Riverdale Recap: Everything You Missed in “Return of the Pussycats”

Most of what you need to know for the first episode of Riverdale season 2 was revealed in the first trailer for the CW show’s fall premiere. But if you still want to catch up on the 2017 Netflix drama, “Riverdale” recap, episode 1, “Chapter Twenty-One”, you can read up on what’s happening in the first half of the season.

Riverdale is a CW show now on Netflix, and it’s one of those shows where you might need a recap if you don’t remember what happened. So, here’s a recap: Veronica and Betty find themselves in a bit of a pickle. They’re both arrested and interrogated for the murder of Jason Blossom. Betty is Betty, and she breaks out of jail to evade the authorities and find the real killer. Veronica is Veronica and she breaks out of jail to look for the real killer. In the end, Veronica and Betty each make a surprising discovery about who killed Jason.

The CW’s “Riverdale” is back for a second season, and so far it’s proving to be even more addictive than the first. “The Return of the Pussycats” proved to be a whirlwind of shocking twists and cliffhanger moments, so here’s your recap to catch you up on everything that happened.


Riverdale’s fifth season was undoubtedly full with shocks, particularly after the series’ multi-year time leap was completely implemented. The return of Josie and the Pussycats has been one of the most talked-about aspects of this season, and we finally got to see what that meant today. We’re here to help you catch up on the most important facts and stories from Riverdale’s most recent episode. The greatest surprises and Easter eggs from “Chapter Ninety-One: Return of the Pussycats” are listed below. Obviously, there are spoilers for Riverdale’s Season 5, Episode 15 “Chapter Ninety-One: Return of the Pussycats” below! If you really want to know, just look!


Melody creates a narrative about the Pussycats’ disintegration and reunification. Val toasts Melody on her accomplishment as a published author, whose debut book is being considered for adaptation into a film, during a home party. Val, who is now employed as a barista, has shown interest in playing the lead in the film, but Melody claims that the studio is looking for a larger star. Val, on the other hand, is debating with her partner about whether or not they want to marry.


Josie is now a successful music singer who arrived in Riverdale after disappearing during a stop on her worldwide tour. Josie runs into Tabitha and sings “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” while reminiscing about her Riverdale days. While singing at the Five Seasons, Josie receives a noise complaint from Hiram, but she ignores him. Weatherbee offers to let Josie use the music room at Riverdale High in return for her teaching a music lesson. Archie invites her to the Wyte Wyrm after she gives the lesson. She accepts and asks Val and Melody to accompany her. Josie accuses the rest of the group of treating her badly in high school over drinks at the Wyte Wyrm. She runs into Sweet Pea as she exits Pop’s and the two hook up. Josie meets Val and Melody at the Wyte Wyrm the following morning and invites them to participate on one of her new album’s songs. Melody sings “Physical” and Val sings “Make Me” when Josie wonders whether they’re still performing. They confront her about her abandonment of both of them, and she apologizes.


Sierra reunites with Josie, and the two discuss why she vanished: she’d discovered that her father had died of a heart attack just before coming on stage. Melody later informs Val that she rejected down the movie contract because Val would not be able to feature in it. When Melody and Val learn of Josie’s father’s death, they go to console her. The three of them agree to perform a one-night-only reunion performance to generate money for Riverdale’s re-incorporation. They put on a performance and sing a mix of tunes. Toni goes into labor during the performance, and Fangs and Cheryl assist her in giving birth to a baby boy.


Josie later invites Melody and Val to join her on a tour, and they accept. They leave on their tour, and Toni’s kid, Tony, is presented to everyone. Sweet Pea offers to join the trip as a bus driver after Val and Melody bid their goodbyes to their significant ones. Then a singer called Toots Sweets appears and claims that Josie’s father was killed, prompting Josie to propose that the tour go to New Orleans to investigate.

Meanwhile, Tabitha approaches Veronica for assistance in franchising Pop’s, but Veronica is unable to do so at this time owing to her financial difficulties with Chad. Alexandra Cabot later meets with Veronica and demands for the money she loaned to Chad, and Veronica uses the Pop’s brand to her advantage. Veronica convenes a meeting between Tabitha and Alexandra, and Alexandra accepts on the condition that Pop’s be transformed into a “singing restaurant.” “Little Shop of Horrors” is performed by Alexandra, Tabitha, and Toni. Later, Alexandra proposes certain modifications to Pop’s, but Tabitha is adamant about not implementing them, so they decide to franchise without them.




Riverdale airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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