Riddick 4 is for Bientt!

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Riddick will soon be back on our screens! The fans of the Chronicles of Riddick were impatient not to have news of the 4th opus, it’s now done. Vin Diesel announced on Instagram that the film is well in preparation. As a reminder, the last opus was released in 2013.

After 3 first adventures, Riddick will soon make his return to the cinema. After Pitch Black in 2000,The Riddick Chronicles in 2004 and Riddick in 2013, we will soon be entitled to Riddick 4: Furya. The good news comes from Vin Diesel himself who published on his Instagram account a video of him with the script in his hands. After years of waiting, Riddick 4 is real. Behind the camera we will find David N. Twohy who was already directing for the first 3 episodes.

It’s a return to the roots for Vin Diesel who really wanted to find his character of Furien, Richard B. Riddick. The script is ready, so filming should be imminent. For the moment, no Release Date has been announced, but it’s already very good news for the fans who now know that there will be a 4th adventure for Riddick.

What do you think of Riddick’s return to our screens? Give your opinion in the comments.

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