Rmc Sport, All About the Football Fan Bouquet

RMC Sport, a package available at SFR-Altice, Canal+ and in streaming

RMC Sport is originally an exclusive to SFR. The bouquet is created on June 7, 2016 under the name SFR Sport, taking over the former MCS channels added to the Premier League rights. It is then composed of 5 channels, SFR Sport 1, 2, 3, 4K and 5. On February 1, 2018, a new channel was created, SFR Sport 4, before the complete change from SFR Sport to RMC Sport on July 3, 2018 following the acquisition of the European football competitions. The bouquet is now made up of 6 channels with the integration of BFM Sport on 8 August 2018, RMC Sport 1, 2, 3, 4, News and UHD. However, the old offers without the European competitions are kept as RMC Sport Access 1, Access 2 and Access 3.

On 30 May 2018, the future RMC Sport bouquet – launched on 3 July – is presented by Altice France at a conference. This five-channel package is based on RMC’s sports programmes. RMC Sport 1, the main channel, broadcasts European football, and daily the Super Moscato Show, which has been broadcast on RMC since 2007. RMC Sport 2 broadcasts European and French basketball, the Diamond League and English rugby. RMC Sport 3 focuses mainly on horse riding and extreme sports, RMC Sport 4 offers boxing and MMA with the UFC in exclusivity. Finally, the sports news channel BFM Sport becomes RMC Sport News, with broadcasts from RMC, Team Duga, After Foot, Les Grandes Gueules du Sport and RMC Sport Show.

For its launch in June 2016, the channel line-up is available exclusively to SFR subscribers via SFR TV or Numericable TV. Since August 2017, the channels have also been available as an option on the Fransat satellite service on channels 34 to 37 and since September 18, 2018 for Canal+ satellite subscribers on channels 137 to 141. Since November 15, 2016, RMC Sport (formerly SFR Sport) channels are also available in a new 100% Digital offer in OTT (no SFR subscription required). The broadcast is streamed via the RMC Sport application available on smartphone, tablet and computer, with broadcast on TV via Chromecast or AirPlay, but also on Android TV since May 2017 and Apple TV since December 2017.

RMC Sport: subscription packages from €9 per month

The RMC Sport package is not offered at the same price by all operators. Thus, SFR-Altice fixed and mobile subscribers can subscribe for only EUR 9 per month. Existing Canal+ subscribers can also subscribe for EUR 9. La Poste Mobile and Coriolis fixed-line Internet subscribers can take advantage of the package for 15 euros per month. New Canal+ subscribers, SFR RED subscribers and ordinary people will have to pay 19 euros per month.

RMC Sport is free for subscribers to the offer. Canal Integral. Canal Intégrale integrates all the channels of the Canal+ Group, BeIn Sports, Eurosport and now RMC Sport. And is therefore the only way to be sure not to miss any football matches.note that satellite access (Canal+) requires the installation of a satellite dish, the rental of a decoder (6 euros per month) and a 12-month commitment.

Of course, if your ISP or operator does not offer RMC Sport, it is possible to subscribe to a special box at SFR or to subscribe directly via the application and stream the video stream to your TV, if it is not a connected smart TV.

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