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Weird West is a new mobile game that’s been out for about three weeks now and has quickly risen to the top of the charts. The developers claim it’ll last for years before you finish all six characters, but there are some flaws in its gameplay that keep it from being as immersive as it could be.

The “weird west review reddit ” is a game that has been on the market for a while. It is currently in Early Access, and the reviews are mixed.

It comes as no surprise to me that the first game developed by WolfEye Studios, which was created in 2019, is an ARPG Immersive Sim. Raphael Colantonio, the Founder/Creative Director, and Julien Roby, the CEO/Executive Producer, are both Arkane Studios alumni who worked on Dishonored, one of my favorite Immersive Sims. Their studio’s mission purpose made it apparent that they were using all of their skills to create something that emphasized gameplay flexibility that Immersive Sim aficionados would like. Now you’re in the Weird West. Were the developers from Arkane Studios able to improve their talents in the independent scene? Let’s go! Grab your six shooters, put on some wards, and eat some wolfsbane.

Weird West takes you on a journey through a version of the Wild West based on mythology and horror legends. You’ll be immersed in this universe via the stories of five separate characters, all of which are intertwined in some manner. Each character provides the player with a unique perspective, tale, and even relationships with other characters. I liked how varied each character felt in the environment, and you’ll receive various answers from the villagers or new gameplay possibilities even if you visit the same spots. There is an overall plot that connects these people, as well as several significant recurrent NPCs that help to make these storylines seem larger than simply these characters.

Weird West Branding

What is the significance of this branding, and what function do these characters play in it?

The tale, on the other hand, never attempts to overshadow the characters, allowing you to empathize with them and make choices for them. I was constantly engrossed in them and never felt like they were filler characters to help the main tale forward. The gameplay itself also aids in role-playing as these characters, but I’ll go into more detail on that later. Even after you’ve moved on to the next character, decisions made at the major moments of the character storylines may and will affect all of them. In this manner, the environment seems to be highly alive and reacting to your choices.

The only criticisms I have about the narrative are minor, but they may be enough to cause some readers to abandon it early. It’s a sluggish start to the game, since it plays more like a basic isometric twin stick shooter at first. Even the plot does not begin to live up to its “abnormal” label until the second character. The game begins with a very standard vengeance plot character, and although there are a few fascinating bits involving a Siren and some Cannibals, it didn’t hold my attention. The gameplay still allowed me to be an Immersive Sim, but I was more interested in side quests and bounties than in pursuing the tale. Fortunately, things start to become strange after you meet the second character, Pigman, and I was fascinated.

Weird West Souls Tree

The “strange” in Weird West finally begins at this point.

Gameplay and world setup feels similar to that of Fallout 1 & 2 , with a large world map that your character will travel across and will run into random encounters. Once you reach your destination, you go back into the isometric gameplay within a small contained literal map area. Each landmark you visit on the map is a square shape with a border that looks like a ragged map edge. To leave that area, simply go to the map boundary and hit the exit button to travel to your next location. Only when you’re traveling will time continue, or once you reach your destination you can loiter or sleep to progress time.

This is significant since certain side missions and bounty contracts require you to finish them within a particular number of days. So, if your goal is a two-day excursion and your reward is only good for five days, it’s probably not a good idea to go exploring. To boost your journey speed, storage limit, and avoid chance encounters, you may buy or steal a horse. Stealing a horse, however, might result in a bad reputation, and the horse will abandon you once you are at your goal.

Weird West Map

Use a horse to go across the map quicker and avoid any unexpected confrontations.

This is a crucial aspect of Weird West when it comes to reputation. Your reputation has a significant impact on how the environment and NPCs interact with you. Bounty hunters will pursue you down, and merchants will raise their prices if you earn a bad reputation via different nefarious activities, but there is always a give and take with immersive simulations. It’s wonderful to be more respected, and bringing in living bounties could be more legal. You will, however, begin vendettas with outlaws who will plot your demise. For each character, I tried a different technique. I mentioned the Pigman before, and he was a low-status guy who stole, butchered, and didn’t seem to mind since everyone was rude to me because of my appearance.

The settings become a little old after a while since you spend so much time in this universe role-playing. Obviously, having a lot of content and a little budget has an influence, but you’ll return to the same areas for new side missions and bounties. I eventually quit doing bounties and secondary characters (save for a few key ones) and concentrated only on the major plot material. You become a little weary of visiting the same map for many bounties and assignments.

Weird West Heathen

The Heathen is a reoccurring character that loves to annoy you from time to time.

One feature of the gameplay and the numerous character tales that I like was that whenever you go on to the next character, you may go back and enlist the previous character to your posse. They’ll keep all of the equipment you gave them, and you’ll get some fun conversation and exchanges amongst the characters. There are lots of other mercenaries to hire, so you don’t have to stick with your prior primary characters, although they’ll generally have the greatest gear and interesting skills.

In terms of gear and movements, the game is a twin-stick shooter featuring shotguns, rifles, pistols, bows, melee, and explosives as weapon categories. There are a few modifications for each kind, such as molotov cocktails or TNT, as well as Double Barrel or Pump Shotguns. Level levels range from basic to bronze to silver to gold to legendary, with each tier providing higher stats and legendary providing unique qualities. Armor is limited in variation, with just the level levels and a unique attribute based on the hide used to create it. You may mine for different metals and improve your weapons and armor to the next tier by mining for them. For example, to upgrade a silver revolver to a gold tier revolver, you’ll need 10 gold nuggets.

