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Review guaranteed without spoilers (unless you haven’t seen any trailers)

The first Avengers, also directed by Joss Whedon, is the very image of the well-executed superhero movie. Fun, epic, well paced, well written despite a simple script, it represents the quintessence of the Marvel spirit. Joss Whedon, always on his way, used the same recipes for this sequel. Unfortunately, the element of surprise is no longer there. Magic, even if it’s still there, n’t work like it used to. The whole thing is also handicapped by a bastard rhythm and above all a jagged writing style.

Age of Whedon

Let’s start directly with the negatives, that way it’s done. What’s most disturbing about this Avengers ? That’s his bastard rhythm. While the first film adopted an almost perfect rhythm, Age of Ultron gets its feet caught in the mat. The fault lies with a Dantestic intro, in particular, which makes the soufflé fall back in the next half hour. Similarly, the balance between exposure and action scenes is poorly managed by Whedon. For example, the film suffers a big dip after the first hour, which is followed by non-stop action until the end. In the same way, the final climax also suffers from a few lengths, not necessarily relevant sequences that break its rhythm. Too bad.


Another flaw in the film: its wobbly writing. Joss Whedon has always taught us about high-flying results. If Age of Ultron remains in the continuity of his work, we still feel that the real seems to be running out of ideas. For example, some scenes arrive like a hair on the soup, some elements linking the adventures of the plot shine by their absence and some sequences … are useless (Cuckoo Thor!).

Similarly, the dialogues seem less punchy, less polished. While the first Avengers managed to give each avenger his own personality, the team seems to have been written as a single character. Main symptom: humor. All the characters are the same. For example, there’s no longer a gap between the Captain and Tony Stark that little trick that made their dialogue so truculent in the first part. But don’t worry, sometimes there are flashes that border on genius. Humorous traits that will knock you down, so well found.

Finally, last big flaw: some characters seem to be under-exploited. We immediately think of the twins, whose story is quickly dispatched so that they can get into action more quickly (at the same time, hard to do without Papa Magneto). Similarly, some Avengers are entitled to more attention than others, which contributes to this impression of wobbly writing.



Now that we’ve gotten rid of the main flaws in the film, we can tackle the rest. Yes, those first few paragraphs don’t seem engaging and could describe a horrible movie. But it’s not. Avengers, Age of Ultron is still a good Marvel with a point to make.

Avengers, Age of Ultron is packed with scenes of raving lunatics with cult potential. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve caught a glimpse of the battle between the Hulk and Hulkbuster. And you know what? This scene is just AMAZING! Whedon shows on this side that he still has plenty of ideas and that he remains one of the best fight directors in Hollywood.

And what about the final climax, just extraordinary? On a scale ranging from bwof to epic, this last part is rated FUCKING EPIC! The Battle of New York in the first movie is made to look like a bar fight. A final that goes beyond the stage of the grand clown and that imposes no limits. Yeah, it’s a lot of crap. But hey, we’re in a Marvel, right?


Whedon doesn’t just excel in battle scenes. During the exposure scenes, he still manages to make us laugh and to pose the film a little (despite a badly managed rhythm, let’s remember it). TRAILER SPOILER : You may have seen the party scene with all the Avengers presented a few months ago by Marvel. I want you to know that this scene is perfect. All this is served by actors who are having a blast and who play the offbeat side of Marvel to the fullest.

Dark Ultron

“Villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Pfff, except for Loki, they’re all bogus. will soon be replaced by “The Villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?” Pfff, except for Loki and Ultron, they’re all bogus. »

Ultron, here’s a villain that Marvel fans have been dreaming about. And what Whedon did with it may not be unanimous. Ultron is no longer a psychopath who puts up a fight for no reason. He has a reason to fight, a plan, a vision. A vision simply different from that of our avengers. A deepening of the character that makes the plot more cerebral (don’t push it either, we’re in a Marvel, eh?), darker, sadder.


And James Spader in Ultron is doing very well. Here too, we feel that the actor is having a great time in his role as a killer robot. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this approach to the character makes him less endearing, less strong, but has the merit of giving him a new depth. Compared to the other badguys in the MCU, Ultron proves to be a success. An emblematic look, a top-notch acting style, badass replicas, he has all the panoply of the good bad guy. Of course, he’s far from being one of the best villains in film, but for once there’s a successful one in the MCU, we’re not going to complain.


As with the first Avengers, the MCU is completely overwhelmed by this second film. A universe that will have to take into account the consequences of this new adventure. We’re not just talking aboutAgents of SHIELD, who surfed wave The Winter Soldier a year ago, but all the creations of Marvel Studios To put it bluntly: it’s going to be a mess and we’re going to have to keep up so we don’t get dumped.


A jostling of the MCU that is not only done during the climax, but is distilled in small touches throughout the film. Nevertheless, there is something disturbing in this Age of Ultron. WhileAvengers was the apotheosis of phase 1, Age of Ultron appears more like a prologue to phase 3. A luxury prologue that doesn’t really close phase 2 (still in progress). Fans will be overjoyed, but others won’t really feel that sense of accomplishment like at the end ofAvengers. The script, although well written, only lays the foundations for the future of Marvel Studios A future that, let’s face it, is looking good!

The symptom of that prologue feeling? The eaters eggs. There are. Plenty. Quite a bundle even. Obvious easter eggs that won’t talk to novices, but will drive fans crazy. I won’t say any more, not to spoil, but know that it is through these easter eggs that we really see the future of the MCU.

The Silver Runner

When X-Men, Days of Future Pastcame out, we told you about the Quicksilver case, indicating that we will return to the character whenAge of Ultroncomes out. A promise, a promise, a promise! So, who’s the big winner in this head-on duel? Quicksilver version MCU (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) or Quicksilver version X-Men Universe (Evan Peters)? Well… draw…


If the Quicksilver version X-Men had marked by its visual impact as well as by its dedicated scene (the best of the saga), the Quicksilver MCU stands out by a totally different approach. Different, because Whedon preferred to give more importance to the character himself rather than to his representation. He and his sister are written as a single character and their relationship and motivations are more important than in X-Men. On a visual level, Aaron Taylor-Johnson still manages, but remains classic, less impressive. To give you an idea, his action scenes are similar to those of the The Flash (DC) series. Note also the role of his sister, who shows herself better worked than him in terms of visuals. Two different versions, which only have their name and speed in common, therefore.


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