If you have a PS4, go on your way. With this new trailer, our assumptions about Microsoft’s total exclusivity on this game are verified: Rise of The Tomb Raider will only be released on Xbox One (at least for a limited time!) Well, now, let’s enjoy this famous trailer.

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The Revelations

If this trailer is not super generous, it still shows us some important elements of the next Tomb Raider. Already Lara’s parents will be mentioned (who said again?). True spiritual guides and role models, they died for their passion, discovery. So inevitably, Lara Croft decides to climb a mountain, takes an avalanche and survives to reach the summit. As you can see, the history of the game is still quite mysterious. And, if no gameplay video is available, the cinematic displays superb graphics quality. While remaining totally faithful to the traditional aesthetics of the saga.


A disappointing exclusivity

So yes, after seeing the video, we’re eager to get (back) into the world of the sexy version of Nathan Drake. But, for a large proportion of consumers, this will unfortunately be impossible. Microsoft has confirmed its exclusivity and does not seem to be willing to leave even crumbs to its rival Sony (at least for a certain period of time). While some people dream of getting out of the friendzone, Sony would give anything to get into Microsoft’s friendzone. The loss of a stock such as Tomb Raider will have major economic consequences, particularly on PS4 sales. But hey, we trust them to fight back!

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