Weird West Friendly Intervention

One advantage of rescuing strangers is that they will sometimes come in to assist you in fight.

What I found to be a flaw in the gear is that any character may utilize any weapon or armor, and the special move upgrades for the weapons don’t differ from character to character. In this way, the characters lose their individuality. Every character has the identical weapon ability upgrades, which are reset when you switch characters. Weapons and upgrades seemed to be less character-dependent and more about what you chose to use. Four character talents are the only parts of the skills that are unique. Which isn’t much since you’ll unlock things quickly and then there won’t be anything new to unlock.

The character movements are cool and, at the very least, distinct from one another. Werewolf may transform into a werewolf and pray to generate different auras around himself and the rest of the gang. The Protector has the ability to create a tornado that lifts and tosses foes about, as well as a spirit bear to battle with you. Pigman is more of a berserker, with a charging ram move, a disorienting stomp, and poison droplets all over himself. Bounty Hunter possesses a stun-inducing spartan kick and the ability to plant mines. The Oneirist can teleport and become invisible while leaving a decoy clone.

Golden Aces of Spade

The Golden Aces of Spades are a set of upgrades for all characters’ basic perks.

That was just two of each character’s moves, but one of the things I like about this immersive sim is that you don’t have to utilize your movements for fighting all of the time. Both the Werewolf and the Oneirist have abilities that may help players with sticky fingers. To loot the local stores, the Bounty Hunter may have to wait till the night, climb the roof, and lower a rope down the chimney. They may, however, utilize their invisibility to slip past the other characters, or the Oneirist can teleport to a place that is inaccessible to the other characters. You have the option of just murdering the shopkeeper.

The gunplay and controls aren’t always as tight as they should be, and I did run into some glitches. The twin stick shooting isn’t always as smooth as it should be, and it’s incredibly simple to drag the cursor away from an adversary by mistake. There does not seem to be much in the way of a soft lock. The overall movement is also a little stiff, and I would often get snagged on minor objects in the surroundings. There were a few bugs and annoyances as well. I once bought a horse, but whenever I approached it to ride it, it gave me a bad reputation as if I had stolen it.

It wouldn’t do that if I simply exited the map without picking the horse. When I concealed corpses in bushes or other hiding places, the adversaries could still see the bodies even if they couldn’t see me, which was a persistent problem. Even if I knocked out an innocent NPC in the dark and no one saw, I’d still acquire a bad reputation when I left the region. Some of the faults were plainly errors that were never game-breaking, while others, such as enemies detecting “hidden” adversaries, I don’t believe were meant for gameplay.

Weird West Towns

I spent a lot of time improving, collecting missions, and robbing in the towns. It’s a mini-game in and of itself to figure out how to get in unnoticed.

Weird West favors stylish art direction and design above eye-popping graphics in terms of visuals. Unfortunately, there are times when things appear a little murky and it’s difficult to tell who’s who. Rather of monitoring the area, I would use my mini-map to follow the red dots. Fortunately, the designs were well-received when they were released. Despite some flickering shadow issues, I really liked some of the locales and concepts. The map is divided into many areas, each with its unique flair. Forests, deserts, canyons, bogs, and, of course, subterranean mines. Even while the structure and architecture of the major cities are similar, each has its unique color palette and visual flair.

For me, sound design is hit or miss. The narrator is the lone voice actor, and he gives an excellent gruff western voice. When it comes to voice acting, he does a good job of delivering the words, but that’s about it. The other characters produce sporadic guffaws and grunts that are effective enough. The overall sound design is acceptable, with some great high-quality sound effects in the weapons and special strikes, but nothing that truly struck out as amazing. When there is a significant plot point, the soundtrack contains some good western themed tunes that help bring those story components home. The music, on the other hand, is mostly ignored for the remainder of the game.

Pet the Wolf

Yes, you are allowed to pet the animals. That is, just the good ones.

Weird West is an excellent ARPG Immersive Sim that fully immerses you in its setting. The game’s seasoned talent is evident throughout the title, which offers something new and exciting. Even with needing to hurry the final three chapters, I easily spent over fifty hours in Weird West. I had a lot of fun immersing myself in this world and its people while exploring with the game’s tools and settings. Even though it isn’t flawless in every way, if you like the genre, this is a game you won’t want to miss.


Over sheer graphical purity, the art direction and designs flourish. There is a problem with vision since items might seem murky, and there are also flickering shadows.

Weird West invites gameplay flexibility with its immersive model, and it delivers in spades. However, the fighting and controls in general may be a little clunky.

With the numerous weaponry and enemy grunts, the general sound effects are good. Music has its moments, but it is largely a background noise.

After a sluggish start, the plot picks up with the “strange” elements and gives a unique and enjoyable experience. I wish the character powers were more varied and the locations were more varied.

Final Score: 8.0

Weird West is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Backwards Compatibility was used to review the Xbox Series X.

The publisher donated a copy of Weird West.

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