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Chivalry 2 is a mobile strategy game developed by the indie developer Ketchapp. The game features a simple and easy to learn touch control scheme that requires the player to swipe and tap to move the characters and their equipment around the map. Players must also select and move the characters and equipment to achieve the quickest possible kills in order to gain gold and upgrade the various stats of the characters and equipment.

I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while and I finally got the chance. I was a little skeptical because I found a lot of negative reviews on the game but I decided to give it a chance and I’m glad I did. Here is my review of the game.

years ago Torn Banner Studios released the game Chivalry: Medieval warfare. What started as a free mod for one of Valve’s engines has become a huge cult hit. Torn Banner created its own multiplayer genre that focused primarily on weapons. It is a new experience to enter a multiplayer war as a knight with swords, spears and bows and defeat your opponents. The popularity of Chivalry gave rise to several imitators who tried to improve the genre, such as Mordhau, who I thought was very good. However, Torn Banner plans to reclaim the genre they created and provide a unique experience. Has Torn Banner regained the crown, or is Chivalry 2 just meat of its rival? Chivalry 2 is a first-person multiplayer bloodbath game with up to two teams of thirty-two players. Choose a warrior class from archers, foot soldiers, knights and vanguards and destroy your enemies. The emphasis is on large-scale, cinematic warfare; castle sieges feel like you have to either storm the gates or defend them. Are you defending Agatha King or are you on the side of the Freemasons who want to overthrow her and take over the government? Chivalry 2 features five large-scale, location-based maps that showcase the various battles between Agathians and Freemasons. The game also includes three maps where you can fight in deathmatch, skirmish with fewer players or in 1v1 mode. At the beginning of the game you will see a nice cinematic that gives a brief overview of the warring clans. The gameplay in Chivalry is king, and the sequel offers many improvements to the overall experience. Overall, Chivalry 2 doesn’t deviate too much from the fast-paced gameplay of the first game. Really, it just took what was there and polished it up. What was there wasn’t bad, but I was a little disappointed that there were no new veteran combat techniques to learn. Mordhau has taken the battles of the first Chivalry and expanded them. It provides a sense of familiarity while offering a satisfactory level of expertise. Chivalry 2 did draw its own battles and added interactivity to the map, but offered nothing deeper for returning warriors. The rider battles are also not integrated into the base game. Torn Banner said she will add it after the launch. While I’m disappointed that the combat system wasn’t developed further, its fast-paced fun is hard to deny. For beginners, there’s a tutorial that walks you through all the combat mechanics: Attacking, blocking, fending, feinting, disrupting defenses, kicking, speeding up and slowing down attacks, and much more. To longtime fans, it all sounds familiar, so now the question arises: What’s it like? word-image-3849 The battles are much better this time around, and it’s fun to hold your own while taking out lots of enemies. There is a noticeable difference in the combat experience in Chivalry 2 compared to the first game. First, it’s like the gun has weight. In the previous game you felt a bit dizzy when facing an enemy, but fortunately some attention has been paid to this aspect. Landing attacks, even with thrust weapons, have a noticeable connection to the opponent. This gives an even more visual feel to the battles and makes the decapitations and mutilations even more enjoyable. The physics of the rag dolls are still present, which adds a bit of humor to some of the deaths. Hitting an opponent on the head and seeing him fly off the castle wall like a rag doll is awesome. The courses are a little different this time around. There are still four main classes, but each class now has a special class and sub-classes. As in the first game, each class has its own positive and negative attributes, health reserves, stamina reserves, starting weapons and items. However, as you level up in certain classes, additional sub-classes are unlocked. For example, the first subclass of Knight is Guardian. The guard starts with a shield, and his feature is a banner that heals nearby allies. The third subclass is the Crusader, essentially a tank with a special oil can that makes it even more deadly. word-image-3850 There are many items you can customize on your hunter, but most of them you have to unlock for in-game currency or real money. Torn Banner did a great job with the sense of progression. Not only with unlocking subclasses as you level up, but also offering tons of cosmetics. By increasing your class and main level, you can unlock additional skins and cosmetics for just about everything. When you finish a game, you get coins that you can spend in the store to unlock the game. Unfortunately, some premium skins are so expensive that they tempt you to buy them for microtransactions. It should be said that nothing is locked behind the TM, but some items require you to grind coins. In addition to progression, level design is another way Chivalry 2 keeps you coming back. As mentioned earlier, there are five large-scale military maps, and they are very detailed. The challenges and locations are so varied that they are indistinguishable from one another. Even within games, each battle can be different depending on which side of the war you are on. Play as the Freemasons and try to bring explosives to the main door to blow it up. If you’re on Agatha’s side, you can stand on the wall and drop rocks on approaching enemies. Every fight and every goal is different every time. The number of cards is a bit low though, so attrition depends on the player. word-image-3851 Cinematic introductory battle songs give the film a war scene quality. Visually, I’m impressed with the detail in general. The maps are very detailed and appear to be either war torn or populated. The textures are of great quality, from concrete tiles in castles to muddy puddles in farmhouses. The character models are well drawn and feature cloth physics and quality weapon models where possible. The lighting is also well done and gives a good contrast inside and out. The overall aesthetic is stark, exactly what you’d expect from a War game If there’s one area that still doesn’t match the overall quality of the rest of the game, it’s the faces. There’s always something wrong with the faces of the character models. The sound design is minimal, but effective. All the sounds of battle are just that. As the two factions battle it out, the sounds of boots in the mud and the warriors’ battle cries as they attack add a high level of realism. Like the incessant clatter of swords and the screams of death. Music is used minimally, which is a shame because more music would have helped reduce the objective judder. War cries and howls are fun in a group, until you team up with the player who has decided to look like Screech. word-image-3852 Large-scale, objective-based battles are great fun and offer many levels and variety. Chivalry 2 is a great pastime, and the controls are intuitive enough that you can jump right in and slaughter some enemies. Despite not having a lot of content at launch and the mechanics not being developed for veterans, I can’t deny that it’s fast-paced fun. The new content may be simple, but the quality of life improvements, class system additions, and emphasis on cinematic combat are fantastic. Be careful in the store though, as some cosmetic items are sold at high prices to encourage TM purchases.

The grim aesthetic fits well with the macabre war. The blood, dissection and dirty effects are perfectly executed and add beauty to the battles. Overall, the character models are well drawn, but the faces still look odd. The classic Chivalry battles return with some minor additions and improvements. Unfortunately, there is no innovation in the combat system. Even important additions like fighting on horseback were not introduced. Still, it’s polished, it works well, and it’s still fun to fight.
The sound design is excellent, and there’s a symphony of steel-on-steel fighting and suicidal screaming as the two sides clash. I would have liked some more intense music to accompany the big siege challenges. Chivalry 2 is just more of the same. This can mean different things to different people, but neither party should expect much change. There are also obvious microtransaction tactics with cosmetics. The content of the introduction is also a bit lighter.
Final decision: 8.0

Chivalry 2 is already available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The test was conducted on the Xbox Series X. A copy of the game Chivalry 2 was provided by the publisher.


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