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This is an RPGolf Legends review. Today I am evaluating the game and providing my thoughts on it. The game was created by Kunos Simulazioni, a developer of racing games such as Assetto Corsa

RPGolf Legends is a game that was released on the Google Play Store in late 2017. The game has received mixed reviews, but it is worth playing if you are looking for a casual RPG to play.

Golf. The game of patience. The hobby of the businessman. The only sport that manages to be both very peaceful and excruciatingly stressful at the same time. I’ve only played golf once in my life, and although I enjoyed it, I was aware that my lack of left-handed clubs provided me with a handicap that my other players were all too glad to disregard and abuse. However, we all remember the booming 1990s, when Tiger Woods made us believe that golf was hip, and Lee Carvello just added to that perception. So, why don’t we take epic golfing excitement to the next level? There isn’t a Switch player alive who hasn’t had a good time with Golf Story (and who won’t stop talking about it). mario golf super rush released recently, was a completely new entrance point to remind people that golfing is, for some reason, a good digital hobby, whether played alone or with others. However, we’re in the midst of a golf drought, and the wonderful people at Kemco recognized a need and chose to fill it. Switch gamers (and fact players on all platforms) now start on the RPGolf Legends trip thanks to a partnership with independent dev company ArcticNet.

The first thing players will notice about RPGolf Legends is that it is here to take the piss right away. There’s a level of self-awareness about the whole thing that sometimes borders on eye-rolling, but never crosses the line into being too hammy. The game begins with a dry, harsh tone, informing everyone that every RPG features a large evil that is wreaking havoc on everyone and a hero who must stop it. Surprise, you’re that hero, and you should definitely depart now if you didn’t sign up for this degree of borderline sarcasm. Only, the “evil” has shut down golf courses all around the country, making it impossible for anyone to play.

Okay, that’s inconvenient, but it’s not a major issue. Except since everyone is obsessed with golf, so this has been a debilitating punishment for generations (or maybe six days, I’m not sure). While fishing (a sport second only to golf! ), you come across Clubby, a magical talking Golf Club who explains that he and he alone can remove the boundaries that surround each golf hole. To overcome the evil enchantment that has kept golf hidden, find the holes, unlock them, and then play them all the way through! Prepare to battle huge monsters, do errant tasks for everyone, and play more golf when you want. It was, in a sense, a routine situation. 

RPGolf Legends Intro

I think we’re going to have to go straight into the meta.

It should be noted that RPGolf is a 2018 game (by the same creators) and is not the same as the recently released Legends title. For starters, it’s significantly larger, with a plot that includes a slew of new holes, equipment, and creatures. Furthermore, the original RPGolf was a little too much of a grindy RPG, focused on leveling up and gaining more HP and MP as you golf about the globe and fight in Zelda-inspired dungeons with some mediocre golf courses on the overworld. Legends achieves a wonderful mix between golf and RPG elements, offering you a reasonable amount of each without leaning too heavily in one one or the other. In fact, including golf as a supporting aspect inside the RPG action/adventure concept works really well, and the game’s execution is nearly inspirational.

RPGolf Legends Clubby

Clubby, I’m receiving a lot of conflicting messages here.

For example, in RPGolf Legends, there is only one inn, which is in your hometown, and you don’t sleep there since your house is there. Don’t be a jerk, sleep on your own bed. But, obviously, you’ll have to travel the globe and complete all of these golf-related assignments, right? So you have the option of journeying back to your home island for an extremely long period (up to sixteen actual time minutes) or playing a game of golf. If you get a par or better, you may spin the roulette wheel for a chance to win a complete health recovery. You didn’t win this time, did you? No problem, go ahead and try again! You can generally fill a hole in less than a minute, and there’s also the possibility of winning even larger prizes if you play the lottery. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however.

RPGolf Legends Slots

Golf and a slot machine addiction? Isn’t it similar to a father simulator? Someone? Please?

RPGolf Legends clearly draws influence from the 16-bit period of gaming, but it doesn’t seem like it’s taking the same asset-flipping strategy that some other developers have done in the past. From the tufts of grass you may slice through to the venomous frogs that torment your later adventure, everything has an effervescent brightness about it. Despite seeing bleak and dreary locations, there’s an unmistakable sense of adventure throughout, as if you’re going on a child’s fantasy golf excursion. Remember when you were a youngster playing mini-golf and fantasizing that the huge courses were truly pirate territories, ancient towns, or something similar? It’s the same sensation you get when you play RPGolf Legends: fun and thrill despite the challenge and risk.


Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please There’s only one of me, and there’s a lot of golf.

