Rune Factory 5: All Materials Drop List

This is a list of all materials that can drop from enemies in Rune Factory 5. It also includes where the material drops, and what type it is.

The “rune factory 5 material list” is a list of all the materials that can be found in Rune Factory 5.

Maliketh, The Black Blade is one of Elden Ring’s primary bosses, and you’ll face him in the game’s final act. You’ll be created in the Crumbling Farum Azula after setting fire to Erdtree, where you’ll confront Maliketh. Simply travel up the steps on the bridge to enter the Boss Fight Area, which is located beside the Great Bridge Site of Grace.

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The Maliketh boss battle has two phases: the first phase features Maliketh, Beast Clergyman, while the second phase features Maliketh, The Black Blade. He is aggressive and speedy in both phases, but he has several weak places to which we will explain how to do maximum damage to him in certain areas throughout the battle.

Beast Clergyman is the first phase.

As the Beast Clergyman, you’ll face him in the initial phase. We’ll concentrate on a few assaults, but first, he’ll launch a torrent of attacks. You should not be concentrating on avoiding these assaults; instead, evade them and attack him from behind. The strike when he lifts his hands all the way up to his head and smashes down should be your first priority. He has two of these attacks. The first is where he slams with his dagger hand, so you simply need to roll and score a fast hit on him when he does this. He’ll now raise his other hand, which isn’t holding the dagger, off the ground and perform an AoE strike. So you may roll the slam and strike, then roll again and attack as he lifts his hand to make the slash.

If you have a heavy weapon, you can strike once after rolling to be safe, but if you have a lighter weapon, you can hit many times. Other than that, he generally just makes a side jump rock throw, so anticipate that and just roll close to him and swipe at him. You can also block it, but it will inflict some damage to you, so evading and going into him to deliver damage is preferable. Now, the final assault I want you to pay attention to is when he smashes the dagger into his side and then swipes and brings it up. Now, while he’s making this assault, if you can sidestep in the opposite direction he’s slamming, you’ll be directly behind him and can easily hit him twice with a heavy weapon without taking any damage.

The final thing you want to do now is summon one of the summon spirits before the second phase begins, which will begin when his health is dropped to 50 hp. You may call whatever spirit you like; in my scenario, I selected marionettes since bows and arrows shoot everywhere and constantly, which is really beneficial. Simply move behind the pillar towards the middle and call spirits, so that when the second phase starts, your spirit will attack Maliketh right away and do harm to him.

Maliketh, The Black Blade (Phase 2)

As a result, he transforms from Beast Clergyman to Maliketh, The Black Blade, in phase two. Make sure you’re completely healed before starting this phase, since you’ll need to be aggressive in this one. So, once the phase begins, he’ll continue his steady leap assault, giving you the opportunity to get a fast shot or two in. The second strike where you may hit him for free is when his body is near to the ground and he makes an overhead slash, in which case you can just roll into him and earn a free hit.

The other attack you’ll witness is when he slams his sword to the ground, explodes, and then jumps back. Now, the distance he jumps after the sword blast is very constant, so this will work to your advantage. Following the explosion, you may dash to the predetermined spot and fire two bullets at him. The first one occurs as he descends, and the second occurs as he lands. With the heavy weapon in hand, you can almost certainly strike him once, therefore you’ll want to score a hit after he does this assault.

Now he has a move in which he leaps into the air and launches three waves of blade slashes before diving in for the fourth strike. If one of these strikes hits you, you’ll start losing health for a while, and you won’t be able to prevent it, so your only choice is to evade it without being struck. So, while he’s executing this attack, get behind a pillar and three of his blade slashes will be stopped by the pillar, and then he’ll rush for the fourth strike, and all you have to do is roll out of the slash. Also, if you want to heal, just move behind the pillar and stand at a safe distance from it; he uses an AoE attack that has a range, so they may catch you and you’ll start losing health.

The other attack you should pay attention to is when he spins his sword around 360 degrees and slams it to the ground, causing an AoE attack that is similar to a rapid-fire attack. You can just go back, but be careful because it has some range and can catch you while you’re dodging it, and if you get hit by it, you’ll probably lose 80% of your health. The preferable method is to roll into him and behind him since there will be a pause when you may strike him two times as he spins.

You can strike him with the other attack where he performs the two horizontal sweeps by rolling into him and getting a hit or two on him while he is conducting the assault. The second move you may use on him is quite similar to the first one we described; however, instead of being prone, he will rise up on his hind legs and do a vertical slam down slash. This is a fantastic moment to get some hits in on him since you can do a lot of damage.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about this monster, his attacks, and the weak locations where you can strike him and inflict damage. Now all you have to do is attack him when the timing is perfect, and don’t be too aggressive since he may catch you off guard. Simply heal behind the pillar whenever you need to.


You’ll obtain his memories after killing Maliketh, The Black Blade, and then you may head to the Finger Reader Enia in the Roundtable area to get Maliketh, The Black Blade’s weapon. The Black Blade magic may also be obtained by remembering the Black Blade.

The “rune factory 5 crystal shards ” is a list of all the materials in the game. The list includes items like weapons, armor, and more.

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