Secure Collaboration with McAfee and Microsoft Teams

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft teams, the first and only CASB-certified system for Microsoft teams, now offers a seamless approach to team collaboration for Data Protection with new support for Microsoft’s encrypted web hooks. McAfee enforces compliance for Microsoft teams through Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies with Microsoft Graph Change Notifications, which provide a secure way to monitor chat messages in teams using encrypted source data in the payload. McAfee customers can increase employee productivity by using Microsoft teams as a collaborative platform, allowing them to participate in calls and calls and download and share documents without compromising security.

Working from home has become a new reality for many, as more and more companies have their employees working remotely. We can already see how solutions that enable working and learning remotely via chat, video and file interaction have become a central part of our work. Microsoft has seen an unprecedented increase in team usage, and teams now have more than 44 million daily users*, a figure that has increased by 12 million in the last few weeks alone. These users have in the week of 16. More than 900 million meetings and minutes of group meetings were prepared every day on 31 March.1 In addition, the user community worked on the preparation of the minutes.

The McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft teams provides organizations with a cloud-based solution to consistently protect their data and block threats in the cloud. Here are a few applications:

  • Data protection according to the latest state of the art. IT can extend existing DLP policies to messages and files in all types of team channels by enforcing policies based on keywords, fingerprints, data identifiers, regular expressions and emphasizing content and metadata compliance.
  • Monitoring cooperation. Messages or files placed in channels can be restricted to specific users, including blocking the exchange of data with a remote location.
  • A complex recovery. Enables the monitoring of managed data uploaded to Microsoft teams and the correction of policy violations through user monitoring, administrator notification, quarantine, burial in a grave, recovery and deletion of user actions. End users can correct their own actions by removing incidents from the computer queue.
  • Prevent the threat. Gives the organization the power to detect and prevent abnormal behavior that points to threats from within and compromised accounts McAfee records a full report of all user activity as a team and uses machine learning to analyze activity against multiple heuristics for accurate threat detection.
  • Forensics: With a detailed audit trail automatically generated from all user activities, MVISION Cloud provides extensive analysis and research capabilities.
  • Security on the go, for a policy on the go. Protects multiple access modes, including browsers and embedded applications, and applies controls based on contextual factors such as user, device, data and location Personal devices that do not have adequate data control can be blocked from access.

Here is a video presenting the MVISION Cloud for Microsoft teams

MVISION Cloud for Teams is now available and helps customers secure their most important resources in the cloud. Today, McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft teams is used by a significant number of large enterprise customers to deliver their security, management and compliance capabilities. This solution is suitable for all business sectors because of its political flexibility and user-friendliness.

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*Soft defines daily active usage as the maximum number of daily users who perform deliberate actions on desktop, mobile and web clients over a period of 24 hours. Scheduled actions include sending or replying to a chat, participating in a meeting or opening a file as a team. Passive actions such as automatic loading, minimizing the screen or closing the application are not enabled.

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