Review – Layers of Fear 2 (Switch)

It’s a horror game, so, of course, it’s dark. The game takes place in a Victorian house, with many rooms, all connected to each other by corridors. You just explore the different rooms, looking for clues, and you’ll also need to look for items that you can use to solve puzzles in order to progress. (Unlike in most horror games, the enemies in this game mostly just ignore you – it’s not about shooting, it’s about surviving.)

Layers of Fear 2 does a great job of putting you in a dark, gloomy and horrifying world, but it falls flat on its face at telling an interesting story. The game struggles to keep your attention for long periods of time, and while the jump scares are fun for the first hour or so, they soon become stale and predictable. However, the game does something very few similar horror games have managed to do: it’s genuinely terrifying.

There are two types of video game sequels: those that build on the ideas of their predecessors and those that aim to completely reinvent the wheel. Although Layers of Fear 2  doesn’t try to break any molds by adding a new gameplay mechanic or changing up the genre, it’s the kind of sequel that does exactly what you want and improves upon the original in every way.

Of all the games published by the (so-called) horror specialists at Bloober Team, Layers of Fear is the weakest. I tried playing this game on three different platforms (PS4, PSVR and Switch), and none of those versions could convince me that it was a well-crafted, immersive and, most importantly, scary horror experience. It was essentially a one-trick game, with a passage through a room, after which you retrace your steps and are in a different location, while being bombarded with cheap scare moments along the way. Oddly enough, of all the games published by Bloober, this is the one that eventually gave birth to a sequel, Layers of Fear 2. These graphics are pretty impressive for a Switch game. Layers of Fear 2 is not a direct sequel to the original, but it follows some similar patterns. It’s still a game about an artist slowly going insane, but instead of an artist in a mansion, you play as a Hollywood actor in the first half of the 20th century. Century, trapped on the most confusing ship I’ve ever seen in a game. What I immediately liked about Layers of Fear 2 compared to its predecessor is that I didn’t unravel the entire plot in the first 15 seconds. The game manages to hide and reveal its secrets at a slightly more interesting pace. In the end, it doesn’t really justify itself, but I have to commend the Bloober team for making the plot of Layers of Fear 2 less silly than the original. Unfortunately, he reached the top too early. The game consists of five parts, of which the first is by far the most interesting, not because it is so much better than the others, but because the plot, puzzles and surprises hardly change over the course of the game. Once you know how the game will try to subvert your expectations and how it will try to scare you, you will be in cruise control until the final act. The scary jumps are still there, but they don’t happen as often as they used to. At times, the game manages to create some well-deserved fear by combining great (but compressed) binaural sound with some tension and buildup. word-image-8155 The narrator of the game looks a lot like Snoke from Star Wars…. The game itself… Layers of Fear 2 remains, overall, a walking simulator with small doses of puzzle solving. It focuses less on the boring, ever-changing corridor mechanics of the first Layers of Fear, and often falls back on a more linear level structure, with random (and very obvious) puzzles to solve, such as unlocking a safe with a combination obtained in the previous room, or avoiding spotlights to get to the end of the corridor. Finally, Layers of Fear 2 occasionally reminds you that it’s a horror game, by forcing you to randomly run away from an amorphous monster during some flashy chase scenes. It’s certainly not the most brilliant moment in the game, though it’s the most intense here. Layers of Fear 2 was originally released in 2019 on all platforms except the Switch. I was curious to see how Bloober Team would port this game to the Nintendo system. While the first Layers of Fear did poorly on the platform, the other Switch game, Observer, did surprisingly well, often with better frame rates than the PS4 version. It was my favorite way to play Bloober’s best game until System Redux Edition was released for next-gen platforms. word-image-8156 Hey, let me get the wrench! Oh, I forgot, this is one of those horror games where I have to be helpless or there’s no suspense….. I’ll give you that. Layers of Fear 2 is impressive on the small screen. Textures and lighting effects are excellent for a system with such a limited GPU. The loading time of the game is also very decent. There’s even a frame rate limit, but unfortunately slowdowns and freezes are the order of the day no matter what mode you choose. I also noticed a lower frame rate when playing in docked mode, but given the platform and release date, I doubt you want to waste your time playing Layers of Fear 2 on a TV when there are better (and cheaper) options on other TV consoles. It’s also much easier to take advantage of binaural audio in games if you play with good headphones. word-image-8157 Toys? You didn’t even give me a flashlight! It’s still not a great horror game, but Layers of Fear 2 is much more enjoyable than its disappointing predecessor. The plot and premise were much more interesting this time around, but the limited gameplay and the fact that it’s not scary at all leave a lot to be desired. It’s not a bad experience if you’re a hardcore horror fan, and it works surprisingly well on the Switch’s limited hardware. Keep in mind that there are much better horror games out there, even counting the Switch’s library.

