Saint Malo – Ille-et-vilaine (35400)

The opinion of Yoan Martin (Bretagne)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Fresh Air

Hello everyone. A simple problem: how can we sell the sea air of Saint-Malo, its luxury thalasso, knowing that the air is daily (24/7) ultra-polluted by the two chemical industry poles?

What I like about SAINT MALO Its architecture, the rest is good for tourists – piggy banks.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO air pollution Surprisingly, no health authority is concerned about this problem. For my part, I won’t set foot there anymore and I’ll let the Internet users passing by there observe the pretty black or greyish clouds in the sky. Good tourism to all.

(January 2014)


The opinion of Vincent Lambris (Troyes)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Never live there again for me

Saint malo for holidays yes! I certainly don’t want to live there! I strongly advise against it! I came to live there and stayed only 6 months! Be careful, the police don’t hesitate to tell you that you are not welcome when you see your vehicle registration number outside the reflexion department. You have to have the Breton nationality to be accepted! No more Brittany for me.

What I like in SAINT MALO The beach within the walls the beautiful landscape.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO The inhabitants, a town with a bourgeois population, put to rate the non-Breton, the chip shop everywhere town beaches its wastes the landscape of the sea.

(January 2014)


The opinion of Géraldine Bouchard (Saint-malo)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Why live in Saint-Malo

Life in Saint-Malo is mostly reserved for the people who work there and have a home and friends.

What I like about SAINT MALO The microclimate and the sudden changes of weather in a day, the walks and the history of the town.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Too much difference in the number of people between high and low season. The incoherence of the cleanliness of the streets and avenues of the old town with other districts. Too much favouritism for the old town.

(December 2013)


The opinion of Daniel Petit (Avignon)

on the city of SAINT MALO


Ridiculous anti-smoking beach

Too bad the town hall only has a smoking problem on the ridiculous beach freedom equality fraternity let’s not forget!

What I like about SAINT MALO Now we’re tired of being forced to smoke while hiding on the beach and we’re going to a more serious town.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Lack of Young People in the town hall and these ridiculous rules also take away the alcohol from the discotheque and the advertisements so no more young people at all.

(August 2013)


The opinion of Malouinhonteux Tasd\’Escrocs (Saint-malo)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Nothing wrong with a lot of comments…

Nice city when you know where to go for a walk to be quiet, afterwards for the walkabout wait for the wek-end or the summer…

What I like in SAINT MALO The beaches, the tides, the old cobblestones not yet stolen, the st-cast slabs when they don’t end up in the gardens of the privileged, the walks on the ramparts, the history of the city, the lazy people’s corner, the liars’ corner,

the tourists who complain about being mugged in the street of the food it’s always funny when you see them not smell the gravel before entering a restaurant…

I like alcoholics who put pressure on the old man to get out of the way when they don’t come to rest in a city or a touristic area. In fact, if I had to say what I like in Saint-Malo, I’d have to live it to understand it better, that’s all I grew up in the mature, long family tradition.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO So let’s move on to this: the pseudo malouins who yell at the tourists when it is their source of income, the rue jacques cartier which embalms the city with its ravishing and very salient smell of greasy chips and gravel, the politics of profit, the closing of my old college to house privileged Parisians, the looting of the paved site which disappears have no idea where for tar the virgins stolen from the houses, the bosses who take us for monkeys and pay us peanuts while they steal from tourists with impunity, the lack of animation, the dying city, the snares-mounted, the dogs prohibited from beaches while they are cleaner than people (besides the city loses of its soul the dogs of the mouth have never had any worries) the fishermen who dredge the coasts has less than 3 miles and degrade the seabed, no longer being able to run on the rocks without slipping (green algae) pay to visit the little baby then the anything! And I’m going to go on and on and the best ladies and gentlemen before coming to Saint-Malo do not be stingy because you may spend your holidays paying for parking and cut your budget until you buy you a poor fried mussels from Spain and try to cram yourself on 2 m² of sand hoping to have good weather at the rendezvous.

(April 2013)


The opinion of Antoine (Grenoble)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Lack of young people

I often go to Saint-Malo for the summer holidays but also in winter or.

In the fall because I have family living there. The city is enough.

Pleasant and going there in the off-season allows you to walk quietly in.

The old town without being surrounded by battalions of tourists.

What I like in SAINT MALO The sea, the beach, the intramurals, the creperies. It’s the right place for.


What I don’t like about SAINT MALO There is no doubt about it, the population of the city is largely

Made up of retirees and we see very few young people. Just go.

Off-season tourist season to find out. I don’t feel like it.

That much be done to attract young people and encourage.

They moved into the city.

(June 2012)


The opinion of Le Malouin (St Malo)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Why there is more animation

If there is more animation it’s because of the pensioners who complained about the noise that there is in the summer saying that they come to rest quietly. That is also why the population is getting older and older, because nothing is being done for the young and also because it is becoming more and more difficult to find work and decent housing that is not too expensive. I’ve lived there since I was born.

