Seasonal Challenges: A good system with a flawed execution

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For the last few years, Game of the Year award has always been a tough choice because there is always a clear winner that gets awards from most of the big review sites. But this year, the winner of Game of the Year is not so clear cut.

Seasonal Challenges are a system that gives players an opportunity to earn special rewards by completing objectives in-game. The event only appears for a limited time, and it is up to the individual to take advantage of this opportunity when it appears. The idea is very compelling. Unfortunately, there are several design flaws that make it difficult to make the best use of this system.

I’ve read a lot about the upcoming changes and revision of the seasons, but very little about the addition of seasonal challenges (and the elimination of the weekly bonuses), and I wanted to offer my opinion.


  • Dividing the tasks into weekly groups prevented people from feeling overwhelmed.
  • The challenges have become unique, relevant and interesting compared to the old weekly bonus system.
  • The rewards were significant and meaningful – the big XP increases were immediate.
  • The progress of some future seasonal tasks has been calculated using the priority weeks, which is a good thing.


  • There was an imbalance between long-term and short-term weekly targets. Things like gaining 5 Valor Ranks weren’t unlocked until week seven, which made quests like this particularly frustrating if you had already completed multiple Valor Ranks.
  • Without a supplier, the seasonal allocations appear to be semi-random. It would be nice if you could give us a reason for this action.


  • In Your Element requires Iron Banner deaths and was released during the LAST Iron Banner. If you decided not to play that week, you missed a lot – it created a huge feeling of FOMO.
  • The reward for completing the Shining Dust (Master of All Things) requires completing all but two challenges, and some of these are difficult for single and casual players (completing the Grandmaster of the Night, winning the challenge) who previously had better access to the Shining Dust via the weekly bonus system.
  • Getting an award for completing Bright Dust (Master of All) is harder than getting a season title. These titles were touted as Pinnacle achievements for players who have excelled in the game for a long time. The reward for the shiny dust can’t be that hard.

My recommendations:

  • Postpone long-term tasks (Infamous ranks, Glory ranks, etc.) to earlier weeks to give players enough time to complete them, or allow previous progress on these tasks to be maintained when they are released
  • Don’t create a task that generates FOMO (In Your Element).
  • Make the quests easier or allow more quests to be skipped to get the Dust of Light (Master of All) reward.
  • Tie this whole system to a vendor (a la Eververse for Tess) and add a little spoiler text to make it clear why we’re doing all this.

Overall, this is a good system that replaces the weekly bonuses. I found it really fascinating, and it kept me coming back to the game on weeks that I wouldn’t have played otherwise. However, it needs to be balanced a bit more. And for the record, I passed 70 of the 75 selections required for Master of All, and I thought the last 5 selections were too stupid to attempt.

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Post seasonal challenges: A good system with a flawed execution for a Destiny 2 game.

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