Rihanna’s Designer Lashes Out Against A$AP Rocky Cheating Rumors

A$AP Rocky is under fire after a video surfaced allegedly showing him cheating on his girlfriend that he shares with Rihanna. The rapper’s personal stylist, Stephen Wong, has released an official statement denying the allegations and stating they are “unfounded.”



A$AP Ferg is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. For the last several days, Rocky and pregnant Rihanna’s designer Amina Muaddi have been the focus of false rumors and conjecture on the internet. The rumors were labeled “vile” by Muaddi.

According to Rihanna’s designer, she and A$AP Rocky are still very much together. There were rumors that the soon-to-be parents had split up because Rocky was having an affair with another lady.

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On Friday, Amina Muaddi, a shoe designer, came to Instagram to reject rumors that she had an affair with the rapper while she was abroad pregnant. She referred to the rumors as “malicious.”

After the internet was flooded with rumors and articles regarding Rihanna’s connection with the father of her unborn kid, the designer, who is located in Paris, issued the comment.

It was previously reported that the pregnant pop diva and the rapper had broken up because he had been discovered cheating on her with her designer, Amina. They are due to give birth to their first child together in the coming weeks.

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On Friday, however, the shoe designer claimed she had to “stand out” and clear the air about the “vile” fake rumor on Instagram Stories.

Amina informed her 1.2 million followers that she didn’t think the bogus rumor would be taken seriously, but that has now changed.

Rihanna’s pregnancy, she said, should be “one of the most beautiful and cherished occasions in her life.” She also expressed her affection and regard for the expectant singer.

Rihanna and ASAP were reportedly photographed together at a restaurant in Los Angeles prompting Amina’s comment. Before departing without her lover, the singer was believed to be weeping at the table.

Rihanna is a frequent wearer of the shoe designer’s creations. People assumed she was “the other lady” in the now-debunked breakup rumors.

Amina made a message on her Instagram Stories on Friday. “I’ve always considered that when someone distributes a fake tale on Social Media it doesn’t merit any rebuttal or explanation, particularly one that is so ugly,” it says in full.

“At first, I didn’t think this bogus rumor, which was concocted with such malice, would be taken seriously.

The previous 24 hours have reminded me that we live in a world where people speak about things even if they don’t have any proof, and where nothing is off-limits.

“It doesn’t even happen during what should be one of one’s happiest and finest periods in one’s life,” she continues.

“Then I’m going to have to speak up because this isn’t just about me; it’s also about people I respect and love.”

“I go back to my work,” she explains, while Rih continues to live her tranquil, well-dressed pregnant life. She sends her best wishes for a good Easter to everyone.

The rumor isn’t genuine, according to sources close to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky “On both counts, 100 percent untrue, a million times fake. They’re excellent.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their first child together in the coming weeks, and Rihanna will be a mother for the first time.

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