What I love about SAINT MALO The beach, the spirit of sharing, sunset on the sea.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Too many tourists to be able to enjoy the beach in the summer, lack of interest from the municipality for young active people.

(May 2012)


The opinion of Mozart (Paris)

on the city of SAINT MALO


One of the most beautiful cities in France

Living in Paris, I’ve already come to spend my summer holidays 4 times in Saint Malo and I’m going to go back there. Moreover, I plan to buy either a house very close to the intramurals or an apartment in the intramurals.

What I like about SAINT MALO The inner city and its ramparts. The flat of the furrow. The beautiful villa malouines on the furrow and on the avenue charles de gaulle. The history of the city. The evil spirit. The stability of the temperatures, which are slightly cool.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Nothing at the moment.

(November 2011)


The opinion of T. L.b. (Saint-Malo)

on the town of SAINT MALO



Saint-malo I’ve been living there for 18 years and for 18 years I’ve never got tired of enjoying saint-malo : don’t come in summer when the city is full of tourists, you have to come when they’re not there anymore, that’s where the beauty of saint-malo is revealed… The maze of streets of intramuralsle sunset on the beach bon secour a morning stroll on the dyke su furrow is not more beautiful than that.

What I like about SAINT MALO The setting, the history, the life.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO The old age of the population, the tourists.

(September 2011)


The opinion of Anthony (Rennes)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Lifeless city, empty restaurants and bistros, …

What have you done with the great festive Saint Malo of yesteryear? I’ve never seen such a sad city in the middle of tourist season! Have you set up a traders’ association? If this is the case, it will be urgent to renew and rejuvenate the whole team, because it’s lamentable to leave such a beautiful city without life, without animation. After 6pm it’s hen’s night in the old town, everybody sleeps! What a waste! I guess you’re run by a right-wing municipality to make it that cold.

What I like about SAINT MALO The exceptional site as a whole (exterior and interior).

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Where is the youth? Animation: music, street shows, sound and lights? Where’s life? The streets are invaded by terraces with half-empty plastic tarpaulins for creperies sandwich shops mussels kebab.

(July 2011)


The opinion of Nicolas Gougat (Chantilly)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Nice but…

Beautiful city, unfortunately living on its own. Its historical heritage! Bad politics and mismanagement of the city for the last 20 years… Tourism takes precedence, we don’t pay much attention to the malouins and their problems. Results, ultra-aging population, constant flight, 25-30 year olds. Saint malo, has become an open-air retirement home! A very worrying situation…

What I like about SAINT MALO The sea, the beach, the ramparts, the sea spray, the restaurants, the wild coast…

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO All tourism…

(June 2011)


The opinion of Bertrand (Bordeaux)

on the city of SAINT MALO



Good-sized town located on the most beautiful part of the French coast. Fresh waters but turquoise much more attractive than the waters of the Charentes Maritimes, brown. Multiplicity of neighbourhoods and atmospheres, with the addition of a dinard just a stone’s throw away. True historical past It is the exact opposite of the southern seaside cities, which are shallow, polluted and subject to the vagaries of the climate.

What I like about SAINT MALO Real city on the sea, climate much milder than it is said. Incomparable beauty of the coast, calm and lively at the same time, serene and maritime atmosphere, numerous festivals. Huge potential to be tapped again.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Intramuros a little too touristy! Learn about st servan and paramedics… Lack of bicycle paths. Lack of a real cinema-theatre centre.

(June 2011)


The opinion of Hélène (Honfleur)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Popular city, no standing.

Beauty of the coast and the open sea.

What I like in SAINT MALO The beach of the furrow for walks and the marine thermal baths for accommodation, treatments, light meals and the piano bar in the evening.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO The inside of the citadel to avoid: city mussels fried beer with the customers who go with it.

(May 2011)


The opinion of Pierre Gourves (Lancieux)

on the town of SAINT MALO


Ma Bro!

Saint Malo is a beautiful historical city, which has quite a history! Built by two saints from Brittany and Wales, it was a republic, a privateer’s landmark,… It was destroyed, burned down and then rebuilt identically. Saint Servan, just next door, gives a completely different style with its commercial paces. A Nice Place to live as much as to visit, for sure!

What I like about SAINT MALO The ramparts, the evenings, the beaches, the port.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO The aging intramural population, the lack of dynamism in winter, the casino.

(April 2011)


The opinion of Estelle (Paris)

on the town of SAINT MALO



We were supposed to spend 10 days vacation here, we left much earlier. Direction the island of Re.

What I like in SAINT MALO The castle, the emerald coast.

What I don’t like about SAINT MALO Empty streets and restaurants during the holidays! No town center? Old-fashioned souvenir shops made in china, shops selling biscuit tins and industrial tins, crisps, etc.

(April 2011)


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