Rmc Sport Dbarque on Ps4, Here’s How to Watch the Champions League

Maj. November 9, 2018 at 16:53 min.

RMC Sport is entitled to its application on PS4. Altice-SFR and Sony have entered into a partnership and it is now possible to watch the Champions League from your console. Very practical when you are not a box SFR subscriber and you are entitled to subscribe to the 100% digital offer but you want to enjoy the bouquet on your TV.

rmc sport ps4

During Paris Games Week, Altice-SFR and Sony announced the availability of the RMC Sport application directly on PS4. This is already available on the PlayStation Store and allows subscribers to watch the Champions League or other programmes from all the channels in the package (RMC Sport 1 to 4, RMC Sport News, RMC Sport 1 UHD, RMC Sport Live 5 to 16) from their console. Convenient for PS4 owners, whereas subscribing to RMC Sport when you are an Orange, Free, Bouygues box customer is not very intuitive.

An RMC Sport application for PS4

To watch RMC Sport via the PS4 app, here’s how to proceed :

  • Download and install the RMC Sport application from the PlayStation Store.
  • Enter the application and subscribe to the 100% digital offer proposed by Altice (this can also be done from the official website). 19 per month (‘9 for SFR box customers) with no commitment, or for one year (‘168 per month).

rmc sport digital

  • Just like watching the Champions League in streaming on RMC Sport, all you have to do is log in to your account on the PS4 app and choose the channel you want to watch.

rmc sport application

For some users, there is no doubt that this solution is more exciting than having to go through a Chromecast or Android TV box to be able to watch RMC Sport on TV. A small feature of the PS4 app, the Expert Zone feature “allows you to live a new enriched experience using the PlayStation 4 controller: team compositions, match statistics, scores on other pitches and live rankings”, according to the joint press release published by Sony and SFR. As for the other solutions, it is also possible with the Restart option to restart a program up to 8 hours after its broadcast or to find it in replay the next day.

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