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Well, it has been a long time since we reviewed a paint game, and we were starting to get a bit more worried that we had forgotten all about them. But as it turns out, we hadn’t. So, in the week since we last reviewed a paint game, a lot has changed – in fact, the community has practically exploded. And to celebrate, we’re going to review a game that’s been around for the better part of four years, one that’s been the source of so many great memories and so many spectacular moments on YouTube. And that game is Paint the Town Red .

Paint the Town Red is a colorful and challenging strategy game. Each level presents you with two cubes – one is the “main” cube and the other is the “auxiliary cube”. The main cube contains items that are needed to paint the town red, while the auxiliary cube will help you get to the level’s exit. The game’s difficulty level can be “Easy” or “Hard” depending on how you play, and there are also “bonus levels” that can be unlocked.

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I was a bit reluctant to take on the Paint the Town Red review at first, particularly given my last arcade bar brawler review, Drunkn Bar Fight. That game was a complete disaster, and the fact that Paint the Town Red had a similar premise gave me pause. Fortunately for me, South East Games put a lot of work into this over-the-top bar brawler, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Paint the Town Red is divided into three modes, each of which has a surprising amount of material. Of course, the depth of this material is limited by your pleasure of the gaming loop; but, I’ll get to that later. Scenarios is the first and most important game mode. You must beat everyone on the map in these five themed stages. Arena is the second mode, which pits you against other players in a gladiator-style coliseum. The Beneath mode is the last and probably most in-depth level. There are character classes and some minor narrative telling in this full-fledged roguelite mode.

Good luck in your battle with Beneath.

 Regardless of the game types, the fundamental gameplay is always the same. Destroy the enemy in every way possible. Because this is a brawling game, there are no restrictions on how you may beat someone up. You have your normal punching, powerful punching, and kicking, of course. However, as you continue to murder people, your special meter will fill up, allowing you to perform three distinct techniques.

The first tier is a shock wave that sends opponents flying and creates voxel blood fountains when they crash into walls, corners, or impale themselves on surroundings. The second stage is a fury mode in which time slows down and your striking strength skyrockets, giving the impression that your hands are sledgehammers smashing watermelons. Smite is the third tier, in which you aim at your opponent and fire a lightning bolt at them, shattering them and causing a shockwave around them. These movements are consistent throughout the Scenarios and Arena modes; the only exception is Beneath, which I’ll discuss later.


Smite may be used to totally chunk opponents by bringing down lightning.

Outside of your own powers there are the level environments and objects within the level. For the Scenarios, each one has its own theme. For example, Pirate Cove is a pirate themed one with ships, cannons, cutlass, harpoons, flintlock pistol, and more. You can also interact with this level in a unique way by hitting enemies in the water and a shark will jump out and eat them. Besides the specific themed weapons and items, each scenario will have standard objects like glasses, bottles, chairs, plates, etc. All items have a basic attack, strong attack, and the ability to charge up a throw attack.

Each Scenario also includes a huge number of modifications that radically alter the game’s gameplay. Some, like the Top Down modifier, will even alter the whole camera viewpoint. Hard Hitter effectively puts all of your punches into fury mode. Random Friends implies you’ll be fighting alongside NPCs. Machete Time, Shocking Touch, Gun Show, Boom Hands, Splatter, Soft Voxels, and even a SuperHOT mode are all available. There are many methods to keep the game interesting.


The Arena is a fun place to be since the adversaries and traps change with each wave.

Arena mode is more straightforward, with no distinct situations or variables to contend with. In essence, you are a gladiator fighting waves of opponents in a coliseum. Each round will have a distinct set of opponents, weaponry, and even traps to keep things fresh. Larger groups of opponents, strong foes, and even some of the Scenarios’ bosses will appear as you go through the rounds and tougher arena settings. For what it is, this is a fun option, but it’s nearly unnecessary.

