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I’ve been playing Rimworld for just over a year, but this also includes a period of about 5 months in which I stopped playing Rimworld for various reasons. Cameron-san also played it recently, and we discussed the fact that we couldn’t find any new games that we could play together. That led me to do a fast internet search to see if I could play Rimworld together.  

There were several downloadable mods with which you could play the game separately, but together, I mean you were both in the same world, but your colonies were different. You could talk to each other so that one of you could work on one source and one or more other people could work on other sources, and then all you needed was between you. Although that sounds useful and makes the game multiplayer, it’s not exactly what we were looking for. Then I found it! A mod that allows you and technically 998 other players to manage the same colony (although it is recommended not to have more than 8 people). Download the mod we use here: https://github.com/Zetrith/Multiplayer/releases as well as useful information about how the mod works. 

Advantages and disadvantages of this modification

This mode usually seems to work well and offers you and your friends a very good platform to build your own colony together. All players can control all aspects of the game, so it’s important to communicate well to prevent the coloniser from accidentally doing something while someone else is doing it for him. Due to the nature of the game this is not a problem, unless you and your comrades have serious disagreements about the design of your buildings or the management of your colony. This leads to a random error when two players take an object or both click on an object to hunt, etc. and then double click and nothing happens at the end, but it is a simple solution. The only thing that can be a problem is an ambush or an attack, because in these scenarios positioning is usually important, and if you check the same person, they may end up in the wrong place. The biggest scam I’ve found like this isn’t a big deal, but sometimes it happens. The game can get out of step with other players, and then you have to wait until it’s fixed, because when I play with Cameron, there’s only two of us, so it can easily be fixed by stopping and restarting for both of us. The only other trick I’ve found is that you can’t save whenever you want, now that I’m playing Rimworld I’m not inclined to restart the save, but that means you have to have a car save function, so if the game isn’t synchronized you have to go back to the previous car save if you restart the game and you could lose the progress through no fault of your own. 

Creation of Playoff Series

Now that Cameron and I have found this fashionable model, we are discussing the creation of a soap opera Let’s Play Building a Colony together. We tested this mod and decided that, to make the game more interesting, we will add some of our own rules. The Mods page states that you can start the game in single-player mode (by choosing where you land and who you guide) to change the starting conditions of your game. Using the carefully prepared mod, we will create a new game with the following rules: 

Playback sequence:

We’re playing a slightly modified version of the Naked Brutality mode. That’s because you only have one person, and we want two, because then we each have one person. We’ll also have a history record. That’ll be the average Randy. Nor should we refuse prisoners who wish to take refuge with us, and we must make reasonable efforts to save all the wounded on our map, whether it be our settlers, the transport capsule or the raid in which we wounded them. There is no provision for the release of prisoners, and we can do it, depending on whether we want to keep them or not. Someone else has to stay. 


We’re going to create two settlers, one each, to make it look like a role-playing game, although we both have control, which gives us one settler to design each. They shall be subject to the following conditions: 

  •  They start with young people (20 years old). 
  • Each character has 30 skill points (enough for 2 in each skill and then 6 extra points), which we can award at our discretion. 
  • Each character can have one burning passion and 3 flashes or 5 flashes and no burning passion. 
  • They may have two good qualities, but there must be one bad one. 
  • They won’t get hurt and they won’t have a relationship. 

Sit down, please: 

For our starting area we use random buttons, we can change our random number 3 times, but we can’t go back to the old random number even if we end up with the worst place. It’s the only place we’re allowed to walk around freely in the frozen little biome, because we want our Let’s play game to be fun so people can watch us, not just watch us slowly freeze. 

Principles : 

When we start the game, we are dropped with a number of items that will be: 

  • 2 Grade Weapons 
  • Animal 
  • 200 Steel 
  • 10 dinners 
  • 4 Spare parts 
  • 2 T-shirts of your choice 
  • 2 all pants 

From there you have to find or make everything else and then the game starts. 

How we win: 

Our goal in this breakthrough will be to have a surviving colony of at least 100 settlers. Once we have 100, we have to play for a whole year without going below 100. 

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