Review of Series: Queen Sono

Review of Series: Queen Sono

Queen Sono is Netflix’s first original African series. It is an action series with the fantastic female heroine played by Pearl Thusi.

Queen Sono is impressive in many ways. It is a good story and well thought out. The actors do an incredible job. The scenery and locations – mainly in South Africa – are interesting and eloquent. The actors speak several African languages, but also English, French, Russian and maybe even more.

Pearl Thusi takes the role of Queen Sono and turns her into a heroine as big, sexy and invincible as any other actress in a similar role made in America.

The Queen is an agent of the Special Operations Group (SOG). Her mother was a famous freedom fighter. When the queen was 6 years old, she was in the park with her mother. Her mother drank to the delight of the queen. Her mother was shot in front of the queen. She still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her injury.

The bubbles were a good tracking device. Every time the queen’s adult had a traumatic outburst, she saw the bubbles. It was a good tip for the audience that she was crippled by memories that still endangered her.

The man did 25 years for murder. He’s about to be released. It’ll do the queen a lot of good. She watches a story from her childhood, talks to a man in prison, talks to Maze’s grandmother (Abigail Cube). She concludes that he wasn’t really the killer and goes in search of her mother’s real killer.

Although this continues in her personal life, as part of her work with the SOG she investigates murders, riots, takeovers and events affecting the country.

In SOG Fred (Loyiso Madinga) is a computer scientist behind the scenes who, during his work, sends information through the queen’s earpiece. The head of their operations is Sid (Sechaba Morojele).

Shandu (Wuyo Dabula) was (and is) his focus. He now works for a Russian security company. The company promises to bring peace, but it really needs power and money. Shandu doesn’t see it yet.

eKaterina (Kate Liqvarish) runs a security company. She is a sociopath and a real bad guy, although there are a lot of corrupt people.

Another important character the queen has to deal with is William (Hatu Ramabulana). He was a childhood friend and is now a psychologist.

My favorite scene in the show was a short and moving moment. The queen was involved in a fight, she had memories, she was in danger. The moment her phone rang. It was her grandmother who told her she’d never made the bed. The queen listened to her grandmother like it was a lifeline. You could see her relaxing to the sound of her grandmother’s voice and her feelings of love. It was a small moment, but so human.

The first season has six episodes that end on a rock and indicate that there will be other seasons.

Queen Sono was a great choice for Netflix as the first African series they made. The female action hero with Kikass is a proven popular genre. Pearl Thusi has worked on several American shows and is a famous essence. Thusi has spared no effort and is an excellent actress. She is beautiful. That can’t hurt.

If you like “The Lost Girl” or Jessica Jones or Winona Earp or any other show like that, you will love “Queen Sono”.

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