Rick & Morty : the References and Small Details From Season 4, Period 1 That You May Have Missed

This weekend, fans of the Rick & Morty series were treated to the first episode of season 4. After more than two years of waiting, the new adventures of the infernal duo were broadcast on the Adult Swim channel. A colourful first episode in the vein of previous seasons. Many references and small details are hidden there, here they are. And if you’ve spotted others, feel free to share them in the comment section.

Things have changed

In a hurry to go on an adventure to get his hands on some Death Crystals, Rick will be called back by Beth, who will tell him that things have changed. A direct reference to the end of season 3, which will still have had an impact on the Smiths.

Harvesting first

Like the first episode of season 1, this return to the sources will be done under the sign of the harvest. Morty can still feel lucky, he won’t have to shove those crystals down his rectum this time.

A Thousand and One Ways to Die

By touching a crystal, Morty will see his death, or rather many deaths. Deaths that depend directly on the choices made by the grandson of the smartest man in the galaxy. Many references are found there: dead in a trash compactor as in Star Wars: A new hope, burning to death while holding a fence as in Terminator 2 or being impaled by a pole ejected from the back of a truck as in Final Destination.

Operation Phoenix

In this first episode of season 4, Rick explains that he has put an end to Operation Phoenix, a vast network of clones allowing him to find a body if he ever lost it. A direct reference to episode 7 of season 2, entitled Mini-Rick, mega hiccup,in which he clones himself into a younger version of himself to hunt a vampire.

Reality is more fascist than it seems

Deprived of his clones, Rick is forced to go through an alternative, located in the trunk of his ship, but which requires Morty’s help. The latter refusing to help him, Rick has to opt for the use of clones of alternate realities. Rick’s who still keep their way of tidying up with a box whose only marking changes from one reality to another: Fascist Time travel stuff, shrimp time travel stuff, wasp time travel stuff.

a picture full of promise

In addition to its scholarly calculations and explicit schematics, this table allows us to know, among other things, that Morty will be pasted soon, as indicated by the presence of his name in the corner of the table.

the good, the bad and the POWERFUL ?

Shortly after quoting Coco from Disney, the school bully meets Morty to make him lose some of his newly acquired pride. One of his acolytes bears a striking resemblance to Randall Weems’ character in the series Playground.


When calling for reinforcements, one of the policemen mentions a situation similar to the one inAkira, the famous Japanese movie in which a young man turns into a huge blop. A blop that will come a little later, but it will be black and not pink.


As the live streamer on the fictional channel CMN quickly shows, the judge in charge of the Morty case eventually committed suicide. It goes on to say that, although it finds it tragic, the local Suicide Prevention Centre believes that judges should not believe in ghosts.

trover saves the universe

While the United States is turned towards the young man with the dreamy vocals, the scene takes place for a moment in Times Square, where an ad for the game Trover Saves the Universe can be seen. This is Justin Roiland’s last game, released earlier this year.

Back to basics

As in the first episode of season 1, theth first episode of season 4 ends with a joyful exchange between Morty and Rick, marvelling at their upcoming adventures. Rick’s monologue from the first season turns into a real conversation, proving that the grandfather has more consideration for his grandson.

Edge of tomorty

Finally, this episode, named Edge of Tomorty: Rick, Die, Rickpeat, is an unconcealed reference to the movie Edge of Tomorrow, which had the slogan : Live. Die. Repeat. (Live. Die. Start over.).

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