Senator Ted Cruz Promotes Low Fares To Cancun

Senator Ted Cruz is in Mexico promoting tourism to the country by promoting low fares on Cancun and Riviera Maya flights. The Senator, who is in Mexico for the 2016 Republican National Convention, attended a Mexican cultural show and took photos with members of the cast of the “Beatriz at Dinner” show. He also spoke on the importance of low fares for Cancun, a major tourism destination.

Conspiracy theorists are saying that the White House is using the current terrorist attack in Brussels to push a new policy that will allow airlines to charge passengers more for travel if they don’t purchase the lowest possible ticket. The theory is that the airlines will then charge the higher fares to passengers who are willing to pay a higher price, but don’t purchase the lowest possible fare. […Read more.]

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TEXAS) has released a statement to the press, supporting a new initiative in Mexico, that will see the country’s airlines, Garuda, Jetstar, and Swiftair, offering their low-cost flights to the thriving holiday resort of Cancun, free of charge, for US citizens.  The announcement was made in response to a recent announcement by the Mexican government, that the holiday resort of Cancun will becoming a “Centro de Alquileres Infraestructura” (Centre for Real Estate Infrastructure), as part of a new development drive to expand and modernize the airline hub.

Senator Ted Cruz promotes cheap tickets to Cancun

Gary Leff 19. May 2021 In the middle of the worst February storm to hit Texas in decades, Senator Ted Cruz drove his family out of the state. Faced with the negative reaction, he changed his plans and went home. He blamed his family for what had happened and claimed that he had only accompanied the children and had always intended to return, but this story did not prove to be very credible….. to be believed. That’s a lot of luggage for an experienced traveler who wants to make a quick tour or spend a short night. Cruz is now mocking reports in the Houston media about Sun Country Airlines’ cheap fares to Cancun. Great! – Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 18, 2021 After United reveals his original itinerary and flight history change and he doesn’t get his upgrade, he might consider taking Sun Country instead of United the next time he leaves the state in an emergency. He’s already been criticized on social media for that last tweet about Cancun, but whatever you think of Ted Cruz, he has a great sense of humor and a smooth talk. An interesting political calculation here: Would bringing up this incident again increase its importance in the minds of Texans, or would its omission neutralize the issue? The people of your state were in need when you deliberately abandoned them. The fact that you joke about it confirms that you don’t regret it. You are who you are, sir. – Jean L.P. Jaurès ⚖️ (@larsp2740) May 18, 2021 Don’t think your constituents will find your sense of humor appealing after you let them down in a time of crisis. – Donnie Loves Chachi Ⓥ (@JUConnor25) May 18, 2021 Texas is dealing with a 70-year-old weather event that left millions of residents in the state without power for several days. Many people were also without water because the pipes were frozen and the pumping stations ran out of power. People are stuck in their homes for days because of the state of the roads. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but defenders from both sides didn’t fail to put their horses on the line, as. B. an overreliance on renewable energy and a public power grid that is largely disconnected from the rest of the country to avoid federal regulation. Both assumptions have been proven wrong. Renewables have certainly fallen back, but no more than gas, which supplies a much higher proportion of electricity, and congestion elsewhere means that an interconnected grid would not have provided much relief. Moreover, the electricity left the country under long-term contracts. Here’s what we know,

  • Unprecedented demand for electricity
  • Homes and power generation are optimized for extreme heat, not extreme cold. Better optimization for cold could make sense, but it is expensive and involves trade-offs.
  • Texas does not have long-term contracts with its producers to encourage investment to secure supplies, but instead relies on spot markets.
  • Deliveries have stopped for various reasons. State regulators have not conducted their regular inspections of power plants because of Covid, when they had the right to do so, and this is a failure of regulation, not deregulation.
  • The state’s electric utility regulator paid natural gas generators to not use electricity as a conservation measure, but that meant they did not produce or supply electricity to the power generators.

I got lucky with the breakdown. Turns out I’m on the same page as the fire department and local police, so I wasn’t cut off. I lost the water for a few days and risked boiling the water for a few days. And I couldn’t leave the house for a week. Other than that, I wasn’t hurt. (HT: Live and Let’s Fly)

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