Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S20 range in the first half of 2020. The first rumors are already out.

As every year, Samsung will be the first to draw its spearhead. After the Galaxy S10 in 2019, we should have a Galaxy S11 in 2020 – or a Galaxy S20 since the name should change. It will be made official at an Unpacked event scheduled for February 11th.

Rumours about the Galaxy S20 will intensify in the coming weeks and have already started. We take stock of what we already know about the smartphone that will launch Samsung’s 2020 year.

The latest rumour: Samsung’s dumpling

February 5, 2020: A leak… by Samsung

With less than a week to go before its presentation, we already know all about the Galaxy S20. And it is not Samsung’s own leak, captured by WinFuture on February 4th, that will sow doubt in our minds. Some official images would have appeared on a European online store. They concern a hull and confirm, once again, the design of the smartphone (hole at the front centered and imposing photo module at the back, arranged in a rectangle).

Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

Samsung leak from the Galaxy S20 // Source : WinFuture

Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

Samsung leak from the Galaxy S20 // Source : WinFuture

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S20

Little by little, the portrait of the Galaxy S20 is being built. We will update these paragraphs to provide a quick summary of the latest rumours about the product.

Design of the Galaxy S20

Will Samsung change a winning team? It didn’t go well, according to renderings released by OnLeaks (via 91Mobiles on November 22). You can see a smartphone with a slightly curved AMOLED display, pierced at the top center to make room for the selfie sensor (as in Note 10). Like the S10, the Galaxy S11 would be available in three versions: S11e (6.3 or 6.4 inches), S11 (6.7 inches) and S11+ (6.9 inches).

At the back, there is a photo device articulated around a quintuple sensor set in a protruding rectangle. This is different from the square of the iPhone 11 and Google’s Pixel 4, but the spirit is similar with a grouping in the top left corner.

The performance of the Galaxy S20

Samsung has already unveiled its future state-of-the-art mobile processor, the Exynos 990, in a press release issued on October 24, 2019. Engraved in 7 nm, it is more efficient than its predecessor (+20%), can support a 108 megapixel photo sensor and is capable of powering a 120 Hz screen (for better visual comfort thanks to a better fluidity of the whole).

Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

Samsung Exynos 990 processor // Source : Samsung

This 120 Hz screen and 108 megapixel sensor could therefore be found on the S11 range, at least on the most expensive models.

In short, don’t worry too much about the performance of the Galaxy S11 range, which would still rely on an on-screen fingerprint sensor for unlocking.

The Galaxy S20 Camera

Samsung has partnered with Xiaomi to develop a 108-megapixel photo sensor, announced last August. There is every reason to believe that it will be integrated into the high-end phones of 2020, which materialized in a huge leap forward from the S10’s 12-megapixel sensor. In addition to the phone’s rendering, 91mobiles specifies that the following features could be integrated: x5 optical zoom, technology similar to Deep Fusion (improved low-light shots) or 8K recorded videos. A final rumour also evokes an ultra wide-angle and time-of-flight sensor to better manage depth of field.

Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

Samsung 108 megapixel sensor // Source: Samsung

Galaxy S20 pricing and availability

The Galaxy S10 range was launched in France in March 2019. This should be the case for the Galaxy S11 with more or less similar rates: about 800 euros for the S11e, 950 euros for the S11 and 1,050 euros for the S11+. Will there be 5G declinations? That’s the big question.

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Rumors about the Galaxy S20

December 6, 2019: we know a little more about the photo section

The first renderings of the Galaxy S11 on the run showed a smartphone with a particularly loaded back. There is a huge rectangle that houses many sensors. On December 6, 2019, Bloomberg thinks he knows what all these openings will be for.

The Galaxy S11 should be equipped with a 108 megapixel sensor for its main camera and will be accompanied by an ultra-wide-angle sensor and a 5x telephoto lens. The increased framing possibilities are a strength for modern high-end devices: that’s what appeals to us about the iPhone 11 Pro. It is today, for the manufacturers, the best way to stand out from the competition that would not make this effort, so much the photo on mobile has become good, even on models sold much cheaper (randomly, the Pixel 3a from Google).

December 31, 2019: name change for Galaxy S11?

What if Galaxy S11 wasn’t called… Galaxy S11? This is suggested by a tweet from the founder of props manufacturer Shnailcase, published on December 30, 2019. Where we find out that Samsung’s next flagship could be named Galaxy S20. The change is understandable since it would symbolize the transition to the new decade.

He mentions three models:

  • Galaxy S20 with a 6.2-inch screen;
  • Galaxy S20+ with a 6.7-inch screen;
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra with a 6.9-inch screen.

January 13, 2020: S11 would be called S20

The name change is confirmed for Galaxy S11. In an article published on January 12, XDA Developers shared a photo of the supposed Galaxy S20+ 5G (from a source that prefers to remain anonymous). The move to the 2020s would therefore mean a name change for Samsung’s high-end phone.

In addition, XDA Developers evokes a slightly less curved screen than those of the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

January 15, 2020: a 120 Hz screen for the S20?

On January 14, 2020, XDA-Developers struck again by sharing some information on the Galaxy S20+ datasheet, starting with the presence of a 120 Hz screen (ensuring better fluidity). A picture shows the parameters that would allow to switch from the 60 Hz (standard) option to 120 Hz. A priori, this higher refresh rate could not be used in WQHD+ mode. It seems to be limited to FHD+ definition, probably for autonomy reasons (despite a large 4,500 mAh battery).

Furthermore, XDA-Developers indicates that the Galaxy S20+’s display would offer a 3200 x 1440 pixel resolution (compared to 2960 x 1440 pixels for the S10+). A change in the ratio would then be observed with a shift to 20:9 (as opposed to 19:9).

Finally, the Galaxy S20+ would still rely on a fingerprint sensor under the screen with ultrasonic technology, and it would abandon the jack port. In this generation, it’s still there.

Samsung Galaxy S20: price, release date, features everything the on knows

Samsung Galasy S20 and its 120 Hz screen // Source : XDA-Developers

This article was originally published on 25 November 2019.

Article originally published on 25 November 2019