San Francisco 49ers field Deebo Samuel trade market interest, but nothing ‘remotely close’ to interesting them

Deebo Samuel is looking to leave the San Francisco 49ers, but it appears no NFL teams are interested in him.

The “Deebo Samuel trade market interest, but nothing ‘remotely close’ to interesting them” is the 49ers field. The team has been interested in trading for a running back, but there are not any players that remotely interest them.

SANTA CLARA (California) – Wide receiver Deebo Samuel is still a member of the San Francisco 49ers two nights into the 2022 NFL draft If things go as planned for the Niners, that will be the case for a long time

After Samuel revealed his trade request to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington last week, this week’s draft became a kind of soft deadline for a deal to be completed.

Despite that desire, San Francisco general manager John Lynch said on Monday that he could not contemplate trading Samuel. The Niners got interest in a trade on Thursday, but nothing pushed Lynch or coach Kyle Shanahan’s imagination to the point where a deal could be made.

Shanahan replied, “You’ll consider anything.” “You have an obligation to assist your company as much is possible, but Deebo is unlike any other player. It’s difficult to understand how that will benefit your company. So you try to look at all of the components of it and what people are willing to do, and nothing came even close to being fair for the Niners.”

According to many sources, the New York Jets were the club that made the most effort to acquire Samuel in a transaction that featured the No. 10 overall selection as well as a pick exchange. The Niners turned down those offers, and the Jets ended up taking Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson with that pick.

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Shanahan addressed the subject for the first time publicly on Friday night. He said he was “surprised” and “disappointed a little bit” by Samuel’s trade request, but noted that these things tend to happen in instances involving contracts.

Shanahan, like Lynch Earlier this week refused to go into detail about what prompted Samuel’s trade request, saying only that “there are a lot of variables that go into it.”

Lynch and Shanahan were hopeful but not positive that the organization and its star receiver/running back could find common ground if Samuel remained on the roster through the draft.

“There are certain things that everyone is wanting to obtain and accomplish,” Shanahan said. “Then you see what you can do and go from there.” “You have the ability to sort out anything. We’ll see what happens; ideally, when it’s all said and done, we’ll get the best deal for the Niners and the best deal for Deebo, which will hopefully be the same, because we’d want to keep going the way we’ve been. But we’re well aware that it’s right in front of us right now.”

There have been a few of developments during the last two nights that might aid in making peace with Samuel. The Tennessee Titans traded receiver A.J. Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night and the Eagles swiftly signed Brown to a four-year, $100 million agreement with $57 million in guaranteed money.

Tory Dandy is Brown’s agent, and he also represents Samuel. At the very least, the deal may serve as a standard for the Niners and Samuel to build from.

“I believe all of these cases are one-of-a-kind,” Lynch added. “You certainly keep up with what’s going on in the league, but we were focused on our own problems. We attempted to do what was in front of us. We think we did, and we feel we can find a way out of this, and everything will be OK. As a result, we’re optimistic.”

The Niners made three selections on Friday, including one in the third round for another running back (LSU’s Tyrion Price-Davis) and a receiver (SMU’s Danny Gray). Both selections met needs, but they might also be considered as a way to relieve some of the pressure on Samuel, who accounted for 28 percent of the Niners’ rushing yards in 2021, the fourth highest in the league.

Shanahan added, “I believe they both can [help with it].” “However, we believed that we needed another running back. We were certain that a speed receiver would be a great addition. There were a lot of other ways the draft might have gone, but right there in the third round, we knew it was the greatest option for our club.”

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