Rise of Kingdoms – Alliance Guide: How To Join, Create, Change, Etc.

alliance system in Rise of Kingdoms is an important part of the game, as most of the game revolves around fighting with your alliance members and expanding your alliance territory.

Membership in the Alliance offers a number of benefits, including access to the Alliance Store, Alliance Battles, and Fans.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need about the Alliance system in Rise of Kingdoms!

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What is a trade union?

An alliance in Rise of Kingdoms is a group of allied players who fight together and help each other.

In Rise of Kingdoms, an alliance is a more advanced guild system, a brotherhood that you can join or establish.

As a member of an alliance, you can play with multiple people and invite friends to share the fun in all its forms.

The game mechanics are completely changed when you join an alliance, giving you an incredible gaming experience.

The growth of your civilization is fundamentally linked to the alliance, and one of the most important tasks in Rise of Kingdoms is to become part of the alliance, participate in its activities and grow it.

You can expand your alliance by building flags, forts and capturing neutral buildings (shrines, lost temples, altars, shrines and passes).

The area the alliance owns is color coded so it’s clear who controls it.

When you play in the area, you get rewards, such as. B. Improved gathering speed, increased damage to alliance enemies, and improved defense.

It depends on how advanced the technology in your alliance is.

How to join an alliance

As a new player, you should focus on joining the alliance and increasing your power.

Given all the benefits of membership, we encourage you to join the Alliance as soon as possible.

Once you have found an alliance with active players that you would like to join, you will need to submit an application to join the alliance.

To join an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, click on the menu button at the bottom right of the screen, click on the alliance icon, click JOIN, and select the alliance you want to join from the list.

All alliances operate on a demand or affiliate basis. You can join membership-based alliances by simply selecting them and clicking Join.

You must apply to an alliance that is in the application phase and be accepted by the alliance leader.

At the beginning of the game, we recommend that you only join an alliance based on membership, as it can be difficult to join an alliance that should accept you in the first place.

In general, alliances that are at the application level are stronger and more established alliances.

Once you are a member of an alliance, take advantage of the benefits offered to you.

Once admitted to the Alliance, you should be proactive and help other Alliance members if they need help, and participate in existing Alliance activities – both for the good of the Alliance and yourself.

How to create an alliance

Some players do not want to join an existing alliance in the game.

They prefer to create a new one that they control.

There are a few requirements you must meet if you want to be a part of it:

  • You must have the Alliance Center building.
  • You must have 500 gems.

To create an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, click on the menu button at the bottom right of the screen, click on the alliance icon, then click CREATE.

In the ring creation screen, you need to customize the ring by giving it a name, a label, an announcement, and a flag.

It’s a good idea to indicate in the ad which players you are looking for, what you expect from them and what language is spoken in your alliance.

  • Name: This should be the main name of your alliance. Language: Do you want the players to speak their native language or an international language?
  • Required: Do you accept players immediately, or do they have to register first?
  • Alliance Day : It must be the first part of what the alliance represents, with a maximum of 4 characters.
  • Advertising: This is a brief description of what a covenant is and what it means.
  • Alliance Banner: This is a covenant banner, also called a covenant flag, that you can customize to your liking. It represents your alliance and is visible to other players in your kingdom.

Benefits of Alliance membership

The alliance will benefit you in many ways, one of the main benefits is teleportation.

As long as you’re in an alliance’s territory, you can use the territorial teleporter to come and go without worrying about another alliance taking over.

You’ll also have access to helpful benefits, including:

  • 300 free instant gems when you join an alliance for the first time.
  • Alliance Technologies

Once you have joined an alliance, you will have access to a useful research tree.

Together with the other members of the alliance, you can carry out various research projects that will benefit the entire alliance.

If more members of the alliance donate their resources, development, warfare and exploration in the region can proceed more quickly for the benefit of the entire alliance.

Whenever a member makes a purchase in the in-game shop or defeats an enemy, all members of the alliance receive gifts (sculpts, shop credits, and ancient coins).

