Sending a Really Anonymous Email is Actually Pretty Easy.

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There are many reasons why you may want to send emails completely anonymously and securely, starting with your privacy, the desire to protect your personal data, or simply not to receive spam.

Which Internet user does not currently have one or more email addresses? Essential for communication, most e-mail accounts are now free, but are they secure?

We are aware that the various providers of free email addresses, such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, take advantage of our personal data. In addition, an e-mail address of this type, like those obtained through an ISP subscription or in a professional context, allows you to identify yourself directly or indirectly even if you do not sign your e-mails and if the address does not bear your name, for the simple reason that the source code of your messages contains your IP address.

Okay, but then… How to create a truly anonymous email address?

Connect via VPN

First of all, you need to connect to the Internet via a VPN (virtual private network). This device allows you to create an encrypted tunnel that isolates your traffic and therefore secures your information. The choice of VPN is crucial to keep your anonymity, so choose preferably a paid VPN which has every interest to keep your personal data (such as your IP address) out of sight.

VPN scheme

Similarly, prefer a VPN ” no log “, that is to say, one that does not keep track of your browsing, or even your personal information. For even more security and anonymity, it would be preferable (but absolutely not obligatory!) to pay in cryptography.

Providers such as ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, or NordVPN are known for their reliability and high confidentiality, the last one even offers a “double VPN” feature that encrypts your traffic twice (very useful for whistleblowers and other journalists working in authoritarian countries)!

Use Tor browser the ultimate anonymous browser

Forget about Mozilla, Opera, or Chrome’s private browser windows that only allow tabs to be opened by blocking certain ad cookies and not keeping the history of sites visited. Adopt Tor Browser, the only browser that can guarantee true anonymity on the web!

Tor Browser uses the concept of “onion routing” and routes your data through several anonymous servers called “nodes”. A principle developed in 1990 by the employees of theUnited States Naval Research Laboratory to protect communications from eavesdropping and traffic analysis, that’s how serious Tor is.

Combining Tor Browser with a VPN is the best way to be anonymous on the Internet today. However, don’t worry if your connection is slowed down, it’s perfectly normal!

Create a temporary and disposable email

Now all you have to do is go to one of the email services dedicated to privacy in order to create your email address, which may also be temporary and “disposable”. We strongly recommend services such as Guerilla Mail, Nada, or Temp Mail. They will allow you to send emails from an email address that will self-destruct, all without the need to register.


These services are particularly useful, for example, for sites that ask for an e-mail address to receive a document, to register a product, or on any site you do not trust.

The temporary, disposable email address created via a VPN in combination with Tor Browser allows you to avoid spamming, the exploitation of your personal data and, of course, to send email anonymously.

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