A few months after the success of The Invisible Man, the Universiade continues with Wolfmann and Ryan Gosling as the star of the classic monster film. Universal executives have reportedly hired Gosling to make a film about monsters, and the search for a director is underway. Different names would not have clear leadership at the moment, but the mix would include the name Cory Finley with the bad parenting helmet. If the star is there, the project seems to be on the right track, so the situation regarding the director is likely to change soon. At the time of writing, Universal refused to comment on the reports.

Orange is the new black writer Lauren Shuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo wrote the scenario for the new Wolfman, based on an original script by Ryan Gosling. The details of this particular story are not confirmed, but rumor has it that the film was shot in the present and in the spirit of the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Night Slider, with a clearly supernatural twist. One can assume that this story also follows a person who turns into a werewolf and may or may not attack others, because this is after all a film about the classic Wooflman.

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Universal originally planned to set up a large network of cinemas, similar to MCU (also known as Monserver), when Mummy and Tom Cruise was released in 2017. Unfortunately the film exploded at the box office and the critics panicked everywhere. Since then Universal has taken a new direction, his monster films are progressing and prefer simpler stories from visionary filmmakers on a much more modest budget. The studio has already had a lot of success with this strategy, starting with Invisible Man by writer and director Lee Wannell this year. So it’s no wonder other Universal Monsters films are coming out soon.

The first image of the werewolf in London dates from 1935, when Henry Hull stared at a hairy creature. Later Lon Chaney Jr. became famous under the title Monster when the studio released Wolf Man in 1941; shortly afterwards he met Bela Lugosi in the role of Frankenstein’s Monster in a cross-over encounter with Wolf Man. Recently, Benicio del Toro’s legendary monster in the 2010 film Wolf, shot by Joe Johnston, but like the Mummy, the film was inundated with negative reviews from critics after its release and failed as a box office bomb.

If Gosling’s new film, Invisible Man, is something like Invisible Man, then it’s a fresh look at the classic story that’s worth seeing. Already it seems that social networks are attracting a lot of interest from fans, so the expectation for the next film is growing rapidly. More updates on the project are likely to be available soon, and it’s only a matter of time before the director of the film is appointed. This is the first time Varieta has heard this message.

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Ryan Gosling is the Wolfman of Universal
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