Each gift offers an additional reward of 20 to 50 key points.

With 2,000,000 key points, you can open a special chest with treats.

Members of the alliance can help each other build/improve buildings and conduct research.

Each time you get help, the time it takes you to complete activities is reduced by 1%.

If you help other alliance members, you will also receive 10,000 shop credits.

More buildings provide a greater flow of resources for you to use as a member of the alliance.

Alliance members can also conquer holy places for the benefit of all members.

You get a 25% collection rate if you collect resources in the alliance area.

The members of the alliance will help you fight looters in times of war and offer you protection in times of peace.

You can also get help on the battlefield with the Lojar and Karuak trial ceremony.

With a large alliance area, you have control over more resource points.

To change the alliance

Even once great alliances can become lethargic over time as members become inactive or leave.

When this happens, you may be faced with the difficult decision of moving to greener pastures.

Make sure the new covenant is worthwhile. Sometimes inactive alliances with inactive members can still be effective.

Even with inactive members, a very active alliance will outperform many others, provided it has a few strong core members.

However, if you decide to change unions, follow these steps.

To edit an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, open the alliance window by clicking the menu button at the bottom right, click the alliance icon, and click the settings tab on the left side of the alliance window – at the very bottom. Click the Close Alliance button in the settings window.

You are no longer part of an alliance and can either form a new alliance or join another alliance.

As an alliance leader, you only have the Resolve option, not the Exit option.

If you are not the only member of this alliance, you can transfer your leadership to another member of the alliance and then leave the alliance, leaving it.

That way the other members can stay in the alliance and benefit from the new leader.

Can you forge alliances?

No, you n’t make alliances in Reigns Rising.

Members of an alliance who wish to merge must leave their current alliance and join the same new alliance, or they must all choose to join the same of the existing alliances.

How to attract members to your alliance

It is extremely beneficial to be in an active alliance.

Sometimes players looking for active alliances and alliances looking for members have a bit of a hard time.

Inviting members to the alliance should not be difficult.

To join your alliance, you can send messages in the royal chat.

You can also make your alliance open, meaning people can join it without signing up, and it will fill up quickly.

If you want strong players, you want people to sign up for your alliance, and the best way to attract good players is to build a strong and attractive alliance, which is certainly no easy task.

Alliance building

There are three types of buildings that alliance members can build, depending on available credits and resources.

Alliance Flags

The flags mark and enlarge the territory of the alliance. They must be built along the boundaries of the zone.

For every 10 flags built, a place for an additional member is added.

The cost of a flag also increases as participants build more flags.

An alliance can build up to 500 flags.

The more flags an alliance builds, the higher its income and resource production.

Troops have the ability to occupy flags outside of combat or reinforce them during an attack.

But only the leaders and officers of the alliance can fix them.

An important task as a member of an alliance during a battle is to protect your alliance’s flags and keep them within range.

A fort must be built before a flag can be made on it.

It is not possible to build alliance flags outside the alliance area.

Alliance Resource Centre

Each union is assigned a resource center slot, which can be:

  • Pic des roches
  • Grain storage
  • Without wood
  • Motherlode

As long as the center exists, Alliance members can get what they need.

The resource center and the troops working there can never be explored or attacked.

As an officer or leader of an alliance, you should always have at least one resource center available for the members of the alliance.

Alliance Forts

As the main pillar of the alliance, the fortress must be the priority of the leader and members of the alliance.

It must be protected at all costs.

All members of the alliance must help build the fortress, as it is an important building that also takes a lot of time to build.

Once the fort is built, the alliance can start building flags as well.

Only the leaders may enter the fortress and make the necessary repairs.

Each fort requires a different amount of resources to build, which increases as new members join and the alliance expands its territory.

The necessary resources can be gathered in the region and then made available to the alliance.

For example, members can collect stones within the alliance and then deliver them to the alliance.

To build forts, you must have at least 500K in energy and more than 20 members.

The maximum number of forts an alliance can build is three.

The first fortress that can be built is the central fortress.

