Lirik is fairly probably a reputation you’re acquainted with for those who browse Twitch even casually. You have in all probability observed the determine across the prime rated of quite a few on-line video games however that would extraordinarily properly be the one concern you realize about this Twitch streamer.
Lirik, additionally recognised as Saqib Zahid, is a single of Twitch’s main streamers coming in at nearly two million followers on the time of this creating. As of late he has been having fun with quite a lot of video video games and is popping into one factor of a assortment streamer.
Zahid obtained his get began on Twitch with Setting of Warcraft however ultimately constructed his approach into wrestle royale titles like H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and ultimately Fortnite: Battle Royale.
Right here’s each factor you’ll need to find out about Saqib Zahid, additionally acknowledged as Lirik.

1. Lirik Streams With no a Webcam

Only one issue you don’t see fairly usually with large streamers is not any webcam. A lot of the massive streamers – Ninja, Summit1G, DrDisrespect, and so forth. all stream with webcams and a few of them depend upon the cam to be entertaining.
Not Lirik.
Lirik will depend on fascinating video games and commentary to make his streams attention-grabbing to his viewers. The wide selection of video video games he performs certainly attracts in viewers as he performs well-liked titles like PUBG and Fortnite though additionally shining mild on lesser streamed titles like Kirby and Surviving Mars.
Lirik even seems to protect his true bodily look off his Twitter however he does have an Instagram the place he posts pics of himself, however far more importantly, pictures of his cat. In fact, for every particular person photograph of Lirik there’s dozens of cat photographs.

2. He Has About 2 Million Twitch Followers

With two million followers and counting, Lirik finds himself shut to the highest of Twitch when it comes to follows. It isn’t beautiful to drop right into a Lirik stream and see anyplace amongst 20,000 to 60,000 viewers at any provided time.
As talked about beforehand, Lirik employed to goal on specific on-line video games however he has provided that branched out into fairly a number of totally different recreation titles and genres. While a number of of the sport titles are nonetheless shooters he has dabbled in tactic, RPGs and different genres.
In accordance to Social Blade, Lirik arrives in on the 12th most adopted Twitch channel powering juggernauts like Summit1G, DrDisrespect, Ninja, imaqtpie and different people.

three. Lirik Employs a Highly effective Gaming Laptop computer

A number of Twitch streamers run a efficient Laptop arrange for his or her streaming and Lirik is not any exception. The potential to interact in recreation titles with superior framerates and resolutions allows their stream to seem crisp for viewers.
For on a regular basis streamers this can be a costly choice however some factor the massive streamers can afford to do by way of the additional funds and even sponsorships from Pc system firms.
Proper listed here are the specs for Lirik’s gaming Private pc:

  • CPU: i7-6700Okay
  • GPU: Titan X 12 GB in SLI
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR4
  • Hold monitor of: ASUS ROG Swift
  • Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard
  • Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire FPS Mouse
  • Mousepad: HyperX Fury XL
  • Headset: Audio-Technica M50

Whereas Lirik takes benefit of a CPU that’s now two generations outdated that doesn’t imply it isn’t a powerhouse. Because the drive to rather more cores and extra threads carries on there are nevertheless quite a few holdouts from the Kaby Lake, Skylake and even Haswell chips. These chips are proceed to distinctive for gaming.

four. There’s a Subreddit Devoted to Lirik

Lirik is so massive as a streamer that there’s an full subreddit devoted to the streamer. A swift journey to r/DatGuyLirik on Reddit will present you quite a lot of posts that contain clips from current streams and even discussions asking what your favored stream was.
On the time of making the subreddit as shut to 19,000 subscribers which often means there’s undoubtedly a great distance to go whether it is doubtless to match the sizing of Lirik’s Twitch channel.
Only one fascinating issue concerning the subreddit is that it often takes his Twitch emotes and can permit them to be made use of within the subreddit. On Twitch clients may have to subscribe for get hold of to these however they’re accessible completely freed from value on Reddit.

5. Lirik Has Spoken on The Toll Streaming Will tackle You

Sorry, simply need day without work the world broad net. Will get tiring, mentally, dwelling in meme land each working day. Looking for to work out my subsequent actions in life, modify my routines, uncover my targets, and in the long term uncover what the stage is.
— Lirik (@LIRIK) January 9, 2018
Even with remaining one of the crucial necessary streamers on Twitch and prime rated incomes, Lirik continues to be a human presently being. Many individuals at the moment would really like to carry out video clip video video games for a dwelling however Twitch streaming is so considerably further than that.
Numerous streamers will inform you streaming usually takes devotion and difficult get the job carried out and it doesn’t simply transpire in a single day. Quite a few streamers grinded for many years to get to wherever they’re now and it often takes a toll.
Lirik tweeted in January that he was taking a break since of the psychological toll streaming takes on an individual. He simply claimed to have a burnout however promised to be again once more quickly. Of system he has due to the very fact returned to streaming however Lirik unquestionably isn’t the one streamer to have expertise this.
I am keen on streaming proceed to, give me a 7 days to simply get out of my stoop. I’m questioning of discovering a therapist, look at in-doorway mountaineering, consuming extra wholesome, simply enterprise shit totally different. I’m attempting to alter and I would like time. I would like to be enthusiastic to stream daily and be in an excellent temper, I are not looking for to be trapped in a routine. I’m unwell of perspective rely and sub figures. I want to have to not give a shit any longer. Consistency is necessary to streaming, however there’s this type of situation as being As properly common. I would like to miss out on you fellas, identical to I would like you to overlook me. I do know a “big streamer” taking a prolonged break is un-heard of however fuck it. I’m breaking the mould. Welcome to my planet, I’ve by no means accomplished this prematurely of and by no means know if my channel is heading to get fucked within the lengthy function. However, hey… it’s each that or protect discovering burnt out!
If you would like to research additional about this concern, Lirik posted within the subreddit dedicated to him concerning the state of affairs.

