REVIEW: Loki – Season 1, Episode 5 “Journey Into Mystery”

Loki’s life has been a series of run-ins with gods and monsters for as long as she can remember, but nothing has prepared her for the next stop on her journey: Midgard, the human realm.

The Fury-class heavy cruiser has seen a few changes over the years. The first was the addition of the new Valkyrie-class heavy destroyer. The second is the arrival of the Asgard-class heavy cruiser, which will be seen in future series reviews.

CHECK : Loki – Season 1, Episode 5 Journey Into Mystery

If you think the end justifies the means, there’s not much you can’t do.

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Journey into Mystery exacerbates last week’s trauma, further undermines this once-promising series and feels like an unadapted piece of a puzzle that was put where it doesn’t belong, by people who want to finish the game and go to bed. As in Falcon and Winter Soldier, both of which were similarly abridged, the short series of episodes catches up with Loki and forces him to give up his character development and push the players to get to where they need to be by the finale. But don’t despair: there are plenty of comic book references and special effects to distract from the cringe-inducing plot!

Loki joins a group of options, trying to survive in the hellish world that circumcision left him in. Sylvie uses Rensler to reach the power behind the Timekeepers. All the potential fear and horror is covered by funny humor, because Thor: Ragnarok was popular.

The very first moment of Journey Into Mystery is last week’s credits scene, which makes me think she was included in the series so people wouldn’t completely abandon her after she pretended to kill Loki in her own series. He meets different versions of himself that have been cut off and sent into the void: Classic Loki, Baby Loki, Braggart Loki and Alligator Loki. With only two episodes to go, the cast soon reveals that all the cut variants are sent into the void, where a giant smoke monster named Aliot is looking for them. The Time Change Authority doesn’t care much about the deaths of variants, because they shouldn’t exist in the first place; Loki, on the other hand, tends to survive simply because he is Loki. This is one of the many contradictions in the series; if survival is in Loki’s nature, why is the goal of every Loki to die? I don’t have much hope that this problem will be solved, because no one seems to understand that it makes no sense. Most of these early scenes are nothing more than an excuse for Loki to regroup before he begins his grand plan of action.


And just like last week, this one is dedicated to Sylvie. Journey Into Mystery once again confirms that she is now the protagonist of this series, as everything revolves around her even when she is not on screen. As Loki makes his fiery speech to the other variants, they say that Sylvie is the only unique Loki among them, that she is better and stronger than him and can destroy TVA and that he will help her do so. Everything he does is passive, while Sylvie is an active character who advances the plot. As Loki rested with options, Sylvie moved closer to the tractors behind Rennsler. This is also evident in the way they enter the Void: Loki goes against his will, and Sylvie sends herself there. In other words: Sylvie acts and Loki reacts. When they meet again, she scoffs at Loki’s plan to kill Alioth and replace him with a better one. Nerdrotic has always emphasized on her YouTube channel that the tropical girl is the key to everything, and that’s what Sylvie has become. It’s a shame, because I like it, but I don’t like the way it’s used.

What does that mean for Loki? Remember in The Avengers when Loki told Thor that he lived in the shadow of [his] greatness? That’s what the Loki of the show is to the Loki of the movies – even to the monster they turned into him in Ragnarok. This Loki gave up his dreams of power and conquest because of some movies about a life he will never live. The god of lies has now become a champion of truth who wants to expose TVA as evil scammers because it is right not to steal their power. He is not a manipulator, but a follower in his own right who follows Sylvie like a boy follows his first crush. Mobius – who is still alive, as we all suspected since Loki appeared in the void – is now his best friend, the one he would rather hug than shake hands with, as if they had been through a war together. And the biggest problem with all this is that not a single drop seems earned. Loki’s transformation happens so quickly and in such a vacuum of legitimate plot or development that it has no impact other than a sigh of resignation because clearly no one working on this series (besides Tom Hiddleston, who works overtime to make it entertaining) cares.

But it’s not just Loki’s story that feels forced and undeserved, Moebius isn’t up to the task either. The Nexus event shook his entire perception of reality, brought his belief system back down to earth, and revealed that everything he had dedicated his life to (or at least what he believed) was a lie. You’d think someone in such a situation would be heartbroken, depressed, maybe scared by the idea that the universe isn’t what they thought it was and that they’ve been helping the bad guys all along. It’s full of juicy moments for the characters; we see an honest person fall apart, and then we see him rebuild. But Journey Into Mystery ignores all of that, because Mobius is just his usual affable Owen Wilson, playing the clown and doing his duty, or what he thinks is his duty. His new determination comes from the fact that the plot needs him to get from point A to point B, which makes his character reckless.

The other Loki is similar in many ways; Richard E. Grant is as good as an actor can be as a classic Loki, and his story is full of interesting ideas that aren’t fully revealed as he gets a heroic moment in the fast-forward of Journey into Mystery, which pays off for a few quick lines of dialogue spoken fifteen minutes before his sacrifice. This ending looks fantastic, with cinematic special effects and a great atmosphere, but the hapless characters make it a hollow spectacle. Kid Loki exists to give Loki the sword so they can pretend he still matters while he does nothing. The show-off Loki (I got these names from IMDb; they are never mentioned in the episode) becomes a traitor because no Loki can be trusted except Sylvie (perfect Loki?) and our Loki, who has now become a jerk (replacement Loki?). The variant known as President Loki also appears in this episode – I know I’m probably not the first or even the four hundredth to say this, but it’s amazing how much he looks like Gavin Newsom – but he too means nothing, being a danger for five seconds before he too becomes a jerk and leads to a contrived fight scene. It’s boring because it doesn’t make sense of anything; there’s no tension or excitement because everything is a joke.

Journey into Mystery is another unfortunate episode that makes the Loki series and the Loki character a waste of time. Loki turns back into Sylvie’s sidekick and replaces him as a hero. Any promise of things like the dystopian nature of TVA or quirky new variants of Loki are cast aside in favor of bad humor and general futility. I can’t imagine the next finale will make up for this wasted series.

Location – 4
Actor – 7
Progression – 6
Production planning – 8
Entertainment – 4


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Journey into Mystery is another unfortunate episode that makes the Loki series and the Loki character a waste of time. Loki turns back into Sylvie’s sidekick and replaces him as a hero. Any promise of things like the dystopian nature of TVA or quirky new variants of Loki are cast aside in favor of bad humor and general futility.

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