Despite the choppy frame rate, I was impressed with the quality of the textures and lighting effects, given the Switch’s limited GPU power. It’s still a quiet walking simulation with occasional puzzles. They are not very complicated or varied, but you will enjoy them every time.
I liked the use of binaural sounds in Layers of Fear 2 to make the experience more unsettling, but unfortunately the sound was too compressed. Hard, scary jumps still occur, but not as often as in the first Layers of Fear. Layers of Fear 2 is much more interesting than its predecessor, although that game set the bar very low.
Final decision: 6.5

Layers of Fear 2 is already available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Check the switch. A copy of Layers of Fear 2 was provided by the publisher.


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Layers of Fear 2 is a psychological horror game that is played from a first-person perspective, and takes place in an abandoned hotel. You play as a painter who is trying to complete his masterpiece, but is plagued by supernatural forces that make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. The goal is to complete a series of different objectives in a haunted hotel, while looking for ways to complete your masterpiece.. Read more about layers of fear 2 age rating and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is layers of fear 2 worth buying?

Layers of Fear 2 is a psychological horror game that was released on the PC on February 21st. It is the sequel to the first Layers of Fear game that was first released on the PC back in 2016. It was then released on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. The latest iteration of Bloober Team’s very apropos horror game is now on the Switch, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Should you buy it? Should you wait? Let’s take a look. As I’ve said in my previous review of the original Layers of Fear, the game’s visuals are very well done. The second iteration is no exception: the visuals are eerily beautiful. The environments are full of shadows and creepy imagery that looks like it’s straight out of a nightmare. Some truly unsettling sound design makes things even more terrifying, and I can’t think of one time during my play session where I didn’t get freaked out.

Does it matter who you shoot in layers of FEAR 2?

The sequel to Layers of Fear, a psychological horror game about a painter who’s gone crazy with isolation, hits the Switch this month after an already successful launch on other platforms. But does Layers of Fear 2 live up to the original? We’ve played through the game and will tell you if you’ll want to pick this one up, too. The original Layers of Fear told the story of what happened when a painter went mad, and the game followed his descent into madness. You play the role of the painter, walking through his house in search of a way out. The game is a first-person point-and-click adventure where you click on objects to interact with them and solve puzzles along the way. If you played the original Layers of Fear , you already know what to expect from the sequel. Layers of Fear 2 is a first-person horror game in which you walk around an old mansion and solve puzzles while you’re constantly on the lookout for new things to see and interact with. (Okay, so there’s one big difference: the puzzles are a lot harder this time around.) You play as a demented artist who must complete a new masterpiece—but, as always, evil forces are at work, and the mansion is packed with twisted versions of the artist’s past works, hostile spirits, and more.

Is layers of fear 2 scary?

A game that not only provides a deep, intriguing story but also a terrifying experience that will keep you up at night. Players are immediately greeted with a mysterious woman’s voice telling them to “find me.” As the story unfolds, you quickly learn why you are in the mansion, and what happened to the previous person who was there… Layers of Fear 2 is a sequel to Layers of Fear game. Developer, the Bloober Team, keeps this particular game complex. The game is played in a first person perspective and the player, as an artist, will try to overcome a multitude of obstacles. Layers of Fear 2 is a psychological horror. The player will be “trapped” in the mind of an artist who was always afraid of monsters in the closet. The player will visit the main character’s house and explore it.

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