Also, within the first five minutes of play, you have everything you need to win the game. Yes, there is equipment available for purchase, discovery, and lottery victories, such as stronger clubs, more health, and extra mana slots (of course, there also magic, but more on that later), but most of it isn’t required. In the first lesson, you learn how to strike and block, which is the foundation for getting to the ultimate game. As I went through Clubby, I was able to learn both offensive and defensive spells, and I generally only recalled them when I was in the midst of a boss fight, when I could use them anyhow.

I didn’t think about buying more upgrade stuff until after the nineteenth hole or so, when I remembered that I’d been winning tons of money from the hole lotteries. The accessories were stupidly expensive at first (about fifteen thousand gold pieces when enemies usually dropped one or ten), so I didn’t even think about it until after the nineteenth hole or so, when I remembered that I’d been winning tons of cash from the hole lotteries. It was a nice surprise, but I believe I could have gone much farther without investing in these items, given that I had already spent the majority of my money on interminably slow health remedies.


Also, be prepared for a slew of locales with golf joke names.

This is a bit of a snag for RPGolf Legends, since I believe it was built first for mobile and then scaled down for console. Every potion has a cooldown period, from antidote to health. You must then be cautious for the following thirty seconds or so before you may drink again, whether you guzzle to alleviate bewilderment or to totally heal your hearts. Given that snakes, slimes, and the aforementioned frogs can just poison you again and over, this was, to put it mildly, aggravating.

There’s also the issue that the map is massive, and there’s no simple way to go around it. There is, in a sense. You may fast travel once a day (after you’ve unlocked all of the waypoints), and you can hire a golf cart for a fee. While the cart was reasonably priced, the fact that it was only available for fifteen minutes at a time was concerning. You may also be attacked while riding in the cart, rendering part of the speed worthless if you have to frequently dismount to deal with rushing bears or imps. There’s certainly an element here where there’s a free-to-play version and you need to constantly putting in some type of payment to dismiss timers or replenish things quicker. It felt like a little nodule at the back of your throat that didn’t bother you while you ate, but made you uncomfortable every time you swallowed.


Golfman is his name, so can we just leave it to him and I’ll go back to fishing?

Nonetheless, there’s a tremendous charm at work here that keeps me going back. The writing is excellent in my view, particularly for what might have been a cliched concept. RPGolf Legends’ meta commentary keeps things interesting by being self-aware and self-deprecating without being too obvious. Despite the broader, more important challenges at hand, Clubby respects the short duration of the first RPGolf, NPCs who identify you as the chosen one still want to combat you for golf dominance, and no one has a problem sending you on fetch missions. Inside the first two villages, you’re faced with teaching someone how to golf, robbing someone for money, and distracting someone from a canceled TV program, and that’s just within the first two towns. ArcticNet never fails to engage in discussion by mixing sincere efforts to advance the story with winks and nods of how ludicrous it all is (even if some of it is wonky).

Finally, you’re constantly on the lookout for what’s going to happen next. Fishing may be done everywhere, but it is only crucial when you need to capture a toxic fish to make a gas mask. Golf may be played everywhere in the world, but it’s merely an enjoyable pastime until it’s used to solve a gigantic riddle. Playing the various golf holes becomes tedious until you find yourself in a boss encounter where you must actively fight and golf at the same time. RPGolf Legends has a sense of timing that I would never have guessed if I hadn’t tried it. The ability to bring in something new just when the players need it is very inspiring: to get down to the second, nearly to the second, when something new is required.


Right? Please, tree, let the girl finish her game!

There are imperfections, of course, but they aren’t enough to detract from the unexpected joy that has come our way. Don’t worry if you’re worried it’ll be the same old song and dance. Kemco and I have collaborated to produce something exceptional, and I’ve come away with a whole new perspective on their work. It’s entertaining, difficult, and engaging. Although, if they want to include a toggle for timed elements (they already have toggles for fighting and golf difficulty), I believe it’d be a lot cleaner. RPGolf Legends is without a doubt my favorite Kemco game, and this is a perfect drive into a stunning birdie for golfers around.


You’ll get that SNES atmosphere sans the old hardware, which is both a bonus and a disadvantage in and of itself.

A true blend of golf and action fighting, each game is meticulously designed to keep any/all players engrossed.

The abrupt shifts in background music from one place to the next might be distracting, but the overall soundtrack is nice, albeit forgettable.

My desire to play a lot of golf for a good cause has never been more satisfied.

Final Score: 7.5

On PC, Nintendo Switch PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, RPGolf Legends is now available.

On the Nintendo Switch a review was conducted.

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