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rick and morty season 1

Top 5 Rick and Morty Season 1-  Reviews

We have list down top 5 Rick and Morty Season 1 Reviews. Read the below reviews and do let us know in the comments, to which one you agree the most!

Review 1 –

It’s a very good display. It is *driven, but there are certainly times that approach the limits of any television design format. The end of “Rick Potion #9” is simply beautiful. Similarly, the end of “Mr. Night Shaym Aliens.” The strength of this show lies in Rick’s amoral character; however, there is a strong attachment to this theory of “many universes” within the series. Philosophers have debated the ethical implications of “several universes” (while understanding that this is a bit sophomoric and outdated); “Rick and Morty” see its action in trade in this way. Morty is our avatar; he also works very well in this capacity. The vital dyad in the center – the name characters – interacts a bit with the peripheral characters, which have been widely applied in the B graphics. This is changing, and with this kind of programming, they will always mix it up for the benefit of the plot. There is a rich enough set of personalities to present enough space. The interaction between Rick and Morty goes back a little bit too old propaganda tropes without really being propagandist; a hell of a hint. This must be difficult to calibrate. The whole series is simply full of nuggets and does not preach or condescend to the crowd. The rhythm is always and seems appropriate. The authors know where to drive and where not to drive. We will see how long this could be preserved. The authors show a gift to twist and add to the elderly to new displays. I hope it’s a safe arrangement. As a “representative of Chaos,” Rick should serve us for several decades. You will find real ideas under all the comedies and to their health. Maybe it’s the best thing on TV right now. This series is fantastic. It’s by far the best cartoon show I’ve seen in some time in any media. From the beginning of the series, you can see that the characters perfectly match each other, and connected with all the madness that is happening in the world with Rick and Morty, they are instantly hilarious and incredibly creative at the same time. A few episodes have shown me that this was an exceptional show, which people will have to see because it has enormous potential. And with Dan Harmon at the helm of all this, the magic that this series brings is a rare jewel on television that people will need to see. So yes, I strongly recommend this series to anyone who wants to laugh at least once a week.

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Review 2-

Rick and Morty is a hilarious new series from the genius of the community seasons 1-3 and 5, Dan Harmon. The episodes have always looked fresh, and the writing is creative and hilarious. But there is no real surprise because its co-creator created Community. The humorous combination of humour, burlesque comedy and activity makes this series one of the best animations I have ever seen. The series willingly parodies different films and themes, while sneaking into the references (sometimes not sneakily). The work of art is also easy, but very attractive. Since the resumption of the series, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and the authors have managed to free themselves from the chains of live activity, making the series more worldly. I highly recommend this series to everyone, especially fans of Show, Adventure Time and Community.

Review 3-

3 Let me say that I was very skeptical about this particular show. Judging by the peaks and previews, I assumed it would be another family man / Brikleberry lazily relaunched series with some cheap and low criteria. God, I was wrong! Rick and Morty could look like a stupid punch from Back to the Future or any money laundering plot on late night cable TV, but they don’t. Behind most jokes, each incident has a surprisingly powerful message, and if you can identify with it or not, you will not feel that the end of each episode was a disappointment. The weakest aspect is the cartoon. It is not quite and seems outdated. In this case, it is utmost difficult to say that this brings the show to a standstill. No, not at all. The clever writing and well-designed character personalities are essentially what makes this series afloat. Unlike some different animations that have a sub-plots in each event, those in this series are memorable and relevant. They are not only there because there are fillers and they are almost as important as the main story. In fact, in most episodes, it is difficult to say what your subplot is and one is the main plot. What I’m conveying is that this show is almost perfect. What are you doing watching the new Simpsons and Family man, watch this series if you are hosting… It’s a fantastic example of how TV hasn’t turned into bullshit.

Review 4-

I just finished watching the first three episodes, and I immediately feel addicted. I have the same feeling as when I first saw Family Guy, where I had the impression that each character was intriguing and contributed to the show in his way. In this series, the things that can make you laugh are embarrassing and dark at times that triumph every time. I haven’t found a single bad moment so far since the first three episodes, and I can’t wait to watch the whole episode. The first episode was incredible and brought me straight to the next one. The puppy world domination event will be a timeless event, see it.

Review 5-

The plot of “Rick and Morty” is that it succeeds in being humorous, provocative, edifying and upsetting at the same time. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon seemed to have poured their souls into this series. Each of the characters thus speaks of endearing quirks, which is normal in animated comedies, but they have surpassed this tradition. It’s far from over. It’s only one of the few animated comedies I’ve ever seen where individual personality defects are debilitating. Don’t get me wrong, I love comedies like American Dad and Futurama, but there is a certain “sitcom” quality in all these battles that gives the impression that everything will be fine once the incident is over. Rick and Morty, on the other hand, feel much more human. The world always seems to be in danger, and the numbers seem to manage it by inventing things as they move, as do real people. The result is a series with which it is very easy to identify. Also, I love the way the show manages to raise existential issues on occasion. Sometimes they are subtle, and other times they’re not too subtle, but they are always beautiful. I think it’s good that a series like this one faces such problems. Most importantly, Rick and Morty is an exceptional animation that deserves all the attention it deserves.

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