REVIEW: Moon Knight u2013 Season 1, Episode 2 “Summon the Suit”

Moon Knight’s first Marvel Netflix series features a superhero in the modern day world of New York City who was formerly known as Marc Spector. In his quest to protect and serve others, he’ll face off with foes old and new. With an exciting story and great comic book references that will keep fans on their toes all night long!

The “moon knight episode 2 full episode ” is the second episode of the first season of Marvel’s Moon Knight In this episode, we see our protagonist struggling with his identity as a superhero and his sanity. The “moon knight episode 2 full episode ” is also available on Netflix.

REVIEW: “Summon the Suit” from Season 1 of Moon Knight.

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The second episode of the series, which broadcast tonight, did neither relieve or contradict fans’ fears and hopes sparked by the surprise excellence of Moon Knight episode 1. Episode 2 maintains the same tone, style, and aesthetic of episode 1, but just slightly advances the story. Some fans may be pleased with its continuance, while others may be disappointed by how static the program seems to be. This episode has very little development and very little action, but that isn’t always a negative thing. “Summon the Suit” is on par with the previous in terms of quality, neither adding to nor subtracting from what came before.

Whatever pleasure or quality “Summon the Suit” may provide must be balanced against the memories of how many Disney+ episodes began well before delving down into a political rabbit hole that left them ruined and lacking of quality as the credits rolled. Moon Knight might be heading for a similar demise, leaving fans dissatisfied once again. A healthy dose of skepticism seems to be the best way to deal with that possible reality.



The Steven Grant personality continues his study into his memory losses in Episode 2. He locates the scarab MacGuffin from episode 1 as well as a plethora of illicit items in his Marc Spector identity’s underground storage locker. Steven exits the area after rejecting the findings of his investigations, hoping to give himself in to the authorities and be locked away and sheltered from society. Layla, the lady on the phone from episode 1, appears out of nowhere, determined to find out why Marc abandoned her.

Steven is kidnapped by Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, in a sequence of inconsequential scenes. The following sequence gives a lot of background about the series’ conflict in a flood of exposition while yet revealing almost nothing. Layla returns to save Steven from the villain’s lair after he refuses to join forces with Arthur. Steven relinquishes control to Marc once again after a bungled escape and a confrontation with another jackal, closing the second episode in a similar fashion to the first. Arthur obtains the scarab, which serves as a compass to Ammit’s tomb, in the last moments of “Summon the Suit.” Marc, now in command, travels to Egypt to stop Arthur from resurrecting Ammit.

Moon Knight Summon the Suit

The introduction of Layla is the episode’s main flaw. Steven and Marc find her obnoxious, highly emotional, and abusive. She emerges at the most inopportune times to save Steven from whatever difficulty he’s in, thereby turning him into a damsel in distress. Layla’s character may develop in the future, but she’s irritating and distracting in “Summon the Suit,” pulling viewers out of the episode.

If there is a political subplot later in the season, it will revolve on Layla and Khonshu’s desire for her to be his next avatar. There’s always the potential that it’ll be done well and contribute to the plot in a good manner. However, given Marvel’s past record, her addition and prospective storyline as the new Moon Knight would almost certainly be a net negative for the series.

Moon Knight Summon the Suit

The presence of the Mr. Knight persona is the polar opposite of Layla’s negativity. Mr. Knight’s portrayal is amusing and enjoyable, injecting a smidgeon of lightness into the program without descending into Marvel’s formulaic comedy. Mr. Knight, on the other hand, works best in tiny doses, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the episode show restraint and have Steven rapidly transition into the full-fledged Moon Knight persona, keeping Mr. Knight’s entrance brief. The finest portions of “Summon the Suit” are the exchanges between Marc and Steven, as seen in the Mr. Knight sequences. This program would be fantastic if it were simply a character study of them, concentrating just on their conflict.

Ethan Hawke is a fantastic addition to this episode; he is a wonderful performer, and his presence enriches each scene in which he appears. The episode clearly portrays his character’s POV, making him approachable while unmistakably wicked at the same time, thanks to some unexpectedly outstanding writing. Though many viewers may disagree with his political vision on the globe, his stance is acceptable in his desire to aid the world’s poor.

Despite not being overbearing, the authors portray him as malevolent, which is a tough balance to strike. Unlike other badly produced programs, the villain does not murder someone at random to convince the viewers that he is wicked. In Arthur Harrow’s opinion, the death of children is entirely justifiable. This revelation does not seem to contradict the relatability that the previous scene aimed to portray. Rather than his wickedness coming as a surprise to ensure the spectator understands he is a monster, his humanity reinforces his bad nature.

Moon Knight Summon the Suit

Despite the fact that the episode is generally engaging and of high quality nothing occurs in terms of story development. The bulk of the time is spent with Steven frantically attempting to find out what Marc has been up to. These scenes are effective in highlighting the differences between the two characters. Even one more episode in this vein, though, will become stale and degrade the show’s quality, leaving it completely inert. “Summon the Suit” does finish with Marc in Egypt, indicating a major shift in the series’ direction, thus the standstill felt in the first two episodes may be temporary.

At this moment, no definitive statements about the series’ quality can be made. The fact that these episodes are referred to be “excellent” is entirely due to where the series ends up; they are not good in and of themselves. Moon Knight looks to be moving away from the unreliable narrator and diverse mental illness concerns of the first two episodes, which might create an opening for identity politics and shoddy writing to harm the program. It might also be a chance for Moon Knight to progress in a good direction. Only time will tell whether this is true.

Plot – 5.5 out of 10
6.5 for acting
Progression is a 5.5 on a scale of one to ten.
8 – Production Design
aesthetic – aesthetic – aesthetic –



For wary viewers, skipping this episode is not a waste of time, at least until the succeeding episodes either justify or sour it in hindsight.

The “moon knight episode 2 review imdb ” is a review of the second episode of Moon Knight. It was released on June 1, 2019 and has a rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb.

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