6. Lirik’s Web Actually value is Believed to be North of 1 Million

Web worth is difficult level to observe down for Twitch streamers because the knowledge is just not readily available anywhere like it might probably be for different notable individuals. What we will do is give a tough estimate based mostly on what we see from the surface wanting in.
Lirik started streaming in 2011 and is now an individual the best streamers on the market which no query gross sales alternatives to further funds in his pockets. In accordance to Lirik’s web worthy of is believed to be throughout $1.5 million nevertheless it could possibly be even higher.
The site says he has 1.5 million followers on Twitch however that amount has developed drastically which undoubtedly implies his subscriber rely has grown as properly. In accordance to twitchstats.internet Lirik has 18,232 subscribers on the time of this creating.
Quite a few partnered streamers have a cope with Twitch that allows them to ship family excess of 50 % of the reduce. For the sake of this argument, let’s simply say Lirik earns $three for each membership. This may point out for March 2018 Lirik could have made shut to $55,000 for the month.
Should you select the dollars from the Twitch subscriptions after which improve commercial earnings from each Twitch and YouTube, the sponsorship money and the revenue from donations and you’ve got a great deal of revenue to be made in an individual thirty day interval.

7. Lirik is a Finalist for Esports Streamer of the Yr 2018

Twitch has developed so an excellent deal in the previous couple of a very long time that award reveals at the moment are launched all-around it. So much goes into being named streamer of the yr. Many players are excellent at video clip video games however solely a select couple of are outfitted to go earlier talked about and over and above the join with of duty.
Lirik is a finalist for Esports Streamer of the Calendar yr which is exceptional considering he has accomplished it with out having using a webcam. He won’t win the award however presently being nominated reveals he’s thought-about within the higher echelon of streamers. Curiously, Ninja, Twitch’s present most adopted and most subscribed to channel, just isn’t a finalist.
Followers are able to go to the location proper now and vote for the 11 finalists. DrDisrespect gained the award in 2017 shortly prior to utilizing his break from streaming. You can take a look at this yr’s broadcast Monday, November 12 on Twitch.

eight. Lirik States Be Reliable & Decided To Achieve success as a Streamer

This one specific might come as a little bit of a no brainer nevertheless it’s something that fairly a number of scaled-down streamers wrestle with every day. Outcomes doesn’t happen instantly so once you begin out streaming and are within the one digits when it comes to viewers simply know that fairly a couple of others are far too.
In an job interview with Audio Technica in 2016, Lirik spoke about what it should take to succeed as a streamer.
Be constant. Be decided. Be prepared for discouragement. Actually don’t anticipate to improve to stardom because you place within the ‘effort.’ Any particular person can stream, you’ll need to be on the correct place and the perfect time to make it. Failure and remaining unsuccessful will usually be there and it isn’t primarily given that of you, it’s because the environment is so sporadic and aggressive.
There are in all probability lots of of individuals each working day streaming for the primary time so you’ve got to do one thing to make by yourself standout from them. You may even search at Lirik for inspiration as he doesn’t even use a webcam however is proceed to in a position to be wildly productive.

9. It Took Time For Lirik To Find Reputation

When Lirik began out streaming he was simply your strange gamer. He didn’t happen from a qualifications of aggressive gaming like different streamers had however he instead skilled to do the job to carve a standing for himself.
He carried out a variety of video games on Twitch starting out however his recognition really rocketed when he started actively enjoying DayZ. He then started to get publicity and publicity by participating in conditions just like the Showdown Occasion and the Survivor Recreation titles.
When DayZ broke off into its standalone method Lirik critically shot into stardom. A further issue that might be attributed to his achievements is he was a mod in Towelliee’s channel which led him to beginning to be pleasant with a number of women and men and he took that foundation and went from there.

10. Lirik Has Greater than 250,000 YouTube Subscribers

When quite a few people appear at a Twitch streamers success based mostly on Twitch you even have to simply take into consideration the YouTube channel. YouTube is what a Twitch streamer makes use of to obtain a brand new viewers and even make revenue when not actively streaming.
With 262,645 subscribers on the time of writing and over 20 million views, Lirik is by no implies the main YouTube channel however he does attain a wholesome vary of individuals at present every particular person day. For these who simply cannot seize his streams on a regular basis, YouTube has end up to be the quantity one provide of Lirik content material if you’d like highlights from his earlier streams.
Only one useful issue of YouTube is you’re going to usually see the affluent issues he does in video games as that’s what will attainable be uploaded. When you have been to take a look at a Twitch broadcast you’d attainable see Lirik get killed by different players in Fortnite: Struggle Royale fairly usually however that gained’t be the circumstance on YouTube.

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