Without them, your alliance can’t build flags.

It should be noted that if you want to build a fort in QQC, you must destroy all the forts in your kingdom.

What are the gifts of the covenant?

In ROK, players can reward their alliance members with gifts at any time.

Each donation benefits the Alliance members’ common fund.

The chest contains various rewards.

Its quality decreases every 10 levels.

Alliance members have up to 24 hours to claim the gifts the Alliance group sent them.

For alliance resources

Wood, stone, food and gold are very important resources for the alliance when playing RK.

To gather as many resources as the Alliance can muster:

  • A farm in Alliance territory. For each member who farms, the alliance receives a percentage of the funds purchased.
  • Expand the alliance area. With more territory, participants can grow more crops and earn more resources that can be used to train troops and improve the city.
  • Build alliance flags and use them to capture resource deposits in alliance territory.


Alliance Technology is a set of technologies that an alliance can unlock that provide useful upgrades and bonuses to all members.

Alliance technology must always be improved to keep moving forward and make your alliance stronger.

The more donations, the more effective the alliance technology becomes.

Here are the different types of technologies you can unlock and upgrade in your alliance:


War improves your forces, especially the units of the members of the alliance – siege, infantry, cavalry and archers.

They attack, fight and defend the alliance against enemies.

When attacking enemy cities, military units gain additional advantages, such as. B. increased troop capacity, faster pick-up of cargo, and reduced pick-up times.


Territory is the space occupied by an alliance within a map.

The territory of an alliance is usually marked by forts and flags.

A larger territory gives the Alliance forces more options for defense, attack and movement.

Each alliance must prioritize the number of flags.

Flag counting is a technique used to maximize the number of flags your alliance can build, thus expanding the alliance’s territory on the map.

This technology improves the lifespan of all buildings constructed by alliance members, and allows them to attack enemy buildings with an improved burn rate.


We are talking about technologies that aim to improve the fundamentals of the alliance:

  • Increased build speed.
  • Increase the speed of the search.
  • Increased experience in combat and against barbarians.
  • Increase the speed of collecting gold, food, wood and stone resources.

Capacity of the alliance

Once an alliance leader or officer activates the alliance’s skills, the alliance can benefit from the 6 unique skills.

Each of these skills affects the members of the alliance and gives them bonuses and upgrades.

Alliance members must donate these unique skills each time they are used.

What are the holy places?

Sacred sites are consecrated structures that are opened every three days to attacks from nearby allied territories.

If an alliance takes control of a sacred site during this period, it can occupy it for up to four hours.

Each member of the alliance gets bonuses for conquering the holy place.

Fans have been picking up the speed of gathering, research and construction, as well as attack and defense.

There are three types of holy places that lovers give:


The alternatives are in the first zone.

The altars can give the following enthusiasts:

  • Storm: Increases the training speed by 5%.
  • Wisdom: 5% increase in search speed.
  • Country: Increased build speed by 5%.
  • Flame: Increases the attack speed of troops by 3%.
  • Splash: Increase the defense capability of the troops by 5%.


The temples are located in zone 2.

Temple can give the following enthusiasts:

  • War: 10% increase in training speed and 3% increase in attack speed.
  • Appearance: Increases healing speed and recovery of hit points by 20%.
  • Honor: Increased the gathering and attack speed of the cohesive army by 5%.
  • Mission: 3% increase in troops health and defense.


The sanctuaries are located in zone 1.

Shrines can provide the following lovers:

  • Wind: Increases walking speed by 5%.
  • Courage: 10% more experience as a commander.
  • Hope: Increase the recovery rate by 5%.
  • Blood: 2% increase in military health.


Alliance members can use these types of holy places to move from one point to another, or use targeted teleporters between two different points, as long as they are connected by passes.

Lost temple

These pages are very important. Once the leader of the alliance that controls the lost temple becomes king, he gains supremacy over it.

That’s all you need to know about the alliance system in Rebel Rebellion!

If you have any comments or suggestions about this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

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