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I heard that the writers of the Rambo game were making a Terminator title, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Reviews of the original Terminator: The resistance released in 2019 was pretty bad. Oddly enough, everyone I’ve talked to has played it and says it’s a surprisingly competent game despite its limitations. When I heard that a new Definitive Edition had been announced for the PlayStation 5, taking advantage of the console’s more powerful hardware, I knew I had to try this game. I have a weakness for medium and heavy licensed games, and Terminator: The amplified resistor seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

Terminator : Resistance Enhanced isn’t a great game by PS5 standards, but some of the landscapes are well designed.

And paint me a nice color, this game is shocking …. Good! Of course, I won’t claim that it’s the most polished and beautiful game I’ve ever played, or that it’s anywhere near what the PlayStation 5 is capable of, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not to mention that it’s no exaggeration when you consider how awful every Terminator movie and Terminator game has been since Terminator 2 came out thirty years ago Resistance Enhanced is actually one of the most competent Terminator-related products ever made. I know. I’m as surprised as you are.

Terminator: Amplified Resistance does not feature Arnold or any of the previous heroes from the Terminator franchise. Sure, John Connor is there, but your main character is an unknown named Jacob Rivers, a member of the same resistance as Connor in 2028. Not to spoil anything for the audience, as the plot of the game is actually cleverly linked to the first two films, but you are a member of the Pacific Division of the Resistance, which was wiped out by the Can’s shortly before the events of the game. End up joining the other resistance fighters above, as well as the scavengers and civilians just trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic hell. The story has multiple endings, as your actions determine the outcome of the story.

The same cannot be said for human traits…..

If it looks like Fallout, it’s because it’s one of the Terminators: The main inspiration for Resistance Enhanced. Think of it as a low budget Fallout game with a lighter progression system. It also has pseudo-open levels similar to Metro : Exodus and Gears 5 instead of one big open world to explore. The levels are presented in a linear fashion, but are huge and full of side missions to complete. It gives you the best of both worlds: the open exploration you see in modern open-world games combined with the more focused story you get in a linear game.

The battles feel like every RPG element in Fallout has been ripped from almost every Unreal Engine 4 shooter ever made. Before you ask, no, the VAT system is not included here, but you can use drugs to slow down time, just like in the outside world. There are experience points and a small skill tree, but that only applies to the game when it comes to pretending it’s an RPG. The skills are pretty basic, allowing you to improve your weapon damage, hacking skills and other attributes, but that’s all you need in a game where supplies are surprisingly scarce. You can also make ammo, medicine and other items from the junk you find in the levels, so research is crucial to surviving against the machines.

Some of the pieces built into the game are very cool.

In many cases, invisibility is the best option, because you’re vulnerable, drugs and ammo are scarce, and those damn T-800s can take a beating. Some missions require you to sneak around these robots in tight spaces, and I can tell you this: These moments are intense. At this point, the game stops being an action game like Terminator 2 and starts acting like a horror title, like the original Terminator. An excellent soundtrack reminiscent of Terminator 2 adds to the tension. If you run out of plasma ammo, don’t try to deal with the big Terminators. Run for your life and try to reach the next crafting table.

Apart from the main campaign, Terminator: Resistance Enhanced also includes an Infiltrator mode, where you can control a real-life Terminator against humanity. They’re just as overpowering as you’d expect, and while this mode doesn’t go nearly as deep as the story and mechanics, the ability to mow down both human enemies and the villain is a nice distraction when you need a break from the game’s main story.

T-800 is an absolute threat in this game, as it should be.

So far, I’ve been praising Terminator: Resistance Reinforced non-stop, but I’d be crazy to claim that this game is bug-free. She gets her share, as you’d expect from a low-budget game, and tries to bite off more than she can chew. Oddly enough, I didn’t encounter any bugs or glitches, and the game only crashed once, just after reaching the checkpoint. As a result, I didn’t lose a second of my progress, and this isn’t even a game you can save anytime, anywhere.

The camera controls are a bit unstable and never respond well. After a while though, you get used to the lack of sensitivity, but no, it doesn’t get any better when you change the settings in the options menu. The melee mechanics are very unremarkable, turning a disposable knife into a useless piece of scrap. There are also some problems with the sound design, with the mix being totally worthless and the voice acting being a mishmash. It’s clear that the team didn’t have the budget to hire competent voice actors, which is why some of the lesser NPCs sound like amateurs.

The mini game to be hacked is literally a Cyberpunk Frogger.

The biggest problem with this game, however, is the look. Sure, the textures are good, the framing is great, and the Terminators look good, but Terminator: Resistance Enhanced doesn’t look good, even by PlayStation 4 standards. It looks like many other Unreal Engine 4 games released on the last generation, with tons of reused assets and poorly animated human models that look more robotic than the real T-800.

I have to commend the team for using the Terminator franchise to use simple intangibles like trash and industrial props in a way that feels completely natural when building the game. Don’t expect this game to show what the PlayStation 5 is capable of in terms of graphics. In doing so, it gets the job done with non-existent load times and makes use of DualSense adaptive triggers in a small but effective way.

If you have the plasma rifle, it’s time to wreak havoc.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is a shockingly eloquent title that deeply respects its source material (in some ways even better than the producers of the recent Terminator films), though it’s hard to get a grip on and in some ways lacks polish. You can clearly see that the developers love the franchise and are working hard to deliver the best they can with the limited resources they have. It doesn’t really show what the PS5 is capable of in terms of graphics, but it’s still a nice improvement over the previous generation. Not only is it an excellent Terminator game, perhaps the best Terminator game ever made, but it’s also a pretty competent first-person shooter with RPG elements.

The textures look good, the terminators look good, and the environment is great. In fact, it’s just a nice recreation of what is essentially a low-budget Unreal Engine 4 game from the previous generation. He just knows how to use his limited resources to his advantage. There are some issues with the brutality of the camera and the lack of melee mechanics, but this game offers a very competent, if derivative, combat system. Development, survival and role-playing mechanisms improved the overall experience.
The soundtrack is fantastic and sounds like the first two Terminator movies. The voices are mixed, and while the sound effects aren’t bad, the sound mix is absolutely terrible. It may be jerky and vicious, but Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is more respectful of the source material than any other Terminator-related product released after the second film. It’s also a reasonably competent Fallou-inspired shooter.
Last block : 7.5

Terminator: Reinforced Resistance is now available on PS5.

Tested on PS5.

A copy of The Terminator: The amplified resistors were supplied by the publisher.


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