The Beneath mode is the most developed, since it includes a full-fledged roguelite game with a narrative. Ancient Gods were unleashed during some excavations, and you must make your way down to destroy them. You begin by selecting one of four classes: Warlock, Spectre, Brawler, or Vanguard. The Corrupted is an unlocked class that you get after defeating the Necromancer. Each class has its unique set of skills and attributes. However, as you go through the levels and beat monsters and foes, you will earn upgrade items that may be used in the store. You may permanently improve numerous stats that affect all classes and runs, as well as specialized class improvements. There are six different locations to choose from, each with two or three levels. There are also many mysteries and other items to be discovered here.


Before you go down Beneath, choose which class best suits your personality.

This was enough of material for me, and I didn’t even know there was a roguelite mode at first. I assumed it would be a straightforward bar brawler. However, if you like the basic combat gameplay, this only goes so far. Because of the mechanics and surprising number of gore details, the fighting is basic yet powerful. Sure, each level comes down to stomping on opponents’ skulls, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s also funny in a nice manner because of the physics. When you toss chairs at your opponents and they fall over, they collide with the group behind them. The ragdoll physics are also fun when you utilize your abilities to fling them across the room. It also helps that there is a wide range of weapons and items with which to interact.

Because the visceral visual response is so strong, the images play an important role in the battle. On the surface, Paint the Town Red seems to be a kid-friendly Minecraft-style game featuring voxel graphics. The gore depth, on the other hand, is very remarkable. Individual voxels on an enemy’s face will bruise when you hit them. Outside voxels will be removed in huge blood fountains when you cause actual damage, exposing the bone structure. If you keep pounding it in, the skull will eventually crack open and expose brains. The multi-layered gore, as well as the potential for each voxel to be dismembered, surprised me. Taking a sword to an enemy’s face and seeing the huge slash mark across his skull, or perhaps cutting the head clean in two, adds to the visceral battle.


The Soft Voxel modifier greatly helps in demonstrating how much enemy flesh can be removed.

The level design isn’t quite as spectacular as the gore effects for the monsters, but I don’t believe this is a major flaw. The levels have a theme and are well-designed to fit that theme. Weapons are also created for the themes, however owing to the huge basic voxel graphics style, the designs are restricted. It has a clean and basic appearance, but it doesn’t matter when each level is coated with the blood of a Red Dead

Paint the Town Red’s sound design, in my opinion, is its worst element, owing to its minimalist character. The music is fantastic, and each level and mode has its unique soundtrack, which helps to keep things interesting. The many other sound effects from the fight, on the other hand, aren’t of very good quality. Also, a lot of the opponents’ moans and groans will be repeated a lot as you beat them up. The repetitive sound effects become irritating after a time, although this is something you can adjust in the options.


It was time for the shark to eat!

Paint the Town Red pleasantly surprised me, given that I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. However, I’m blown away by the quantity of material on offer and the degree of fighting realism, since I was anticipating something as cheap as that Drunken Bar Fight game. There’s enough to do here with the different situations and modifications, arena fighting, and a complete roguelite mode. Pick this one up if you want to turn off your brain and enjoy some over-the-top gruesome pleasure.


The voxel visual style is straightforward, but the gore has a depth to it that I hadn’t anticipated. The level designs are well-themed.

Combat is simple yet effective. The map interaction throughout scenarios is fantastic, as are the weaponry that correspond to the themes.

The music is surprisingly good, and the sound effects are executed nicely. Enemies’ grunts and other noises grow tiresome after a while.

There is a lot of material in this game, with a lot of situations and modifications, an arena mode, and a complete roguelite narrative mode.

Final Score: 7.5

Paint the Town Red is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

On the Xbox Series X, the game was reviewed.

The publisher sent me a copy of Paint the Town Red.

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I recently came across a game that was described as a “paint-by-numbers” game. The main idea of the game is to paint the town red, and I thought this sounded like a nice, simple idea.. Read more about paint the town red release date and let us know what you think.

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Is paint the town red early access?

Yes, you can buy it on early access if you aren’t able to wait for the full release. Q: Is paint the town red a good game? Yes, paint the town red is one of the best games in the category of high-speed runner.

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