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At first glance, the game’s aesthetic is catchy. It features a fantasy world with an eye for detail and tons of character designs to find new ones you like as you play more games in the series. However, despite its promising start…

“The game is a lot of fun and the graphics are stunning.”

I like NIS America and the niche they so expertly serve, yet there are moments when I don’t understand them. How is it possible for a studio that is recognized for critically acclaimed series like Disgaea, Ys, Trails, and R-Type to periodically put out dreck like Shadow Corridor, Giraffe and Annika, and Disaster Report? Labyrinth Legend, a previous mobile dungeon crawler that just so happened to get a fresh new Switch version, is regrettably another game to be put to the latter pile. Not that there aren’t many games in this genre for the system, particularly from NIS, but what can I do? Let’s investigate this one.

I am larger than my weapon. Eat your heart out, Final Fantasy VII

The most typical kind of action RPG/dungeon crawler combination is Labyrinth Legend. Because there isn’t much to say, writing about it turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. You’ve seen and experienced innumerable games like this one before: create a character, enter a hub, use the “go to dungeon” option, explore a few levels, defeat foes, get stuff, and ultimately battle a monster at the conclusion of the game’s namesake labyrinth. You unlock a new dungeon with fresh monsters and rewards after beating such boss, who often lacks any discernible cognitive abilities. Repeat the process again and over until extreme boredom sets in.

Given the game’s completely dull pixel-based aesthetics, first impressions weren’t great. I was thrust into a quick but agonizingly dull tutorial where I learned the half a dozen pieces of knowledge required to master the game’s combat. It’s as mindless as it gets: keep pressing the assault button to repeatedly spam your sword strike or the other attack button to repeatedly fire arrows. Spamming has no consequences since you never lose power from your assaults and never run out of arrows. Since you never have to press buttons in this game, it isn’t even technically a button masher. Watch everything in front of you vanish by holding down B.

Labyrinth Legend Combat

You may use as many arrows as you like. It seems that you possess a magical quiver that can contain an endless number of them.

I can’t say I was able to find any satisfaction at all while playing Labyrinth Legend, with the possible exception of one or two randomly generated areas full with foes, when the process of slicing everyone to pieces seemed microscopically gratifying. It was extremely monotonous. Even finding praiseworthy things is challenging. The music, for instance, is really very wonderful, but it also stands out from the game as a whole in such a way that it truly seems entirely out of place and as if it belongs on a much better (and more polished) game.

Labyrinth Legend Goblin King

It makes sense that their country is in ruins if he is their monarch.

To enjoy Labyrinth Legend, you must be a dedicated lover of dungeon crawling. In other words, you have already completed almost every single dungeon crawler, hack ‘n slash, and role-playing game on the system and can’t wait any longer for something new. There are literally dozens of much better dungeon crawlers available on the Switch, so there is really no reason to try this aggressively bland game, what with its subpar visuals, unappealing presentation, borderline mindless gameplay loop, and complete lack of interesting set pieces or boss battles. Ironically, the majority of them are from NIS America.

Consider the worst pixel art you could find in an RPG Maker forum for user-created graphics. The visuals of Labyrinth Legend are even less captivating.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the gameplay, whether it works or not. Just plain boring and uninteresting. Sometimes, despite how mindless the fighting is, it may be somewhat entertaining.

Despite how dull and uninteresting this game is, the music was so excellent that it seemed like it belonged in a separate (and far better) game.

It would be an understatement to call Labyrinth Legend dull. It’s so empty of originality or fascinating information that writing about it ended up being far more difficult than it should have been.


On the PC, Switch, and mobile devices right now is Labyrinth Legend.

examined on the Switch.

The publisher gave me a copy of Switch.

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