Samurai Warriors 5 Review (PlayStation 4)

Samurai Warriors 5 is a hack and slash game that has been released by Koei Tecmo. The game was developed for the PS4 and Xbox One, and it is now available on both platforms.

samurai warriors 4 review

Samurai Warriors 5 is the most recent installment in the 1 versus 1000 Samurai Warriors franchise, and it serves as a reboot and fresh re-imagining of the series, with an all-new narrative, updated and better character design, and a new visual presentation. The events leading up to the Honn-ji Incident are the subject of Samurai Warriors 5, which is set in a restricted Sengoku time frame. The narrative revolves on Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi in the game.

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Samurai Warriors 5 is a hack-and-slash game in which players are thrown into a particular region and must eliminate all enemies in their path. You’ll gain tasks to complete as you explore different parts of the globe, such as eliminating a particular high-rank officer from another clan. They are, however, marked on the map, making them quite simple to locate after the goal has been activated.

While gamers may equate hack ‘n slash games with button mashing, the game features a surprisingly complex combat system. While you’ll start with the basic weak and strong strikes, you’ll also have a powerful Musou attack that deals more damage and looks fantastic when used. In between missions, you may unlock new attacks and passive abilities that you can assign to different face buttons. To perform the action, hold R1 (on PS4) and hit the appropriate face button; you must perform a huge attack or get a brief attack or defense boost.

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As you defeat enemy clans and accomplish tasks, you’ll be able to acquire new weapons for your character, each with its own set of benefits such as ice or wind. The game also includes a targeting mechanism that only applies to bosses, enabling you to concentrate on them instead of assaulting faceless clan members.

The most annoying aspect of the game is how monotonous the gameplay is. While the creators went above and beyond to provide a robust fighting system with a diverse skill set, it’s all too simple to just press the Strong attack button and demolish everything in your path. It’s not even necessary to use the joystick! As you press away and move by yourself, the protagonist will move and assault constantly. Because bosses immediately block Strong strikes, you’ll have to take a risk with your attacks.

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With its bright cel-shaded graphic style, Samurai Warriors 5 looks fantastic. While opposing clan troops all seem to be the same, bosses are distinctively crafted and readily identifiable among the opponent hordes. The cutscenes are fantastic, but this game might easily have been published on an early eighth-generation system. The music is a fantastic Japanese-inspired score that fits the game’s atmosphere well.

Samurai Warriors 5 is unquestionably one of the greatest gaming experiences of the year. I was having a lot of fun button-mashing my way through swarms of opponents. The game has a wonderful look and feel to it. While it may seem difficult to beginners, it is really very simple to pick up and play. The major issue, though, is that it is repetitious. It’s simple to simply punch your way through the hordes despite having a good weapon and a wide range of fighting options.

The samurai warriors 5 metacritic is a review of the game. It has a score of 72/100, which is considered to be mixed reviews.

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