is necessary, Sciuto said.

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