Fans were dumbfounded and excited when recently the news came that Sony Pictures was going to develop a live adaptation of the popular manga series One Punch Man. The same fans wondered who would play the lead role of Saitama, and now the new fan art Deadpool and the 6-star underground Ryan Reynolds in the role of a bald superhero with almighty punch.

@VancityReynolds as #Saitama. That’s a great fan poster.

– 3 Hokages Podcast (@3hokages Podcast) 16. May 2020.

The painting shows Ryan Reynolds, courtesy of the Reddit Zarting user, in a relaxed cross-handled pose typical of the One Punch Man, and immerses him in a recognizable yellow and red outfit with a white cape. The artist also removed Reynolds’ beautiful head, as was necessary for One Punch Man, with his beautiful and brilliant bald head, which is perhaps even more synonymous with the character than the incredible punch from which the series takes its name. Although Reynolds is one of the handsomest men in Hollywood, his eyes even manage to surprise his enemies as discreetly as Saitama’s with his amazing abilities.

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Reynolds is undoubtedly witty and talented, as he has shown most of his skills as Merc with a mouth in the Dead Poole franchise. He will certainly bring this charisma and personality into the role of Saitama, and since the actor has already shaved his head for the antihero Marvel, he is clearly not afraid to feel the wind on his scalp.

The One Punch Man news showed that the script will be written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. In recent years, the duo has become a big favourite with Sony, both of whom are working on the Venom project, which has generated $856 million worldwide. They also worked together on the two Jumanji cases: Welcome to Jungle and Jumanji: The next step, which was a huge financial and studio success.

Apart from the fact that adaptation is a living act, only a few details have been mentioned so far. At the moment there is no information on who would be considered as director, but Avi Arad and Ari Arad were founded to produce Arad Productions through their company.

For those who don’t know: One Punch Man is a comedy series about a superhero named Saitama who, as his name suggests, is able to literally defeat any enemy with a single punch. Often this defeat ends with the explosion or sending the opponents into space. Saitama has acquired these skills, trained so long that he lost his hair and now has a perfect, shiny, bald head. Because of his total dominance on the battlefield, Saitama finds himself in an existential crisis and misses his superhero concert, waiting for a worthy opponent to challenge him. On the way he takes a student with him in the form of a 19-year-old Genoese cyborg with his own dramatic story.

The series is completely absurd, Saitama’s enemies include a humanoid crab called Crablante, who has mutated after eating too many shells and mussels. The series drives away the fun on the track that can often be found in superhero, anime, manga and blockbuster stories and, if adapted properly, should be a great movie adventure. This came from a Reddit Zarting user.

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Ryan Reynolds is the One Punch Man on the Fan-Made Movie Poster
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